New Year’s resolutions

It’s a new year and that means it’s time for a new you, right?

Experts estimate that only 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions. One study even showed that more than 80% of people who make them, give up on their goals before the end of Feb!

This year, we’ve put together some traditional resolutions and given them an iiTwist to help you set resolutions for 2018 that you’ll actually achieve before December 31st!


Traditional New Year’s resolution: Document more memories

2018 iiResolution: Take a photo in 10 interesting places

Make your goals measurable – don’t worry about taking pics of all your memories. Enjoy the moment and take a pic in 10 unique and interesting places that you venture to this year. It may be a visit to the Sydney Opera House or a café with some amazing art covering the walls. Whether it’s worldwide, nationwide or local – you define interesting this year!


Traditional New Year’s resolution: Spend less, save more

2018 iiResolution: Only buy gadgets you intend to use regularly

This year, if your goal is to watch those dollars but know there will be a gadget that catches your eye, make a promise to yourself to only purchase gadgets you NEED and will actually use. See if you can apply the same logic here as with clothes shopping. For every dollar you spend, will you use it that many times? For example, if it costs $250, will you use it 250 times?


Traditional New Year’s resolution: Learn a new skill

2018 iiResolution: Learn a decent party trick

Committing to learning a new skill can be daunting and time consuming, especially if you set out wanting to get your boat licence or learn how to ride a motorbike. Why not mix it up and learn some show-stopping party tricks to pull out at your next gathering? You can learn how to break an apple in half with your bare hands, flip a raw egg without touching it and turn water into whisky right here.


Traditional New Year’s resolution: Clean out that storeroom

2018 iiResolution: Clear those hard drives

That spare room or garage may need a good old clean out but let’s be honest, you made that resolution last year as well! So this year, tackle those hard drives and remove all unnecessary programs and documents that may be taking up space.



Traditional New Year’s resolution: Get a gym membership and lose weight

2018 iiResolution: Use free fitness apps and become comfortable in your body

A large proportion of people around the world see the start to a new year as the chance to kick-start a healthy lifestyle. If you’re after some ideas on how you can use your tech to get moving at home or in the great outdoors, our articles Explore new ways to get you moving and Living healthy and getting active with your phone are packed with suggestions.


Traditional New Year’s resolution: Clear out your wardrobe

2018 iiResolution: Sort through your old tech

Do you have a hidden place in the depths of your house or cupboard that have your old tech lying around? Old VCR’s, Laptops, hard drives, USB’s, motherboards and ports… if it hasn’t been turned on at all during 2017, its time to go!

Take the time to clear it out and donate or responsibly dispose of them to make room for the new gadgets in your life that need a home.

In 2018, it’s unlikely that anyone would have use for a Windows 98 device, so be kind and don’t drop them at the local salvos. Recycle them instead! If you need some ideas on how you can recycle and dispose of your tech, check out our e-waste article.


Traditional New Year’s resolution: Cut out all coffee/ Caffeine

2018 iiResolution: I will drink coffee/ caffeine no more than 3 times a day

Here’s another one we like to include to reach those health goals. I would like to say that it would be realistic for me to cut out all coffee but like many of you I just enjoy it and the thought of a mere one cup a day makes me shudder!

So this one’s a compromise between health and survival. The great thing about this resolution is if you have 4 cups a day, you only need to cut down by 1 cup. Now that’s realistic isn’t it? I’m not saying it will be easy but you’ve got this!


If you’ve set some reachable goals for 2018, share them with us in the comments.




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