Paws Pound the Pavement for RSPCA

by Nikkita Dixon

Hundreds of paws pounded the pavement on Sunday as the RSPCA Million Paws Walk kicked off once again. As usual we had a big group of staff keen to get their beloved pets out for some exercise while raising money for a great cause.

Our Finance Bookkeeper Michelle Flood, along with her two year old pug, was lucky enough to beat the traffic jams and long lines thanks to the VIP passes we organised for our corporate team. Once inside she met up fellow workmates Kim Woodliff – Senior Management Accountant and Timothy Howe – Customer Service Manager. With five pugs between them they managed to get one kilometre into the walk before their little legs were spent… the dogs’ at least.

“It was the second time I’d been and it was a really good event,” Michelle said. “Our dogs had an awesome time. The funniest part though, was seeing someone walking their pet sheep!”

“It’s great to see people getting out there to raise money for an important cause,” added Kim.

Our Administrative Officer, Elena Sanders, took her dog Marli along for the walk and said she was amazed at how many different dogs of all shapes and sizes there were – and very loved dogs at that.

“It was awesome to see everyone walking for a great cause. My dog had a ball!,” she said.

The Million Paws Walk is one of our favourite charity events having participated for several years now. RSCPA is our charity of choice for May so we’ll be shaking our collection tins around the office until the end of the month for the cause. We’ve also kicked off a staff competition to find iiNet’s Cutest Pet. Keep an eye on our Facebook for some happy snaps from our entrants.

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