Get your online shopping fix

by Rebecca Moonen

There’s something so satisfying about browsing the aisles of the Internet. Whether it be avoiding shopping centre car parks/crowds/screaming children or simply getting the best deal possible, I’ve received many exciting emails from the girls at iiNet reception saying that a package has arrived for me.

Online shopping is great fun and opens the doors to a whole world of stores stocked with things you didn’t know you needed. With the help of some expert shopper colleagues, we’ve put together a list of some cool places where we spend our cash. For the uninitiated, you’ll thank me come Christmas when your presents start effortlessly arriving on your doorstep. Especially the ones you’ll tag “To me, from me”.

Tees and clothes (graphic t-shirt designs) (cool clothes, great homewares) (the perfect business shirt for him) (free shipping to Australia) (not just undies)

Household, gifts and curiosities (when only the best will do) (flat rate shipping to Australia) (kitch curiosities) (cookware, kitchenware and knives) (huge online appliance retailer)

Toys and knick-knacks (all things awesome and nerdy) (amuse your inner child) (stuff you really, really, want) (only in Japan)

Big night in (free delivery worldwide) (skincare, makeup and perfume)

Design-your-own (the perfect hoodie) (wide range of swag) (womens’ shoes)

Indie and Marketplace (treasures) (buy, sell or make things) (100% handmade)

Superpowered shopping sites (aussie-based online department store) (search for items and compare prices) (we couldn’t leave it off) (auction or buy)

Group buying (groceries for less) (mixed bag) (new sales every day)

While shopping online can be the best thing since sliced bread, it’s always important to keep your personal information and credit card details safe when doing so. For some tips on shopping safely online, check out the latest Online Safety Series fact sheet.


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  2. Angie says:

    Thanks for those!! Here are some more to add to the list: – Manchester – Manchester – cosmetics and perfume – kitchen stuff – kitchen stuff

  3. William says:

    Why no computer related sites.

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