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So by now you’re probably aware of the nation-wide rollout of the superfast

national broadband network  – the communications network set to revolutionise the way Australians access the internet. The technology aims to deliver fast and reliable internet to Aussie homes and businesses. The question that now remains on everyone’s lips is: When is it my turn to get connected and enjoy the benefits?

The good news is nbn™ revealed a new roll-out plan this month which would see 7.5 million homes and businesses connected to the nbn network by 2018. The 3-year plan allows people to check when they’re likely to receive nbn and which of the different connection types they can expect to receive.

The different connection types are part of the Liberal Government’s Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) plan. The different connection types outlined in the plan include: Fibre to the premises (FTTP), Fibre to the node (FTTN), Fixed Wireless or Satellite and Cable. If you want to learn more about MTM, check out our helpful video.

The nbn™ website features a handy layout of the plan which you can filter by state/territory to narrow down to your precise suburb. Each state and territory is set to see a surge in construction and connectivity under the latest roll-out plan.

The ultimate goal the Turnbull government has pledged is to have 9.5 million premises connected by the year 2020. With 1.3 million premises already enjoying superfast nbn speeds, they’re well on their way to achieving this goal.

Check out the plan to see when you can expect to be connected to the superfast speeds of the nbn.

Want to know when the NBN will arrive in your area? Join the NBN waitlist for all NBN updates, or if you’ve already joined, check out iiNet’s coverage map to see if the NBN is available at your address.

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  1. Ros says:

    My husband and I have been with iinet for over 10 years, we have been patiently waiting for the rollout of NBN , in November 2014 they were digging up our streets , telling us soon, soon, .still we waited , we have been checking the algester area seeing when we would be connected,. After lots of flyers saying it was coming, then it was here!!! We’ll last week we contacted iinet to take up the bundle , we were given a reference number and told we would hear from them by email within 48 hours. This was not forthcoming, after 7 days , so we called last night , for a call back. It came at 9ish rang once, then Paul received an email that we are not acceptable.

    No other explanation. , so today I called and was speaking with a lovely lady in South Africa, and after a 30 minute call, we were told that we can’t have it because there isn’t enough ports.
    Ports, this is the first time ports have been even mentioned. Why isn’t this made known to you at the beginning. Why tell us a year after it all begins, keep us waiting all this time. Do we have to wait until someone dies before a port becomes available or if the exchange is going to be upgraded? We would love to hear from someone and tell us what is going on ?
    Regards, a frustrated long time loyal customer,

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Ros,

      We’re unable to find your account based on the email address provided here – but please feel free to call our Sales Team as soon as you can on 13 19 17 so we can get to the bottom of this for you and get you hooked up to the NBN.

      – Amy

  2. Lyn Robinson says:

    I am a long time client of Westnet. Just as soon as NBN was available in my home town I applied. Mobile phones don’t work well in this area and the only internet connection I could get was satellite, so, when NBN came to town I couldn’t wait. My application was processed, everything was done according to the dates and times given. Now I’ve got great fast, reliable internet, more data and less money. NBN is definitely the way to go – more importantly, Westnet (iiNet) are very, very good to deal with. Plenty of patience with the non-technical such as myself. Thank you.

  3. Dennis says:

    I watched the NBN cable being installed in the cabling ducts and pits under Hogans Road, Tarneit, at the intersection of Tarneit Road, 2 years ago, just 400 metres from the Knightsbridge Estate where I live. It still has not been connected to our estate, and won’t be until 2017. At the speed at which contractors work these days, and the constant changing of idiotic Governments, I can’t see me ever being able to use optical fibre in my home before I pass on into the afterlife.

  4. Steven says:

    Some 18 months ago I watched with excited anticipation as nbn cable was laid down our street within 2 metres of my home. It was connected to the primary school at the end of our street. Nothing has occurred since, we were listed as having no access within 3 years. Under the new plan we are now listed as receiving nbn early in 2017; via the inferior HFC technology even though high speed cable is literally on our doorstep.

    Bureaucracy…. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

  5. Steve says:

    NBN was meant to be installed at my premises in The Entrance April 2014 but the change of government put a stop to that. I was relieved to hear that work had started in my area Jan 2015 but since then nothing. I have had flyers since July telling me it’s coming but see no evidence of work being carried out. This is obviously a different meaning to the phrase ‘Work has started in your area’ than I am accustomed with!

  6. Chris says:

    They are only telling when they are going to start building. Not when it will be available for service. Considering they want to start everything I doubt they will get it built within the 3 years from the start of construction so its still all more than 4 years away for something obsolete already.

  7. James says:

    My suburb is still not listed…Looks like I will have to remain with my very slow ADSL package for some time still

  8. Harry says:

    When building our home 4 years ago, we used Cat5 cabling throughout in anticipation of the arrival of the NBN. Good old Telstra connected us using Cat2 cabling and left their conduit above ground. When iinet are connecting us to the fibre to the hub will the connection to the house be rewired using Cat5 cable and will the conduit be installed underground?

  9. Julie Hannah says:

    How pleased I was yo see the NBN Tower being erected in our Local town of Popanyinning only to discover that we miss out as we are about 20 km from the tower. From local chit chat a lot of people are disappointed. Perhaps advertising should be more transparent. When advertising the town it should also include distance that will be covered.

  10. William says:

    A couple of weeks back a technician from the NBN knocked on the door and said that he had checked the connection and that it was all working. He said to call my ISP which I did and iinet said they had not heard. How long does it take for the message to get through? I assume that iinet will let me know when I should be talking to them about plans.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’re often required to await the technician to record the job as being complete to progress with the order William, we find this usually occurs within 24 hours of the appointment time. If your appointment was a few weeks ago, we’d recommend getting back in touch with our Support (13 22 58) team for an update on the status.

      However if the visit was not arranged and was completed via NBN as apart of connecting your suburb, we will need to await NBN to declare your premises/area serviceable. You can track this via our coverage checker:

      Hope this helps,

      – Brianna

  11. Gavin says:

    Any chance of updating the iiNet NBN page at

    It’s hilariously out-of-date now.

  12. Chris says:

    2018 for Kalamunda is a bit of a shame but understandable for the Perth Hills.

    I do wonder though if there is any way I can get more than the 6mbps max speeds I currently get, given I can walk to the local exchange in 5 mins flat.

    Better than it was when I first signed up but wouldn’t mind it being faster if at all possible. :)

    I have it set to max speed possible in the toolbox.

    Ping is nice and low though.

    Keep up the great work.

  13. Brian says:

    2 years ago our area was listed as being started on the NBN plan, to this date only the govt dept in our area has been NBN connected, the rest of us are so insignificant we are totally ignored, as ratepayers we are intitled to services equal to goverment offices, we are the backbone of this country the goverment are the takers, they should look after the people and stop promising things they can not give.
    NBN what a joke as previous comments made most of us will be worm fodder before we can have the luxury of its use.

  14. John Donaldson says:

    On the basis that I am in the South Section of the Mornington Peninsular – very Liberal – there is no way that the Victorian Labour Government will allow connection to the NBN before the end of this Century!

  15. John says:

    You know when you say “superfast”, the rest of the world laughs, right?

    And the plan doesn’t even include my suburb, Shailer Park QLD 4128.

  16. Diane says:

    Yes you possibly do have to wait til someone dies to get a port if Telstra hasn’t provided enough at your exchange.
    Either that or when a house sells and they momentarily disconnect their internet to that e mail address THAT is your chance …yes you literally have to “steal” your internet from a new person moving into yiur area. telsta doesnt want to spend any money on the current exchanges in order to give you internet when they know the NBN will be here ….one day.I have been told by a TELSTRA person that “we are NOT OBLIGED to give you internet…only a landline MADAM”
    After many hundreds of hours trying to get to the bottom of this, we finally got very limited internet after at least 5 months of none. Spoken to a Telstra manager, the Communications Ombudsman, at least 20 people in 5 different countries and local MP…ALL very very helpful. I do like iiNet’s Customer Service which is excellent at all times, but if Telstra doesn’t want to spend the money at this time, they wont…because they are NOT “OBLIGED” to give anyone internet”

  17. Mark says:

    Australia is so slow on all this. It is crucial for Australia to become digitally competitive more than ever now that most industry has moved offshore. I was just back in my little hometown in Canada and they have had full fibre networks in place for a long time, offering TB plans (1 TB = 1 million MB) for under $100 per month … insane speed at incredible price. It’s all a matter of priorities and the priority seems to be spending billions on the America Energy War, nanny state governance and maintaining state governments at all … as opposed to giving an educated free-thinking society the tools it needs to be creative and give its loving services to the planet.

  18. Graeme Bischoff says:

    The NBN has been “rolling out” in my suburb for quite some time now. Most of the houses in my street have had the NBN connected to their house ….except mine & 7 others who happen to have their existing phone line on antiquated overheads. NBN says they are listed to be underground installation but the installers come to the newly installed pit across the road, lift the lid off it, look up at the old pole, scratch their heads, replace the lid and drive away. It seems we have have been placed in the “too hard” basket.

  19. Fred Scholten says:

    I have given up on NBN even before I’ve got it. I have some conspiracy ideas and believe that incompetence, political chicanery and even corruption have taken the heart out this national project. As has become usual.
    Big words, excessive promises, millions of $$ spent on make believe..but no useful reliable information about when, what speed and how much customers are going to have to fork out at the outset to be connected to the corner and then in monthly fees. We haven’t learned anything yet how secure our privacy will be in this Turnbull system. Anyone who can cure my pessimism is welcome!

  20. Paul says:

    Nope! Still not on the rollout plan, even the 3 year plan.
    You have to wonder, we are only 40 minutes from the centre of Canberra.
    I suppose we are not getting it at all.

  21. MattT says:

    I see that the NBN will not be available for at least another two years in my location in metropolitan Adelaide (4 kms from the city centre).
    With six people in the house, we need the speed now and have no option but to leave iiNet (TPG).
    This makes me sad, as a long term Internode customer, but it’s not the same since TPG to over.

  22. Adrian says:

    Well, it appears that my suburb, Dianella, isn’t on the plan at all. I get rubbish speeds right now on ADSL2 and was hoping for the NBN to solve all my speed woes.

    So what about all the suburbs that aren’t on the rollout plan? Is it ever going to come to them? How do we find out?

  23. Bruce says:

    Time to start really pounding your local federal Politian, or if they are Labor to pound Malcolm Turnbull. We have all been dudded!

  24. Brian Mennis says:

    Well, now I know that I probably won’t have to worry about the NBN. It started off being 2013, then 2014 now it is 2018. I may be in a nursing home by the time we get it in Carseldine. As I said all along, a colossal waste of money, for very little gain.

  25. Staf says:

    I was on the labour rollout, it would have been connected by now. Now I’m not even on the liberal 3 year plan, So nothing changing here till at least 2019….thanks Malcom.

  26. James says:

    What an egregious waste of time and public money. This current government has had 3 years to do something about this, and now their “rollout plan” if you could call it a plan, won’t even begin to be noticed until election time. Turnbull is an imbecile, former communications minister who doesn’t understand that a 1mb increase in sync rate over adsl2+, isn’t worth the billions they want to siphon out of our pockets and into their mates personal piggy banks. This “plan” is farcical, they won’t be around long enough to implement it. Let’s hope when Labor get reinstated (they will) that it’s full steam aheadon the old FTTP model.

  27. Sandy says:

    I live in regional Qld so I know that we are going to be on the end list for nbn, not getting at all excited about it.

  28. Colin says:

    We are in an NBN FTTN area and I asked iinet if they supplied FTTN and was told in an email YES. I phoned and was told we do not do FTTN. Our area 2BLT-07 went live on Friday evening the 6th November 2015. Very disappointed to say the least. When will iinet have FTTN plans?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Apologies for any confusion, Colin.
      We have participated in the trials and will be sure to post as additional information becomes available.

      – Brianna

  29. mark says:

    Well after being told back in may that I could connect to nbn, the rug was pulled out from under me. The purple area goes right over my house but as the house number is outside the area still get told no I cannot connect. I am giving up on ever being connected as all you get told is lies and more lies.
    Was looking forward to roll out as cannot get a land line and rely on mobile with shit data quota. The next door neighbor gets 250gig for $79 a month while I get 10 for the same money. Discrimination at its best.

  30. Andy Robinson says:

    Get on the wait list and while you wait sign up for ADSL? I wish. 14 years and not even that. Rural? Not exactly. Just 16km from Perth Central Business District.

  31. tam lim says:

    I cannot find any dates when my place will have the nbn.

  32. Lee says:

    Every time I go and check for a status update on the NBN, I get same old same old “The rollout of the nbn™ network has not started yet in this location.”. This has been the same for years now. I have given up long ago on the NBN.
    In any case, its not a matter of life and death as I still have ADSL but I wish Iinet would stop sending me emails saying “NBN is coming” when its clearly NOT.

  33. Fiona Pullen says:

    Hi. We eagerly await the prospect of the NBN. We live in the Adelaide Hills, 20-25 minutes from the centre of Adelaide. We have no option for Internet other than expensive wireless, which is far better than nothing! Our suburb is Mount George, which is between Bridgewater (same postcode) and Carey Gully. Is the NBN rollout dependent on phone exchanges? We are literally the end of the line from the Summertown exchange and would really like a better idea as to when/if we will be involved in the NBN rollout. Thanks.

  34. Dave Pearce says:

    I’m 77 now, and I live in Cobaki Village near Tweed City NSW. I have not got the time to wait for the NBN “rollout” I’ll be in Heaven! Still! I hope you all enjoy it when it comes, or if it comes! See you all up there and you can tell me all about it. I hope!

  35. David says:

    When I connected to the internet I was told it would be 2 years before connection to the NBN, now the NEW 3 year plan says that we can expect the installation to start in …2 years.
    Of course, that gives the government 2 years to work out how NOT to go ahead, and how to put the price up.
    If we lived overseas we would already have high speed, affordable internet access, but we live in the Lucky Country.
    Perhaps if we all start saving now, we will be able to afford to try the NBN for a few weeks.

  36. monica says:

    I have everything connected on my NBN but havent been told i cant get it connected, what do i do now?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Great to hear that your install has been completed, Monica!
      We’d recommend getting in touch with our Support (13 22 58) team to retrieve an update. A Customer Service Representative will be able to check the status and provide additional information regarding cause and expected time frame.

      – Brianna

  37. Sig says:

    Woohoo, or am I celebrating a little too early. The new rollout plan lists my suburb as commence build Q4 of 2016. Whilst currently on 2 x mobile broadband plans, one at 8gb for $59 and the other 11gb for $40 due to supposedly not able to get any other sort of broadband at a reasonable price as we are too far from the exchange (4km straight line, 6.8km following the lay of cables/lines), I’m looking forward to the nbn, although I doubt the nbn will live up to all the hype. I can’t believe in our day and age many of us have to put up with such antiquated technology. Here I thought Australia was a front runner in advancement of technology, but reading other comments I thought wrong.

  38. Robyn says:

    The NBN rollout is PATHETIC. My area is not even mentioned on the 3 year plan so nobody can tell me when if ever Forrestfield will get it. Meanwhile iinet and other are trying to sell something that doesn’t exist, vapourware. Every time you send me an email saying get iinet’s NBN … you depress me …

  39. Richard Lye says:

    How come practically all of the Mornington Peninsula is on the rollout plan except for South Rosebud?
    Is that area too safely Liberal?

  40. PETER LEAN says:


  41. Nicholas Lee says:

    Fixed Wireless or Satellite and Cable would be lovely. Anything has to be better than our antiquated wireless hot spot connection. At times it would be faster to drive to town to do my banking, pay the bills, as my father did, all those years ago. The way we are going, I’ll be pushing up daisies before the so called tech gets anywhere near here.

  42. SomeGuy says:

    Stuck on adsl 1 since moving I can’t stand how backwards it is. I was waiting for 2015 to get NBN on the old Labour deal now I find out I have to wait till the end of 2017 just to get FTTN which I’m sure will be saturated in my area. I wonder If I’ll be able to match my ADSl2+ speeds I used to have. I’ve been waiting over half a decade for decent internet and I feel FTTN just won’t cut it. Life on a rim is just so backward.

  43. Internet dreams says:

    Can I please have some kind of Internet at my suburban house. At the moment I can’t even get dial up because of how long NBN is taking.

    I live in Latham in the nations capital Canberra and have been advised by iiNet and all other internet providers no ports are available because of the NBN no new infrastructure is being built. I have to use mobile internet for everything and it costs a fortune.

    I’m sick of waiting for the NBN I just want the Internet and for someone to take my request serious I have requested information from my local member, NBN co and the communications minister. No luck as yet.

    If you bring NBN/ the Internet to Latham I will be your best customer.

    Regards a frustrated Internet dreamer.

  44. Mick says:

    Well I now see my little area of South Penrith will not start till H1 2018 ! All around me is FTTH yet my small area is for some reason fed from Regentville exch and I’m at the end of the run from there. So Iinet please do not keep sending me NBN newsletters as its just crap to me and all the others who will have to wait

  45. Gil Cech says:

    Judging from the comments on this page the NBN rollout is nothing more than a badly planned joke. I am an iiNet customer and for the life of me I can’t understand why they keep sending me useless emails with info on the NBN that has no relevance to me?
    I’m in a new estate and the NBN is in adjacent streets, but not ours. The level of basic incompetence with this so called rollout is farcical. Our state and federal governments are inept and asleep at the wheel. Thank your lucky stars if you have ADSL and it is in any way reliable.
    And please iiNet, stop sending us emails about a service that most if us can’t and won’t get for years to come !

  46. Dennis says:

    What a shambles….!!!! As stated by other contributors the NBN management is AWFUL…. If it was a business it would have gone broke years ago….!!!! There’s demand for NBN… I’m hanging out for it in a northern suburb of Melbourne and it’s being supplied just down the road, but I won’t get it for more than a year…!!! I want it and will pay for it… but there’s country towns with 200 people living in them with NBN….!!!!!!

  47. Trina Bigwood says:

    Our internet speed is under “2”, basically unworkable for many functions. Over the road they have “30”!!!! WHY? I view our planned rollout dates, it states that it is not yet scheduled, though my son has somewhere read it is 2017. So, basically I’m paying for a service that is considerably unworkable. NOT happy!!

  48. Slugg0 says:

    Like many others that have already posted a comment here, our local country town also misses the cut this time around. Given that the NBN version currently on offer is already obsolete, imagine how more obsolete it will be in more than three years time.

  49. Grant Crosthwaite says:

    If this is true then my suburb has just gone from an expected RFS (Ready for Service) date of March 2016 to H1-2018! That’s a delay of a further 2 years. Disappointed, very disappointed. :(

  50. Les says:

    would be great if more info when the roll out was hitting the established homes instead of all the NEW Housing estates I was on the 2year plan many moons ago but now I doubt if I’ll be alive to see it hit my area in Camillo WA 6111
    What a bloody farce this NBN is

  51. Val Metz says:

    I am disappointed that IInet has been sold to TPG who have a reputation for buying 1gig to provide 10 customers with coverage and we have noticed a distinct change in the speed we are able to receive and we are unable to get any coverage at all at times. This is without NBN and no immediate connection available. It is a pity that Malcolm Turnbull who professes to be so aware of the 2 types of providing the NBN is willing to stop the cabling for the cheaper model. Wasn’t he ever told that you have to pay for quality.

  52. Steve says:

    My area is not scheduled to receive the NBN roll out. I think that because I am nearer to a bay area, geographically there cannot be concentrically positioned exchanges to network toward each other. This makes me think that living near water ensures you are the lowest priority.
    I live on Brisbane’s north side a fair way from the Telstra exchange at Sandgate. ADSL1 is faster than ADSL2+ in this situation. I cannot get cable as my house is built back behind others about 100m from the street. The phone lines frequently fail due to condensation and water in the pit. 350kb/s on a good day, stand alone, with no firewall on is not exactly Netflix viable, or gaming.

    The sob stories aside, why are areas that are largely housing commission areas already receiving the roll out, when others such as myself whose tax money pays for their food, rent, clothes, etc AND now the NBN as well which is not a living necessity, it is an upgrade, when we are not even scheduled to get it ourselves?

  53. Bill says:

    Still not on any list here on the Gold Coast of Queensland – REASON – Aha! We sit behind the DREADED Telstra RIM box / TopHat combo along with many others in Australia (over 7,000 such “boxes”?). Interesting to hear how NBN will handle all those obsolete RIMs!

  54. trevor says:

    I feel like ive been completely lied to. I checked the map and a hell of a lot of perth is not even listed in the 3 year upgrade plan, including my suburb of bassendean. Its tragic that they say you will know exactly when it will come to your area, when a good 70% of suburbs are not even covered at all. does this mean a suburb 15 min from perth wont recieve the nbn for more than 6 years? likely i’ll move to an area that has it before then. This will be known as australias biggest effort of failure known in this generation. im sure history book will use it as an example of how the governemnt will screw us.

  55. Ralph says:

    It would seem that Roseville is only getting HFC.With all its limitations in capacity I just wonder why we can’t have FTTN like other people. Why do we have to be left in the slow lane?

  56. Jane says:

    My overseas visitors was amused when I told them the copper wire connections to my home probably corroded like last time, and I am Day 15 without internet, still waiting for Telstra Technician to come and look at the pit outside my home. We are already 20 years behind on replacing copper infrastructure with fibre. When my ADSL 2 connection working, the best speed I could get is 2.2mps due to over 6km from exchange.

    Money spent to advertise on TV about the greatness of NBN is better spend to connect a few more houses, enough wasted of money and time for a model that is already inferior and over budget.

  57. John K says:

    Four months ago NBN contractors came and put in ducts (the Telstra line sits in the sand)and then replaced our pit(asbestos don’t you know!). We have been officially informed that connection will be between October 15 and March 16 (God willing!)

    Attempted communication with NBN re actual connection site has led to a long silence.

    At least iiNet keep us in the loop! As a long term WestNet customer both in the West and here in Victor Harbor SA, I live in hope for faster speeds and better internet connections within my expected lifetime.

  58. Steve says:

    2018!!! OMG words fail me…

  59. Kate says:

    i have been waiting patiently for many years as the only form of internet I can get is dial-up or not great wireless. Worse thing is I live in Huntingdale and I’m not the only person in this situation yet they are rolling out to suburbs with already great internet.

  60. Carlos says:

    the NBN is a joke. how do they justify having it already in some regional centres but large suburbs in the outer east of Melbourne do not. I won’t be holding my breath waiting for it. I’m ignoring it. and by the time it ever reaches my suburb it will probably be obsolete anyway. forget about it.

  61. Vaughan says:

    I’ve been an iiNet customer for almost 18 years – I’m moving to Ellenbrook in the next few weeks and I have to end my internet service with iiNet simply because it is only Telstra that currently offer FTTP internet services, or Internode, over Telstra’s Velocity infrastructure. I read an article dated December 2012, stating that within 18 months, the Telstra infrastructure would be made available to other providers so they would be able to offer NBN services. It is now 2015 and this still doesn’t appear to have occurred – what I don’t understand, is how this is allowed? Surely this is anti-competition? I thought there were laws in place to prevent this sort of monopoly from happening? Fortunately, I’ve been told that I can keep my mailboxes, for a price, in order to keep my tenure with iiNet, and that when the NBN does eventually become available, I can make the switch back from “the enemy” that is Telstra, to my preferred ISP, iiNet. This NBN rollout is a shambles. I’m not holding out much hope that any of the regions will actually get the services by the time they have been promised.

  62. Andrew McNaughton says:

    For a company that has been so outspoken about intrusive data collection issues, it’s surprising, and more than a little disappointing to see you using canvas based user/browser fingerprinting on your pages.

    Please reconsider.

  63. Shaun says:

    New estate in Warner. Telstra split the copper wires for landline, so now we have only one wire (normally two per household)for in and out. So our best is ADSL 1. That’s right, new estate on ADSL 1. At least we are in the ‘work commenced’ zone, but reading other comments, looks like I might as well stroll down to the library (might be faster).

  64. Jeff says:

    I thought I’d check out the rollout plan just for fun as we have been told work will commence within weeks. Surprise, surprise the Northern Territory doesn’t get a mention. I can sort of understand why Tassie gets left off maps but the NT is right between WA and Qld.
    But from comments here I guess I won’t be seeing anyone ripping up the footpaths and even if they do it is possible we will have to stick with ASDL1 anyway.

  65. Mike says:

    I live in Medina WA in Brand, a safe Labor electorate. Downer workers were installing cable in my street the day before the Libs won the last election, but not Brand. On Monday after the election Downers guys packed up all their gear and left. I dont expect to see a connection until after the next change of government, 2018 is just a date to keep the peasants happy.

  66. Tracy says:

    I live in the upper Blue Mountains and finally will be getiing NBN due for completion June 2016. Disappointed its going to be FTTN.

  67. Greg Turkich says:

    I’m in Canberra and still waiting for the NBN roll out to happen in the south of Canberra. I would like specific news rather than general news on NBN roll outs. I don’t really need to know who else is getting NBN, just when I will so that I can hook up. Thanks…

  68. Bob Sims says:

    I’ve been with Westnet for 8years+, I was saddened when our suburb disappeared from the rollout map, recently I read that we are listed a preparation work si I’m thinking 18months, then I read the new rollout a few mins ago and i’ts now scheduled for March’16, We have Westnet FTTP 100/40 where I work, I checked speeds on a website and what surprised me was how flat the graph was which suggests to me quality of line, from many Aussie sites I do not notice much difference in download speeds although I expect that will improve as more businesses go to NBN, downloading from Dropbox and other similar sites is a very different matter, it’s fast! finally 22nd century tech :)

  69. Chris says:

    Ha ha,
    I live in 3 places modestly – 2 in Oz and 1 in Greece. Guess which one is connected to fibre? Greece! On my island! But in Sydney and in Canberra where I live in Oz I observe that blue cabling sweeps right by – and is connected only to new premises. There are no plans I can find to connect to old premises. Seems to me by the time legacy properties get NBN the rest of Asia Pacific will have eclipsed us by several factors of speed. No flyers, no promises, no information, even in these new announcements. I give up and will do all my serious downloading in Greece where it is FAST

  70. Robert says:

    I recently got in contact with NBN Co. I had seen men with a sign that said NBN working within a couple of kilometres of my home. I was confused when I checked the NBN Co. website as it said that the NBN wasn’t even started in my area yet. I consider my area to be the Suburb I live in. After contacting NBN Co. they said it was for new housing down the road I had seen them working in. They also said the website was correct in what it said. I assume it must have been a one off and they will get to my area in 2020. Thank you NBN Co. The local JB Hi Fi also has a sign in its window that NBN is available through Telstra.

  71. MattT says:

    What do you mean TPG has a reputation of buying 1 gig to service 10 customers?
    That would be wonderful if it were the case.
    Unfortunately TPG’s reputation is much worse.
    They run their ship at an over subscription ratio of approximately 30 to 1.
    This means they’ll buy 25 Mb and promise 25 Mb to 30 customers.
    iiNet and Internode were much better (less than half of TPGs over subscription) which is why I signed up for Internode years ago.
    Sadly we are seeing the next phase in broadband consolidation in Australia which is why it’s time to support any young upstart company you can find that’s offering better than ADSL 2+ speeds while we twiddle our thumbs waiting for the fabled NBN (the Not in my Backyard Network).

  72. Pethy says:

    Wow I have given up on NBN
    Bankisa Grove start work in late 2017, unreal
    its a new suburb (some brand new other 11yrs ago) and there is no adsl 2 in the area (wouldn’t you put that down when building the area),been hanging for NBN but now find out its years away before they even start .. love my adsl 1+turbo..said no one ever :(

  73. Paul says:

    I hear and read the grumbles about every politician and there dogs but surely the majority of problems are either Telstra or NBNCo. It seems that over the last few years Telstra have failed to place any new equipment in any exchanges or RIM’s because the NBN may come one day and make their investment worthless.
    If FTTN is just the back bone to the main exchange and internet service then many of us are not going to be any better off.
    I have no ADSL connection of any type and no expectation due to lack of “Ports” although I am in Piara Waters WA, a new estate that is smaller than 100 new builds and hence not NBN applicable.
    Only option is wifi hot spot at $10/GB when I need a minimum of 25GB per month. Maybe we need a third world government to take over and improve our lot.

  74. Karlos says:

    I spend a lot of time traveling to and from Melbourne and the Philippines, and what is surprising is how much better the internet speeds are there than they are here, FTTH connections there are easier to get installed, cheaper and the speed is reliable, even despite the fact that many cities there suffer from rolling electricity blackouts during the dry season!
    Still we look forward to getting FTTN at least, since the ADSL2+ is so abysmal here.
    Thanks for clarifying what MTM is about — ‘Malcolm Turnbulls Monster’

  75. KerryC says:

    Moved into a new estate and was told it was ready for NBN. No copper in lines, so can’t get a home phone, but ready for NBN. Been using Vivid Wireless for internet until NBN. Guess what? Not on the list to do!! Surprise, Surprise.

  76. Kev says:

    My area will get FTTN in 2017. I think that the node is only 20 metres from my house. If I install my own optic fibre cable do you think that they would connect it for me?