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2016 has been a big year for the NBN™! This year 835,000 more Australians have been connected to the NBN™ and there’s no sign of slowing down with a further 2,657,000 households expected to get the NBN™ in 2017.

From new tech to rocket launches, it’s been a wild ride and we can’t wait to see what the NBN™ will bring to Australian cities and rural communities in 2017. We’ve put together a year in the life of the NBN™ to bring you a detailed review of the NBN™ rollout throughout 2016. So here it is!

iiNet Technology

There are a few number of technologies being used to bring the NBN™ to Australia. In 2016, we now utilise the following technologies:

  • Fibre to the Node (FTTN)
  • Fibre to the Building (FTTB)
  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
  • Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial networks (HFC)
  • Fixed Wireless (FW)
  • Long Term Satellite (LTS)

The arrival of NBN HFC

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial networks (also known as HFC for short) were added to the NBN™ mix of technologies used to roll out the faster, more reliable NBN™ network across Australia. HFC will be available to 830,000 premises by June 2017 and to date has seen 17,000 premises connected to NBN™ goodness!

Our new NBN™ plans

NBN™ has not only greatly improved many services for end-users but it’s also changed the way we consume broadband data. In the past year, the availability of high definition media streaming online and to the comfort of your own home has made some huge changes to the way Australians access movie content.

With that in mind, this year we were proud to introduce new plans offering Liimitless data on the NBN™. iiNet customers can now download and stream to their hearts content without having to worry about any data limits. Just think – what would you do with unlimited internet on superfast NBN™ speeds?

The rocket launch

On October 6, 2016 the NBN™ Sky Muster™ II Satellite blasted 36,000km into orbit to work with Sky Muster™ I to provide superfast broadband speeds to 400,000 Australians living in rural areas.

All systems are now go, proving the sky’s the limit when it comes to the NBN™! Personally, we were over the moon about replacing the Interim Satellite Service and launching new plans. Want to know more? Click here for details on our satellite plans or watch the video!

iiNet in the community

In the past, Australians in regional areas were excluded from high speed broadband, with city-folk ‘surfing the internet’ glory. But no more! Thanks to the NBN™ Long Term Satellite rollout (delivered by Sky Muster™ and Sky Muster™ II) fast and reliable connectivity is delivered to remote areas, changing lives for the better with greater education, health and agricultural resources.

Keeping up-to-date the iiNet way

As many residents rely on their Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as iiNet, for all Internet related services, queries and issues, we’ve committed to providing regular updates and information to our customers about each stage of the NBN™ rollout. If you are yet to do so, join our wait list for updates on the NBN™ and we will notify you directly as the roll out reaches your address!

What does the future hold?

This year nbn™ reached their one millionth user, in fact this was one of our customers in Halls Head, WA. But wait, there’s more, the NBN™ technology mix isn’t done yet. Expected to arrive in 2018, our latest network technology Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) will join the NBN™ rollout.

FTTC will replace the term Fibre to the Distribution-Point (FTTdp). FTTC means that NBN™ will deliver fibre to the telecom pit outside of the premises. From here the fibre connects with a Distribution Point Unit and using the existing copper line to deliver fast broadband to the premises.

The launch of FTTC services will mean the NBN™ will be one of the first operators in the world to take advantage of reverse-powered distribution point-based FTTC services – now that’s cutting edge!

It’s been a busy year for the NBN™ and as the network unrolls, more and more Australian’s are reaping the benefits. Understandably, it takes time to roll out a new network across an entire nation. If your street hasn’t gone live yet, don’t stress you haven’t been forgotten! The NBN™ is still on its way.

Bookmark this page to see where your address stands in the NBN™ rollout progress. Our NBN™ Coverage Checker lets you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built and where preparation or construction is currently underway. Want to double check if the NBN is available at your address? You can find out at the click of a button right here!

As the NBN™ gets closer to your door, don’t forget to start checking your options to ensure you get connected with the right NBN™ plan for your family. The choice is yours, but when it comes to the NBN™, iiNet are the experts. Add in our award-winning customer service team and you have a winning combination.


  1. rebs says:

    NBN will be old technology when its rolled out in Dunlup , ACT
    Expected to be done this quarter reports say

  2. Chris Phillips says:

    I’m told that it will be at least 2 years if not more before the NBN comes to my suburb, meanwhile I have to be content with ADSL 1 because Telstra won’t update the substation which I connect to. In spite of a “boost” (whatever that is) by iinet, I gather everyone in the neighbourhood has the same boost now and the line is consequently as slow as ever it was. I get all these enthusiastic emails from iinet about coming speeds and attractions that the NBN provides, but as far as I’m concerned it is too far off to think about right now. and from the people I have talked to who HAVE got the connection, I get a big yawn and a statement that it is little better than they had before but costs more.

  3. LES KEENE says:

    when will NBN be available in Maiden gully in Bendigo

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Les,

      We can see that NBN Fixed Wireless surrounds your area but Maiden Gully does not appear on the rollout for the next three years.

      – Leo.

  4. Heath says:

    When will the nbn be in Condon

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Heath,

      Condon appears to be under construction for NBN and is set for completion around March 2017.

      – Leo.

  5. Jane Saccomani says:

    I am looking forward to connecting to the NBN hopefully there will be no more drop outs

  6. David says:

    Shouldn’t that be Fibre to the Kerb (FTTK) since we’re in Australia?

    FTTC is also used for Fibre/Fiber to the Cabinet in other countries, making things even more confusing. It does seem like NBN, sorry, NBN™ want everything to be as confusing and opaque as possible.

  7. Ian Darnell says:

    It is time to curb the use of Americanisms.
    This should be FTTK not FTTC. In Australia it is a kerb not the verb to curb.

  8. E. Kennedy says:

    Has my bill for Jan.2017 forward paid and with an increase have anything to do with NBN plans or costs ?

    • Leo Yarnold says:


      No, though it is concerning to hear about an unexpected increase in cost. Have you had a chat to Billing about this on 13 22 58?

      – Leo.

  9. Albert Garbin says:

    When will Baldivis (Clyde Avenue) be connected to the NBN?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Albert,

      This is a funky one, as part of Clyde Avenue is already active on the NBN. To give you an idea, go to:
      Put in the address and you’ll see that most of the eastern side of Clyde Avenue, past Nairn Dr, is NBN ready. Premises to the west of Nairn Dr are not on the rollout map.

      – Leo.

  10. Brian Jennings says:

    Reddenet Pty Ltd informs that they will be laying FTTH throughout the Noosa Waters and Bluefin Court residential areas (QLD 4566, approx 1,100 residences) by replacing their existing co-axial network that currently delivers FTA TV services to this area. Their broadband pricing does not appear to be very competitive. As a long time customer of iiNet, I would like to know if you have plans to install NBN services in this area, or will Reddened have a monopoly?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Brian,

      If Reddenet are upgrading their current network in that area, it is likely that it will stay a monopoly, as there appear to be no plans for NBN to enter that area.

      – Leo.

  11. Louise Studds says:

    why haven’t you gotten back to me about mine? 2 phone calls 4 emails promises of phonebacks – nothing

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Louise,

      Sorry to hear that we’ve failed to make contact. We’ve made a request to have you called.

      – Leo.

  12. Rosemary Knight says:

    Your link to satellite plans doesn’t work (which is the only version of NBN that is likely to be available to me) and there is no mention of the problems with performance that we hear of on television. Are you supplying information or advertising.

  13. Terry & Annette says:

    Hello iiNet team,I am concerned about the NBN,there has been a lot negativity about the NBN from the start,and i’m concerned that if i paid a large amount of money to have the NBN and it give me trouble i will throw the computer in the bin,i am happy with what i have now why change,??? thanks.

    • Leo Yarnold says:


      You will need to eventually move over to the NBN as it will supercede the current networks, so it is best to be prepared for the change. Do some research – find out what connection type is due to be rolled out in your area and have a chat to other users too. Also, changing to the NBN shouldn’t cost you a lot either!

      – Leo.

  14. Hi,a nice report but what about the speed i have complaint abouth it the best we getting is from 2-6MB in the begin some times 10-11it was good but not for long,now it is moor often not as good a adsl.Thanks verry much

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hello Jozef,

      We’d strongly recommend getting in touch with Support about this. They can take a look and investigate to see if there are any current issues.

      – Leo.

  15. Bernie Whitworth says:

    What difference will the NBN make TO ME FOR I WILL STILL HAVE THE COPPER WIRE CONNECTION in the street to my home.
    You can see my usage so the question is what will having MBN cost me per month?
    I have been a long term customer.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Bernie,

      The main difference NBN will make to you is a dramatic increase in connection speed and the removal of the current copper landline phone services. We’d recommend having a chat to our Sales team about what your options are; they can take a look at your current service and let you know how it would compare to an NBN service from both a price and service perspective.

      – Leo.

  16. Sandra Naismith says:

    I was promised to have my new satellite dish by the 9 December 2016 in fact I was given that date as having someone to install the dish however I am still waiting. So much for your service.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Sandra,

      This is certainly a concern as we are reliant on NBN’s contractors to complete the installation works. Have you had a chat to our NBN team on 1300 455 806? They should be able to fill you in on what is causing the current delay.

      – Leo.

  17. Fred Baker says:

    It is more unreliable than ADSL.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Fred,

      If this has been your experience with the NBN, then we strongly recommend engaging our Support team for help!

      – Leo.

  18. Alan Raby says:

    Valuable information! Is Fibre to the Curb (ie the pit in our street) going to start soon? Only in major urban areas? Any chance you know if HOBART, TAS is in your plans because FTTdp or Node still leaves 2-3km away from the optical cable. I get the same drop outs and slower speeds in peak usage times as I did with ADSL.

  19. Robert Sims says:

    I’m curious why 50/20 is only available to Internode customers, with 10 years with Westnet I really do not want to go through the process of changing my email address changing to Internode would force on me.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Robert,

      We don’t have 50/20 plans as we never saw customer demand for them when we originally retailed them, so we decided to remove that product from the mix. As a result, this has simplified the product mix we have, down to the 12/1, 25/5 and 100/40 options.

      – Leo.

  20. we have been upgraded and were advised that we would hear from westnet re connection can you advise please

  21. Dennis says:

    you are better off with ADSL, works better and faster than NBN.I am on NBN plan 25MB down load,down loads games at 125kb/s.1.4GB patch takes 7days 14hs and 36min,Not allowed to go back to ADSL.NBN total waste

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Dennis,

      That’s not the experience you should be having, so please reach out to Support. They can assist and put you through to our NBN team if need be!

      – Leo

  22. Robert Sims says:

    “We don’t have 50/20 plans as we never saw customer demand for them when we originally retailed them, so we decided to remove that product from the mix. As a result, this has simplified the product mix we have, down to the 12/1, 25/5 and 100/40 options.

    – Leo.”
    Internode is part of iiNet/TPG and it offers 50/20 for $5 more than I’m paying for 25/5 here’s the webpage
    so Internode saw customer demand for 50/20 but iinet/Westnet did not ?

    • Chris May says:

      iiNet and Internode and different brands. As such you’ll find that the plans and services they offer are different to ours.

      – Chris

  23. Don Munro says:

    Dear Dennis, You are making a brave face for a very mediocre outcome, forced on you and the other ISPs by a faint-hearted government policy that regards money spent on the broadband network as expenditure rather than investment. And we will be stuck with it for many years to come.

  24. david arnol says:

    hi i am paying for 25/5 speed but do not get it am fixed wireless ith antaner on roof have asked cust service but they could not give me an answer saying it might be the distance from main anyena in area it is only 1k from my house in a straight please explaine

    • Chris May says:

      There’s a number of factors that come into play when looking at Internet speeds, and distance from the antenna is just one of them. I’d get back on to the support team and have them look it further to troubleshoot your connection further if you’re not getting the speeds you expect.

      – Chris

  25. John says:

    I find this advertising blurb quite offensive. It is totally misleading in its content and implications. The reality is that much of Rural Australia does not have access to anything like the NBN or connections like this. There are massive areas without any coverage and even in areas claimed to be covered there are big holes in coverage.

  26. Josef says:

    Why has Frankston Vic got NBN when Chelsea Vic hasnt that dosent make sense to me when they are only approx 10k up the road????
    Please explain

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Josef,

      This is a decision made by NBN, not ourselves, as part of their rollout plans. Chelsea is currently on the rollout map and is expected to have construction start in 2017.

      – Leo.

  27. nigel says:

    hi, all a bit slow, both in speed and time for impimentation,
    in NZ I have VDSL 60mbps, via existing copper,
    NBN not installed yet

  28. petrus says:

    i am on satellite and was recently lucky enough to have nbn installed, this involved a big shiny new dish on the roof and another box on the wall inside. but after connecting i found nothing had changed everything takes just as long as before to dwonload. why the bother.

  29. Steve says:

    From what I can find online, the FTTN cabinet have 384 ports (max 384 customers) and a max capacity back to the exchange of 2Gig. That gives a max connection speed (if all ports are in use and everybody goes online at the same time) of about 5Meg. With the guarantee of a minimum speed of 25Meg the capacity to the exchange should be close to 10Gig. If NBN are not providing the service they promised then I’d rather stay on ADSL even though I’ve only got a connection speed of 4.5Meg.

  30. Terry Davies says:

    Support? well I have been given bills that are not in our deal.
    I have had then double dip on the same day
    Then i got a bill for $124.68
    I rang to sort it out and spent hours on the phone not talking to anyone just hearing awful music and waited.
    the first man couldn’t do anything.
    the second told me I had to pay $60 a month.
    Since I don’t use all the deal I have is not right,
    The men that came come from NBN they were great, My Bank advised to close my cc account and that is a problem, but I have done it anyhow.
    I will play my account.
    Support? you need a day to get to talk to them
    And they have been given a lot of wrong information.
    So I am not happy.
    It is also hard some times to even have a line.
    and yet I can still use my iPhone.
    Thank you.
    Terry Davies.

  31. Mike Vasey says:

    Hi there, whats the latest on the NBN coming to Nannup (Lower Southwest WA)


  32. Dennis says:

    Have been reaching out daily since change to NBN no one at IINET cares in the slightest,support can’t be bothered

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Dennis,

      Have you been contacting our NBN/Fibre team on 1300 455 806? We’re sure that we can assist!

      – Leo.

  33. Gail hart says:

    Hi do we have nbn in brigadoon perth
    Thanks Gail

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Gail,

      Brigadoon is part of an NBN Wireless rollout and build is currently underway, however there is no ETA yet. Typically, we allow 6-18 months from start to completion, as a rule.

      – Leo.

  34. Len Muir says:

    I had NBN fixed wireless installed Last year (2015) and complained about the speed of it down to 0.04mbps during down loads. One of iinet`s service members has tried for over 12 months to rectify it to what I am paying for (25mbps down load ) I have had the local member of parliment talk to NBN but he received the same answer as I have several times from them that it is not an NBN problem but a iinet problem,I have now been advised by iinet to try another provider. So much for NBN speeds as it is a hell of a lot slower than ADSL.I am now trying again to have the problem fixed but at this stage still no answer.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Len,

      Please let us know how you get on, as this is concerning to hear about your speed issues.

      – Leo.

  35. Gary Smith says:

    Have tried to get some information on this in the past, but not had too much luck. I reside in Canberra and have for a lot of years been an iinet customer, connected to the internet via the former TransAct fibre cable network, which I believe is owned by iinet (read TPG). Question, what is to happen with this technology now that the NBN is in play. Rumour has it that it will be used to supply NBN services. Is this correct, and if so when is it likely to happen, as there is absolutely no information at all available on the NBN web site in regards to rollout in this area at all.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Gary,

      NBN have acquired the TransACT cable network in the ACT and customers have been migrated over to the NBN. If you are in the area but not connected, have a chat to our Sales team on 131917 and they’ll be able to check current availability for you.

      – Leo.

  36. Peter Taylor says:

    What a joke, I’m in Menora, less than 8 k’s from Perth CBD and no plans for NBN at all, be better off in the country!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Peter,

      We can see Menora, like quite a few other areas in suburban Perth, isn’t on the rollout map – yet. This is a long term project, so it will happen!

      – Leo.

  37. Theo Pietersen says:

    I am really impressed with the speed that all the empty cane fields around Bli Bli got their NBN. Yes, it was spectacularly fast. A cynical person would suggest that someone was trying to make out that the NBN was being efficient, where in actual fact there are massive virtually uninhabited,tracts of land outside of Bli Bli, which are supposed to have NBN, but Bli Bli itself has diddly squat.
    Please Explain.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Theo,

      You’ll need to chat to NBN about why Bli Bli itself doesn’t have NBN coverage. It does look like Bli Bli is surrounded by NBN Wireless, so that possibly would’ve been the priority for NBN at the time.

      – Leo

  38. Roz says:

    Hey, I am wondering why adjoining streets in my area in Sandy Bay have the NBN but we don’t. It has been installed all around us but I think Hampshire Road was forgotten about..?
    So will we be cut off when the NBN is installed everywhere else? Hopefully they will be back…

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Roz,

      It does look like your area is still under construction, with the rollout not yet finished. This means that NBN technicians will be back to continue on with the required works.

      – Leo.

  39. Peter says:

    Like many others I find the NBN has slowed down since it was rolled out to us about a year ago. It started of being fast but as more and more users have been connected it is now close to the speed we had on ADSL. Many others are complaining and just getting fobbed off answers from you, get on with fixing the problem as it will only get worse as you add more and more users.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We do actively monitor our connections to the NBN and network engineers do place upgrades whenever an area is identified as needing further capacity. Therefore, issues like these should be resolved quickly. If it isn’t, we’d recommend engaging Support for more help. They can contact our engineers to identify if your area needs help and if it does, make the required changes. If not, they can suggest the appropriate troubleshooting.

      – Leo.

  40. cornelia ancone says:

    well impressive not… we were under construction for months till recently… now they say is still to be done….yet half our area has NBN ….we don’t…… this is not ok!!! internet so so so slow!!we pay all this money for connections to the internet and tv on demand et. yet hello no can do/use /watch aaaghh!!~!!!Australia you are a disgrace! Europe has had fast internet for years!!!!FIX IT!!!~

  41. lou amadio says:

    Hi. We had the NBN connected to our North Wollongong apartment (post code 2500) earlier this year with a promised speed of 11mb using FTTN I believe. However it can go as low as 1mb! making skype video calls impossible let alone streaming movies. Why the large variation?
    Regards. Lou

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Lou,

      The large variation shouldn’t really happen, but it can come down the the legacy copper lines being used to service the final part of the connection from the Node, to your premises. If there are any issues with the copper, this will directly affect the connection. We would recommend investigating and troubleshooting this, so we can then lodge a fault with NBN to have you connection attended to.

      – Leo.

  42. Donald Many says:

    If the NBN had been made FTTP like it was supposed to be in the first place no one would be having any problems with it and it would be as fast as they say. However, it isn’t. So we have to put up with slower speeds until something is done about it. :( Shame on NBN. Profit above customers. :(

  43. Mik says:

    Enthusiastic emails from iinet are pointless.

    Just start pushing with NBN roll out.
    Im living in Sydenhan Vic 24 km from CBD and no hope form NBN for next ?? 5 years.

    BTW IMO NBN roll out is a joke nothing more. Telstra still doing with you what they like.
    end of story.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Mik,

      We’ve just taken a look at this for you and Sydenham is on the three year rollout map, with construction slated to start early next year.

      – Leo.

  44. Paul says:

    It’s already available in my region FTN. But neighbour’s are complaining about slow speeds ,less bang for your buck.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Paul,

      Encourage them to have a chat to their provider, as they shouldn’t be suffering speed issues.

      – Leo.

  45. Chris says:

    Any idea when the NBN will get as far as Morley?

    Also, any idea as to why my iinet internet speed has dropped steadily from 18-19Mbs a couple of years ago down to 5-12 Mbs in December 2016?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Chris,

      Morley isn’t on the 3 year rollout map for NBN, so it will be some time before this changes. With regards to your DSL speeds, this is concerning. A fair chunk of Morley is post-industrial, with not enough copper lines in the area. We’d suggest having a chat to Support on 13 22 58, as such a dramatic speed drop suggest something this very wrong with your service.

      – Leo.

  46. Ilse Boysen says:

    When there is NBN Network with fiber how can I keep my Home Phone which has copper connection? I need the normal phone as well.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ilse,

      This is a question we do receive quite a bit.

      If you absolutely *must* have a landline or consistently working phone service, then you are best to move to a provider that offers Priority Assistance. This is especially pertinent if anyone in your household has a life threatening medical condition or has health monitors or alarms. We don’t offer this service, so this is something to consider.

      – Leo.

  47. John Davy says:

    I am paying for 100 mb/s unlimited but getting only 33mb/s max with the node just 100m up the road
    Will the NBN ever upgrade its FTTN to FTTC or FTTH for free – or will this always be an expensive upgrade?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi John,

      It sounds like you should be achieving faster speeds on your service, unless the service qualifications reveal otherwise. At the moment, we aren’t aware of any plans by NBN to change these service, so anyone on FTTN can upgrade to FTTH, but at an extra cost.

      – Leo.

  48. John Cook says:

    I have a burglar alarm system that has a phone line connection back to the RAA. My ADSL internet connection is via a modem & splitter to accommodate the alarm.
    How will the NBN cope with this?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi John,

      It does depend on what NBN connection you have, but be aware that, at the least, use of the copper line will cease and switch to data only under a FTTN service. We strongly recommend speaking to your alarm system provider as they will likely recommend a change in alarm type.

      – Leo.

  49. David Wendorf says:

    Are the same exchanges used for NBN as are currently used for ADSL? And if so, are the speeds comparably dependent upon the distance? In other words; I’m currently getting roughly half of the advertised speeds for ADSL 2+ (1.2Mbps down/.06Mbps up), so I’d could safely assume I’ll get half of whatever NBN plan speeds I sign up for? I ask because it would be my main factor for choosing a plan. Thanks!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      NBN doesn’t use the current phone exchanges for services, with FTTN services connecting directly to a Node much closer to your premises that your current exchange. Therefore, speeds should be much better than what you have now. We can check this upon looking at your address, so have a chat to Sales on 131917.

      – Leo

  50. Alain Mugnier says:

    I suggested such technologies to Malcolm upon him becoming the comms minister.

    Surprising how long it takes for the “tech gurus” to get on board.

    The ABC did a scathing report on the NBN just recently unfortunately they weren’t specific as per usual about the technologies in question.

    The concerning thing is the fact that customers can sign up to 100/40 plans yet find that their service is not capable of such speeds.

    Then add the factors of users and aggregate bandwidth available, stability issues and so on.

    I have friends i Europe who are on HFC i believe and like it’s near relative (cable) it’s plagued with daily latency dramas.

    The only solution being the user restarting the modem.

    Sound familiar ?

    The very same issues had with DSL lol.

    Granted this could well be a hardware issue client end but i have a sneaking suspicion it’s not.

    And consumers want to make themselves familiar with the charter.

    If the SP can not deliver the goods you are entitled to the appropriate course of action to remedy the situation.

    What i am curious about is whether the same rule applies that if you call out techs to fault find beyond CPE that you could be charged if the faults not found between the POP and CPE ?

    With DSL if the faults the providers issue the fee is waived.

    I had to fight M2 on this very issue due to crap pairs in the pit.

    Users stand your ground !
    But be sure that you have your tech side sorted and verified by people in the know even if they have to go third party rep for you.

  51. FryaDuck says:

    “Just think – what would you do with unlimited internet on superfast NBN™ speeds?”

    How can you state this when you can’t guarantee the ‘superfast’ speed? Of course, I’m mindful of the regulations which state you don’t have to.

    If I go on the 100/40 plan but I only get 10/4 should I only pay 10% of the bill?

    Back in 2011 we were on the plan for NBN, then the Brisbane floods happened and it disappeared with the flood water. Earlier this year they were talking about Hybrid-HFC in my area (Wesley St Lutwyche), that went legs up and now…….

  52. Alan says:

    Dump FTTN!!!
    I had ADSL1. It took 4 weeks from when it was turned off until NBN FTTN was working.
    Now we get drop-outs every day – with more buffering in videos than we used to get. And now the phone drops out in the middle of almost every call because it loses connection when the internet faulters.
    If you’ve got a working ADSL connection keep it until you can get FTTP.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Alan,

      We’d strongly recommend making contact with our Support teams about this, as we can have a fault lodged to NBN about your service. Also, once NBN is connected in your area, it will eventually supercede what connections are available.

      – Leo.

  53. Crannie says:

    It seems the NBN is becoming slower and MORE expensive to roll out despite all the confusing mix of sub performing technologies compared to teh orgiginal plan of Fibre To The Home (FTTH).

    Whil taking longer, at least with FTTH the technology would not be outdated by the time its delivered. Yet another screw up by Turnbull it seems…

  54. Maria says:

    When will NBN be available in Olinda? We have no internet at all and have to rely on mobile data

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Maria,

      We’ve taken a look and there are no indications of Olinda being on the three year rollout map, so it is unknown when it may reach you. However, if you’re reliant on mobile data, this suggests you may be eligible for an alternative, like NBN Satellite. Why not have a chat to our Sales team on 131917 and they can give you more information.

      – Leo.

  55. Mark Wilson says:

    NBN is all very well, but iinet have really dropped the ball and lost the plot as far as my settop box for fetch tv is concerned. I have for the third time lost all recorded programs because of box problems, and now want to opt out of that part of the service because it is too unreliable. I have tried to talk to supervisors in the organisation, but they are always busy and have never got back to me despite promises to do so, and I have had no responses to emails to helpdesk through the toolbox apart from so-called feel-good responses that you will get back to me. So far the silence has been deafening

    Mark Wilson

  56. John Madell says:

    it was great to get connected with improved speed but what use is it when you do not supply enough band width to carry the increased traffic witch causes drop outs and disconnection.

  57. Ron Rooks says:

    When will the NBN be connected to Belconnen ACT

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ron,

      Belconnen isn’t on the current 3 year roll out map for NBN, so its timeframe is unknown.

      – Leo.

  58. Anne says:

    when will those of us who are forced to have Satellite be given parity in cost and unlimited download. NBN was sold to the public as it was supposed to bring all Australians a viable Internet connection, yet those of us who had crappy connections are still stuck with expensive, unreliable and limited download NBN satellite

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Anne,

      NBN Satellite, by its nature and the way that it is currently managed by NBN, may be some way off from offering data amounts and parity costs when compared to fixed broadband services. Satellite is limited by the available capacity from NBN, with them stringently applying data limits to stop the services being put under strain. It is also an expensive service to run, which impacts on the cost to the consumer.

      – Leo.

  59. anita cooper says:

    We live at 62 canopy place burpengary 4505. Can you tell me if and when we will get MBN.
    Anita Cooper

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Anita,

      Your area is currently under construction for NBN as we speak, so you aren’t too far off from being to receive an NBN connection. Estimate around 6 months from now.

      – Leo.

  60. Michael says:

    Ive clicked on the NBN Satellite plans link and typed my address which it coudlnt find, so had to manually add it.
    then it comes up with the error ” Sorry, broadband does not appear to be available at this address”

    I have been waiting 6 years for telstra to provide a line which they havent, all i recieved from them is a letter for “Intent to install infrastructure in the future” in order for them to pass the DA when i purchased the property. I also have no mobile reception yet my neighbours do.

    If i cant get Satellite either means i cant get anything in yalbraith

    • Chris May says:

      Hi Michael,

      If the tool was unable to locate your address I’d definitely want a second opinion about what services might be available in your area. It might be worth getting in touch with a member of our sales team on 13 19 17 who can look into this further. Alternatively, NBN Co have their own tool to check for available NBN services which can be found at

      Hope that helps!

      – Chris

  61. Stuart says:

    It’s great to see iinet so responsive to customer comments here. Despite all the negative publicity, nbn is a huge step forward with plenty of advancement to come form the network in future years. This forum is naturally laden with negative experiences, but the vast majority of people are really happy to have a faster and more reliable connection

  62. Natalie says:

    I live at Wentworth Falls NSW and got NBN through TPG as soon as it was available about 6 months ago. What a disappointment, it drops out constantly, internet and phone. This is because the government gave us Fibre to the node (street) and not to the house as was the original plan and the old decrepid copper phone lines have to take the NBN from the street to the house. We actually had more reliable internet on ADSL2+ which was just as fast and didn’t have to have the modem always switched on to make and receive calls on the home phone. I’m going to switch back to ADSL2+ as NBN is the biggest disappointment ever.

  63. Allan says:

    Do you know when NBN will be activated in Verdant Parade,Woodcroft,SA,5162,as they said November then it was December 2016,so does anyone actually know?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Allan,

      We can see that this area is marked as still being under construction, so we are awaiting updates on this ourselves.

      – Leo.

  64. Tina says:

    At this rate we might be “lucky” to get this outdated NBN system in Point Cook by 2075…

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Tina,

      In addition to the NBN and Fibre services already available in Point Cook, the current rollout schedule appears to show the remaining areas of Point Cook to be serviced or at least be in construction in early 2018.

      – Leo.

  65. Robert Sims says:

    We’ve had nbn 25/5 at Trinity Beach Nth Qld for about a month, I’ve run numerous tests at different times of the day on with results D/L 2,180kB/s varying by approx 2%, U/L 430kB/s varying up to 5% ping 32-33ms, zero dropouts means I’m happy with it, we’re 600m from the node. The only big variations in test results were when the server was Foxtel with D/L of 1,440 & 870kB/s.

  66. Having waited for several years, with promises and platitudes from politicians and even IINET, and seeing almost the whole area east of Marion road, Adelaide, as having NBN, but nothing on this side (give or take a few) I do not believe it ever will come to Oaklands Park, SA, just words.

    Maybe the next NBN type may actually come here before this one.

    Is it not possible to skip the middle man and get served by the much talked about satellites

    F Stelmach

  67. Mark Fletcher says:

    The NBN appears to surround Scarborough but we have not been connected. When will 6019 Scarborough WA be connected?

  68. Ian C. Purdie says:

    Yes well in my neck of the woods [within postcode 2262] we seem to be the isolated forgotten pocket. We were once told we would be connected likely FTTN by April last year. Then June, then, then…

    I know it is not Iinet’s problem/fault but it is frustrating when the rest of the district has NBN [for better/worse].

    Anyway assuming I actually have it sometime this year, will my existing BoB2 be compatible for FTTN?

    Oh, and I’ve been with Iinet coming up 5 years now – good past service I hope that continues.

    • Chris May says:

      Hi Ian, unfortunately BoB2 is not compatible with a FTTN connection. We currently sell the iiNet TG-789 which is compatible with NBN FTTN, of which more information can be found at

      When the NBN is available in your area it might be worth getting in touch with our sales team (13 19 17) who can look into the options available to you and ensure you have everything needed to get up and running.

      – Chris

  69. Ian C. Purdie says:

    “We currently sell the iiNet TG-789”

    Thanks for that Chris. Support/Sales on 13 19 17 just quoted me $89.00 for that unit.

    I was thinking I might purchase that in coming weeks and road test it on my existing Home-2 Turbo and see what “Gotchas” may lay in wait with my LAN etc.

    Thanks again.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Great to hear you’ve been in touch with our team to discuss hardware options, Ian. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, let us know if you need a hand setting it up or troubleshooting your service. You can reach us via alternate social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter also.

      – Brianna

  70. simon says:

    Hi there – I’d like to know what OTHER modems/routers work on the iinet network.

    The supplied modem (iinet sent with my NBN fttn setup) doesn’t have the best WIFI strength / range at all.

    In fact it’s worse than my previous ADSL modem/router wifi.

    I get constant dropouts when playing Xbox One and there are some areas of my premises where the wifi doesn’t reach.

    I know iinet only has the ONE modem/router available – but it’s the base/basic model – I need a more pro/ power user model.

    And I can’t seem to find ANY information anywhere or advice – just warnings that the modem better be exactly right – or it won’t work.


    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Simon,

      There are a couple of solutions here we can think of.

      Firstly, you could consider doing some WiFi troubleshooting before spending money on new hardware. We’d suggest taking a look at the following resources:
      and (Improving WiFi Signals and Changing Wireless Channels)

      The majority of WiFi issues we see can be resolved by using the steps above, especially as WiFi dropouts and interference issues are remarkably common, especially with the amount of devices connected in the home and to be connected in future via the Internet of Things (IoT).

      Secondly, a Wireless Range Extender is often a much cheaper alternative than buying a replacement modem router outright. These devices plug into a power source and amplify your WiFi signal at home, effectively boosting the range, helping to remove deadspots and increase coverage. These are available quite cheaply, so shop around. Make sure it can handle the latest AC Wifi 5.2GHz specification signals.

      Finally, we don’t recommend any other modems that our own. Our current TG-789 is much improved over the previous TG-1 and includes native dual band 5.2GHz AC WiFi built in, so it is worth a look. More information here:

      – Leo.