Netflix shows why the NBN is important to Australia

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Learn about Netflix

Streaming TV is taking over Australia (in a good way). No longer do people need to rely on pricey or potentially unlawful means to get their hands on exciting content. You can now watch popular movies and TV series on demand. Streaming sites have revolutionised the way we watch TV, and at the forefront of the movement is Netflix.

Netflix brings some of the world’s top shows and movies to television, computer and mobile device screens all over Australia. But any streaming service is only as good as the Internet speed upon which it operates. What good are the most popular series and films if you can’t watch them the whole way through without them stopping to buffer?

The rise of Netflix in Australia makes the National Broadband Network (NBN) that much more important. The NBN’s arrival means not only super-fast internet access for millions of Australians, but also excellent streaming speeds for watching your favourite content.

Removing the cap

One of the drawbacks of internet use in Australia is the capped model that limits usage on a monthly basis. While many home and mobile plans now offer unlimited data options, some people still operate under a limit. Luckily for our customers, iiNet has quota-free Netflix plans on the NBN (check out the eligibility requirements on our website). This lets you enjoy glorious streaming content in your home without worrying about your quota limits. Pretty handy when someone in your household has only just started to watch a TV series like Mad Men on Netflix and wants to binge watch through 7 seasons!

Quality is king

Having a unified, country-wide network is great for online use going forward. This capability is already being demonstrated with Netflix.

Smooth, high quality visuals that don’t suffer from stumbling lag time and buffering will bring joy to users all over Australia. Currently Netflix subscribers can choose between different plans

  • 1 screen in Standard Definition
  • 2 screens at a time with High Definition (HD)
  • 4 screens at a time. With HD and Ultra HD available.

As the NBN continues to rollout across Australia, more people will understandably opt for plans that allow more people to watch Netflix simultaneously and in HD or Ultra HD formats. With download speeds of up to 100Mb/s you’ll be able to stream not just movies and TV series but also music and games to your heart’s content!

The rise of streaming TV is an early indicator of just how important the NBN is for Australia, and the great benefits it will bring to video streaming in other important areas, such as communication, education and health.

Many areas around Australia are currently in the midst of receiving NBN coverage, with thousands of sites in varying stages of construction.

Keen to know when the NBN will arrive in your area? Check out our NBN Coverage Checker to see how the NBN rollout is progressing in your area. If it’s farther away than you’d like, join the NBN Wait List and we’ll keep you updated with the latest news, updates and when it will arrive in your area.


  1. Viv Murray says:

    Netflix may be great for those who have NBN but for those of us who do not( nor have any steaming program) all it has done is slow our service from iinet – with regular disconnections or slowdowns that we never had over many, many years of being with iinet. Please make sure that your internet customers are not denied what wthey are paying for and that is a reliable broadband internet connection.

  2. Ken Leo says:

    I am presently with Foxtel

    I am NOT on contract

  3. jeff hunter says:

    I have been with iinet for 18 years and this NBN / netflix debarcle is just slowing down everyone who is at the fringe of adsl connections and frustrating us that new areas get NBN but “we the people do not”.

  4. Rusell Gunn says:

    I totally agree that NBN is an enabler and will bring much more exciting things than Netflix but it’s a great start. I do not have NBN yet and won’t for the foreseeable future however my ADSL2+ connection with iiNet is adequate and handles netflix perfectly. I think iiNets initiative to give netflix free from download limits is strategically brilliant as it’s a real value add to their customers. Well done

  5. David W says:

    “But any streaming service is only as good as the Internet speed upon which it operates.” That’s not entirely accurate. Streaming sites such as Netflix are far from mature, which is as much of the problem as slower internet connections. A mature streaming option uses much less bandwidth to deliver HD content. EG: I watch NFL Game Pass with 3 games once in HD without problems on my ADSL2+ connection (3.5kms from the exchange). At 4 games I start to run into problems, as they require around 400kb/s each. As these movie streaming sites mature, they’ll deliver the same content with much less bandwidth, making the NBN less necessary than it is currently. I’m all for faster internet, but it bothers me when marketers twists facts in order to sell it.

  6. Grump3 says:

    Now that we switched to Netflix we’re really missing all those ads & the much higher Foxtel fees, lol:)

  7. Ray Cook says:

    happy with adsl at the moment thanks

  8. Michael Rowling says:

    NBN – Mmm. So far I’ve heard plenty of newly connected nbn customers saying its no faster than their old connection. So ‘super fast’ it is not.

    I’ve been waiting 8 years for adsl2 to be available in my area – and now the nbn has removed that program so I have to wait even longer for nbn to arrive (presumably late in the delivery schedule as we are on a rim – which has to be replaced first?!)

    I’m further disheartened by nbn considering the slow roll out… 14m homes and not even 1m of them have been connected yet. And that’s while the focus is on multi dwelling properties so the connection rate is high.

    And let’s not forget the rollout has been watered down to fibre to node so there is still a choke of speeds from the home to the node.

    Sorry for all the negativity – but the hype and propaganda campaign will leave plenty of customers disappointed- in my opinion.

  9. Vicki Vernon says:

    Using Netflix with no NBN and no problems so far.

  10. Tony says:

    Bye bye Poxtel hello Netflix :)

  11. Ray says:

    I have Netflix I am not on the NBN and have not had a problem also have had no problem with internet might just be where you are Viv.

  12. John Williams says:

    I also am disturbed that I should have been offered NBN wireless and not told that in taking up the offer I would be precluded from access to all the additional goodies available to standard NBN services.

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi John,

      NBN Wireless is made available in areas where Fibre NBN services are not available, and are unlikely to be available on the future. Our apologies for any frustration caused by the differences between the products.

  13. Elias Fahd says:

    I have reasentley connected NBN
    At my place and I have a
    59.95 plan .can I get Netflix
    Thank s
    Elias Fahd

  14. Shaun says:

    I currently have ADSL 1 and Netflix is working great, thankyou iinet for providing Netflix quota free. I could also switch to NBN fixed wireless that is now availabe in my area but I would easily exceed the 250GB available quota as Netflix data is counted on NBN fixed wireless. So for me ADSL is the better service as far as Netflix usage is concerned.

  15. Most Will Be Dead Before NBN says:

    First up, what NBN is doing is telsra’s Maintenance on their infrastructure. They couldn’t keep up so this entity should of been dissolved broken up, this is criminal they have share holders=bad investment nope GOV’s paying their way!
    If government breaks contract they have to pay that contract out.
    My exchange had work order Work Had Commenced 12months BUT with change of government the Job,Order Disappeared GONE off the Map! Is our government paying out Contractors contracts even though Jobs are Not Done/Closed!