When will the NBN come to my street?


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This is by far, the most popular question that I’m asked when it comes to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

So here’s an easy step-by-step guide to find out when the NBN comes to your street.

Step 1. Visit the NBN rollout map

The NBN rollout is in full swing across Australia and we have a very handy map on our website.

To find out if your street is live:

This map is constantly updated in line with the national rollout so it will always have the latest available information.

Step 2. How to read the rollout map

Our coverage checker will let you know where your street is on the rollout.

Note, nbn™ is the wholly-owned Commonwealth company and Government Business Enterprise responsible for the construction and rollout of the NBN.

Map copy

  • Service available (Purple areas): The premises are passed by the active NBN network and services may be ordered and purchased from iiNet.
  • Build commenced (Brown areas): nbn™ has issued contract instructions to construction partners so they can commence work in this area. The build commenced boundaries are subject to change as a result of boundary changes which may be made during the construction process.
  • Build preparation (Green areas) means that nbn™ contractors are undertaking pre-construction activities to deliver NBN high-speed broadband in this area, which may include readying Telstra’s pits and pipes for nbn™ use.
  • Not currently available: Building the NBN hasn’t commenced in your area as yet. The NBN is designed to provide Australians with access to affordable high-speed internet and telephone services, regardless of where they live.

Note, our information is provided directly by nbn™ who are responsible for the NBN rollout.

Step 3. How to get updates on your area, without lifting a finger.

So now you know how to check if your area is live.

But what if it’s not live yet?

What should you do? Keep checking the map each month? You could, but there’s a much easier way.

Just sign up to the NBN Wait List. Then relax. We’ll let you know when your street is going live, with enough time to plan everything that you’ll need to do.

It’s a free service that’s available for iiNet customers and non-customers. So tell your neighbours. Tell your friends. Tell anyone who loves the Internet – to join the NBN Wait List today. They’ll thank you for it.

Check out our video

We’ve also created a helpful video to explain this process.

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Photo credit: Michael Coghlan


  1. Dear Rachel, Thank you for the “update”, but I for one, is tired of all the glowing promises of superfast NBN connections, when all I get is ” your area is not ready for NBN”, but still get excited blogs about how fantastic the NBN packages IIINET have, are.
    I do not think I will ever see it here in my street, best regards F Stelmach in Adelaide

    PS: I do not know anyone as yet having NBN connected here about.

  2. Imran Mohamad says:

    I appreciate that it is something well beyond your control Rachel, and I understand that this has probably been posted because of everyone asking about the NBN…

    but as Clarke and Dawe on the ABC put it – that isn’t exactly an answer “When would I get it?”

  3. Scott Hewitt says:

    Thing is, you have me asking to join your Reseller Network so I can sell iiNet services to new brownfields yet your Account Managers continue to procrastinate. Sadly, I’m right here at the coalface watching over $10k per month in sales go down the toilet…

  4. Chris says:

    Got excited about the title “when will the nbn come to my street” only to find yet another we’ll contact you when available.

    You have no control over it but it would be nice to have some sort accurate timeline even if it is 2years from now.

    Maybe you should change the title of the blog?

  5. Travis Leibermann says:

    Here in Proserpine, Queensland we will have all the time in the world to prepare since it seems like it will never get here. Telstras network here is crumbling with waterlogged pits, duct tape covered wiring, broken covers and a dusty, rusty exchange.

  6. Chris says:

    Just lose the “when” in the blog title, more honest

  7. snuff says:

    u probably voted labor..

  8. Mohamed says:

    If you guys think you have it bad look up a town called Cowra in NSW and check out how the townspeople are being done over

  9. Pista says:

    What a massive let down. The nbn rollout has not started in your area.

    It is not even on the plans. Even if it ever arrives in my area, it will likely be at 56k dialup speeds due to congestion.

    I don’t believe that the the map is constantly updated like the say.

    What is the purpose of the NBN wait list exactly?

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Pista,

      The map is regularly updated, but with a whole country to cover there are still many areas without updates. We’re sorry to hear no progress has been made in your area, the wait-list will ensure you are notified when the time comes.

      – Christian

  10. Warwick says:

    The build in my area is finished as far as I know. Other providers have been informed of this and are making offers re ‘plans’. What wait is expected from iiNet?

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      If the installation has gone ahead at your address, it’s very possible we’re able to get you connected. If you give our sales team a call they can figure out what’s going on (13 19 17).

      – Christian

  11. Caz says:

    Waiting for the Nbn is like waiting to die in an old home, staring at a wall in a white room. Everything is clean and clear on the outside but when your inside. Its all locked doors and cold stares and what seems nothing but endless hallways weaving into different borrows of a faceless empty warren.

    Australia is an Irish Potato boat sailing backwards in a sea of jelly.

    Power is squandered and wasted in the hands of the few. And yet we point and blame about who voted for who.

    Instead of opening our eyes and seeing the truth that every word from them whom are in power is emptiness.

  12. Terry says:

    Tell you what.I am going to leave my application for the NBN in my will for my grandkids, because thats how long it will take to get to my address.

  13. David Aston says:

    Before the Current Government came in, the NBN site had a spreadsheet showing draft dates of expected work, and 6 month likely to start warnings on it. Change of government meant change of plan, and all plans changed. Fair enough they were elected. But since, there is absolutely nothing in information. Its not the bloody defence department, its a public work, and we get no bloody info.

    Telstra Copper was not maintained by telstra, so my DSL speed is shite. We never should have included the copper when we privatised them, shouldn’t have expected anything else.

    Fibre to the Node, should mean faster rollout, with smaller performance – ( well little or no further performance if its relying on the existing infrastructure to your door – i.e. copper).
    My street was to scheduled for Oct 2013, but now it seems we will get nothing but “Coming Soon” for the next 3 years.

    Meanwhile, our sister office in a little town in the USA, just got 1GB fibre….. For less than i pay for DSL2 (well if you call 2.5Mbit DSL2).

    How about some transparency, and stop getting my hopes up with each email. Your more likely not to get my business when it finally comes.

  14. Disappointed says:

    My suburb was on the build preparation list for 2014 when Labor was in on Govt it all changed when Liberals took over parliament – my suburb is now not even listed as even getting this basic step done. What gives?? Suburb in question is Patterson Lakes Vic.

  15. bad says:

    Agree a bit with the above comments, it’s hard to stay enthusiastic about something that never seems to progress in our areas.

    There’s been a 2×3 group of residential houses 200m my place that’s had nbn for the past year+. Which is depressing and confusing.. they arent newly built or anything flash, so I’m guessing some politician lives in the group or something..

    No progress to any of the surrounding areas, or ETA’S.. so it feels like it will never come. :( wish they’d date every suburbs (rough) so I know what month to bother refreshing the seemingly static nbn map..

  16. Jarrod says:

    Like many others have said, excitable announcements about ‘when will the NBN connected in your area?’ are relatively pointless, not to mention frustrating, when there are still only a handful of areas that even have information on planned roll-outs…

    Ironically, a new development about 3 streets over from my home is earmarked to commence connection soon, but nothing listed anywhere else in my area…

    Yet another ballsed-up, over-priced Labor pipe-dream, that will clearly be delivered disgustingly over-budget, and disgustingly behind schedule…

  17. Mike says:

    I’m dying to get it – but expect I will be dead before it gets to my street!

  18. Justin Patane says:

    Our business has been without it three main phone lines for over 10 weeks. Anyone or organization who thinks that’s acceptable in 2015 is a joker. I was told by a Telstra tech that their simply is no copper left in the lines. The copper has dissolved into its salts. Not suprising that the lines are over 80 years old and never been replaced. Telstra is hung up on the nbn and not maintaing anything anymore Because of the impending Nbn . Two years ago everyone was saying that nbn would be here but nobody can tell us when. It’s still not here and I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon. So why is iinets marketing idiots writing such crap. please don’t post crap about something that is not going to happen. Telcos in australia should be sinfully ashamed of themselves. Well I’m going back to answer the business calls on my mobile from our three business lines now , and nobody can tell me these are going to be fixed either…..

  19. John Kerr says:

    Negative, negative, always negative comments. When I see all the preparatory work the NBN is having to do in Victor Harbor before they can lay cable and connect. So many places where there is no conduit between Telstra pits with the copper laid in the sand. Of course it’s a slow process. Their contractors have been laying conduit in my surrounding streets for a couple of months now so I expect cable within six months. To the whingers, ‘get a life’!

  20. Jurgen Loehndorf says:

    Hi, our street will be connected between june
    and august and we see plenty of workers here
    in Victor Harbor looking into holes pulling out cables and putting them back in again!
    It looks to me that plenty of mistakes are being made!! It’s been 2 years since fibre cable being placed (that could have something
    to do with elections!). If the electors of this country would grow up and stick with the same government, things would go a lot faster!Wink,Wink, say no more!!

  21. ChrisM says:

    I have just unsubscribed simply because I can see zero progress and zero prospect for this part of Adelaide. Why do I want to keep hearing promises of wonders which I will never see? The map has barely changed over the last couple of years and nothing I am hearing suggests anything will alter that. In the meantime my existing download speeds have halved thanks to the aging copper infrastructure.

  22. Rix says:

    It’s a total joke!

    Rewind to 2013 and we were at the “build commenced” stage, cable was laid (talked to the guys laying it)and had a proposed connection time of about Nov 2013. Then the election happened, everything went on hold and when re-booted we weren’t even on the map anymore. Now in 2015 we’re still not on the map, even though we have that cable laid in the street, and we are surrounded by every stage of NBN deployment.

  23. Pogo says:

    You have a bucketload of processing power. Could you could calculate a vector from the updates provided by the NBN promise-makers to estimate the date (to the nearest decade) of arrival of the NBN in any street?

  24. John M says:

    Walloon Qld.
    Not on any list as yet. Must be in the never never priority.
    It bemuses me how a Company such as NBN, a multi billion Co. does not have the ability to have a complete list of all potential connections covered by an overall scheduled proposal. This is the NBN rollout, not an effort to try to put a manned rocket on Mars.
    But hey, those who do launch rockets always have a plan and proposed launch date.
    If my planning department came to me after several years and said that they did not know a proposed end date for any project, all in that planning department would be on the street pondering what the date might be when they may get their next job!!!

  25. Staf says:

    So much for Malcom Turbulls faster,cheaper,sooner…..
    I know this is beyond iinets control but the rollout is a joke now. Ideology gone mad no matter what the cost to the country.

  26. Eugene Delargy says:

    I have two HFC internet connections and am very happy.

    Not interested in the NBN as my connection and reliability is great.

    It’s no worry to me when it happens as the current service is more than adequate.

  27. DM says:

    Forget the NBN, I just want stable ADSL without the 1/2 hr reconnection lag I continually suffer.

  28. Ken Shaw says:

    i don’t understand NBN, questions please
    We have WiFi at the moment suits us
    If NBN arrives in our street do we have to connect to it?
    If we have to connect how much will it cost?
    If we don’t connect can we keep our wifi and how long will the wifi last for?
    We live in a city in the central west

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Ken,

      Short answer is yes, you do need to connect to the NBN even if you only use a landline phone.
      After 18 months of NBN being ready in your street, the copper lines will be pulled out meaning the old DSL technology and phone line will no longer function.

      If you take a 24 month contract with iiNet, installation and activation is free.
      We will call you when it is time to make the switch.

      – Amy

  29. Paul Maynard says:

    I have to agree with the comments of a few. I’m sick of hearing all your promises about how great NBN will be etc etc etc boring bloody etc. Also what about Naked DSL??? Sick of hearing empty replies on that one too.

    Service in this area is B grade at best

  30. Robert Bowser says:

    It seems that the NBN rollout map contains a significant amount of political grandstanding & lack of truthful information.

    Apart from the non-information in the comment “Not available in this area”, mentioned by a number of people, examination of the map in my area (Rockhampton) indicated that many of the random small areas indicating “Service available” are in fact future street names which are still bushland containing no houses, or at most one or two !

    Those few houses (mostly new)were probably given a fibre service when they first applied for telephone service, because Telstra didn’t want to install any more copper.

    That has allowed NBN to say that they have begun installation in various suburbs, but for the rest of us, in established streets, there is still no indication of how long we will have to wait !

    I realise this is not iinet’s fault, as you appear to be being fed the same BS as the rest of us.

    R. Bowser

  31. Kayla Hudson says:

    As far as I know NBN was cancelled the moment liberals took control, only places getting it were those contracted to before the change over

  32. Eddie says:

    NBN is available ,but the workmanship is
    so bad that you would not want them in your house.

  33. Don Coutts says:

    If you live in a conservative liberal seat, which continually votes overwhelmingly liberal,you can forget about getting the NBN.

    Thanks to Malcolm T, Tony Abbott, and Bronwyn Bishop.

  34. Clint says:

    Well it is Nov 2017. Every suburb around the suburb i live in, Thornlie, WA (aka Wait Awhile state) has NBN bar mine.

    The map states between Jan and Jun 2018, but there is absolutely no prep work done.

    I will be dead before i see the NBN.

  35. Joel says:

    This video does not tell you when the NBN is coming to my area as the question states. Neither does the rollout map. It simply tells you if something is under construction, finished, or not being constructed.

    Under construction could mean years, this is a poor indication of when the NBN is coming to an area.

    Please either provide more accurate information, or don’t tell people they will find out when.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Joel,

      Information provided by the rollout map is supplied directly from NBN and is general in its guidance and may change. As construction timeframes do change, along with the plans of the rollout, it is best to keep checking the rollout map for further information, or you are more than welcome to have a chat to our Sales team on 13 19 17.

      – Leo