Profiles, Digital and Otherwise


In today’s digital era the number of available social media platforms are too numerous to mention. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are just a few of the avenues that allow us to share our passions, thoughts and interest with others.

These days we subject all of our online profiles to ever increasing scrutiny ensuring they represent the very best version of ourselves to the world. But can our desire to put our best digital foot forward impact other areas of our lives? Specifically, are we in danger of allowing our physical profiles to fall short of our online personas?

Before we go any further allow me to make it clear that I’m a firm advocate of the importance and many benefits of being a digital extrovert. Online media has revolutionised the way we network, communicate and live.

Having said that, let’s begin with a simple hypothetical scenario 

Imagine that you decide to wisely invest some time updating your LinkedIn profile. When you’re done it concisely reflects the very best of your skills and experience. Eventually you receive a job offer that has the potential to be a fantastic opportunity. After some consideration you move to the next stage: The Interview.

Prior to the big event you perform research on the company then review industry specific questions and answers. You’ve prepared as best you can and all that remains is a good night’s sleep so you’re alert and focused on the big day. Sounds relatively routine right?

The power of perception

One obvious question we’ve yet to pose is: What to wear? If we’re honest most would agree that making an effort with our appearance certainly wouldn’t damage our prospects of landing a great job opportunity.

But consider this: can someone’s physical profile impact their ability to perform their job well? Perhaps in some industries it can but in my opinion generally the answer is no.

But can someone’s appearance impact your perception of their ability to perform their job well? I believe it can, and does! In truth the reason we make an effort with our appearance for the interview, whether it’s paying that extra bit of attention while ironing a shirt or remembering to pick up that business suit from the dry cleaners is because we want to be perceived in a certain way – favourably! Obviously what’s far more important is the quality of our answers, how well we communicate, our qualifications, experience, personality but also to some degree our appearance.

You’ve landed the job!

So when we start this new and exciting role would we continue to provide quality answers to questions? Would we continue to communicate to the best of our abilities? Would we endeavour to apply our skills as best we could? Hopefully the answer to each question is a firm YES. But would we continue to make the same effort with our appearance as we did the day we interviewed? In truth, perhaps not.

One reason for this is simple: now you have the job. We no longer need to be concerned about perception because our actions carry far more weight. Why concern ourselves with how others perceive our abilities when we can simply show them what we’re capable of?

Well, perhaps for the same reason we decided to update the LinkedIn profile to begin with –  to present the very best version of ourselves to the world! We put our best digital foot forward in the hopes of maximising our potential. Yes, we have the job now, but why not endeavor to continue to be thought of favourably in all areas?

So let’s give more thought to our appearance in the morning, why should we be afraid to express who we are through what we wear. Here are my tips on how to take care of your appearance after you’ve landed your dream job:

  • Be bold, try new things and discover what works for you.
  • Coordinate, accessorise or just mix things up.
  • Use sites like Pinterest or Instagram to check out the latest in what to wear to work.
  • If you wear it on the dance floor, don’t wear it to work.
  • Singlets, bathers and shorts should be saved for the weekend. Same goes for bed wear.
  • Keep it clean and remember crocs are never ok :)

Do the very best with what you have and present the very best version of yourself to the real world just like you do online.

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