Pheed – Twitter with a business plan?

There’s a new social media challenger in town. Meet Pheed, the social platform that allows you to ‘express yourself’ by sharing text, images and videos.

So far so samey?

You’re probably asking yourself what exactly you were doing with all those tweets, Facebook updates, YouTube videos and carefully staged Instagram shots, which is a very fair question.

However, Pheed believes that Instagram is too basic, Twitter’s too restrictive and that we’re all getting a bit sick of Facebook.

Pheed’s founders have openly admitted cherry-picking their favourite features from the most popular social networks and bringing them all together in one place. They’re banking on this, and added extras like voice-notes, audio clips and live-broadcasting being enough to win a place in the hearts of social media addicted consumers.

The impact of smartphones

They may be on to something with their bid to streamline your social media experience. If you think of all the apps you have on your phone for texting, taking photographs and sharing and watching videos, it makes sense that Pheed would allow you to access all that functionality with just one platform.

Cash for your content

When you set up your own channel on Pheed to publish digital content you can choose to share the content with your ‘Pheeders’ for free, or on a monthly subscription or pay-per-view basis.

For those who opt to charge for their content, Pheed is suggesting a range of price points from US$1.99 to US$34.99, meaning it’s bound to attract self publishers, creative types and artists with an eye on their bottom line.

Channel owners will keep half the dosh, with the other half going to Pheed.

Celebs leading the way

Hollywood types like Miley Cyrus, David Guetta and Paris Hilton have already signed up to the service and have driven huge numbers of new users to sign up to Pheed. It’s likely other creative, digitally savvy and artistic content creators will follow suit to give Pheed a whirl.

Will it work?

It’s still too early days to see if Pheed will take off but some of the early signs are encouraging. Following its launch, Pheed attracted over 350,000 unique visitors, thanks in part to its early celebrity users.

While some media outlets are brushing off Pheed as ‘just another social network challenger’, Forbes praised Pheed as Twitter with a business plan and this could be a key differentiator for the new social network.


Pheed’s early success could be about to grind to a dramatic halt.

The Pheed iPhone app is pending approval with an Android version to follow shortly afterwards. The app will be the real litmus test as to whether Pheed really will have social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram quaking in their boots, or whether Pheed will become the social network that used to be the next big thing.


  1. JP says:

    Not a fan of the watermarks on images.

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    Let Me Tees You