Our favourite podcasts in 2023, written by the iiNet Team

At iiNet, we like to think of ourselves as trendsetters. If you’re an avid podcast fan, you’ve probably got your eyes peeled for your next obsession. Luckily, we keep our fingers on the pulse in every corner of the tech world, including digital entertainment.

Let us take you on a journey of our favourite podcasts we’re taking into the new year, as suggested by some of our knowledgeable iiNet staff. Spoiler alert: there’s truly something for everyone.

Short History Of…

Each episode allows you to jump into a different subject, from listening to a short history of Bonnie and Clyde or even Aussie legend Ned Kelly, learning about the Great Train Robbery of 1963, or learning how dear old Queenie made such a mark on the world.


Call Her Daddy

It’s about women’s empowerment, pop culture topics and features some celebrity guests. You immediately become more of a feminist listening to it and the celebrity sit down interviews are the best. It’s usually someone who has a story to clear up or who is “talk of the town” in Hollywood.


Mind Pump Show

It’s a fitness-based podcast that discusses gym, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. I love it because it’s motivating but also very informative.


Oprah’s Super Soul

Oprah discusses the deeper meaning of the world whilst interviewing spiritual guides, leaders and health and mindfulness experts including Deepak Chopra.


How Did This Get Made?

Have you ever watched a movie so awful that it’s amazing? This hilarious podcast seeks to unscramble some of the worst movies ever produced to answer the question we all want to know: how did this get made?!


You’re Dead To Me

Hosted by Greg Jenner (Horrible Histories), You’re Dead to Me is a wonderful combination of comedy and history. Each week Greg is joined by one historian and one comedian as they cover a variety of topics, from the common (Boudica, The Spartans, The Egyptian Pyramids) to subjects you may not be so familiar with (The History of Ice Cream, Grainne O’Malley, Mansa Musa). And just to make sure you have been paying attention, see if you can beat the comedian in the final quiz “So What Do You Know Now?”!


Strong Songs

Host Kirk Hamilton takes listeners inside a piece of music he picks from The Beatles to Madonna including a variety of genres. He breaks it down and really analyses what makes a great piece of music work. The podcast is unique in a way because of Kirk’s ability to play a variety of instruments and recreate a song using flute, saxophone, piano and others so there is an element of music theory to technical scales and chord talks. The podcast is really easy to follow even if you are a total newbie to music!


Las Culturistas

Two actors-slash-comedians from the US talk pure pop culture nonsense in this easily digestible podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to whatever’s happening in cinema, TV, LA or NYC, usually with a special celebrity guest ripped straight from Hollywood to give their 2c. A very cunning and hilarious listen.