Paying It Forward For World’s Greatest Shave

by Nikkita Dixon

With the coloured hairspray just starting to disappear from the strands of our staff members’ hair, our month of celebrating the World’s Greatest Shave is nearly at an end. For one particular staff member, it has meant the chance to pay back the Leukaemia Foundation for their support during some of the toughest years of his life.

Stuart Davies was just four years old when his older brother was diagnosed with childhood leukaemia. At age 11 his brother faced five years of chemotherapy before pulling through. “I know how much fundraising can help everyone involved,” Stuart explained, “When I saw that iiNet was getting involved and with a head of hair to lose, I decided to get involved.”

Stuart was one of 16 team members who signed up for the iiNet BALDwins team. He successfully raised almost $1100 and as a result, shaved his hair into a Mohawk and sprayed it pink during our World’s Greatest Shave event earlier in the month – “I’m not stranger to looking like a fool” he quipped. This is the first year Stuart has participated in the event and he hoped that he would continue the trend.

The iiNet BALDwins team has finished the World’s Greatest Shave event with success having outstripped its modest $3000 target and raising $5630.86 for the Leukaemia Foundation. With staff from all Australian and New Zealand call centres on board, we’ll be looking to raise the bar even further for 2012.

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