Protect your tech at the beach


Heat. Moisture. Foreign particles. All of these things are natural enemies to our expensive phones and gadgets, yet they’re all present in abundance at one of Australia’s most popular locations: the beach.

We Aussies love a bit of sun, sand and surf, whether it’s for sports and exercise or just having a paddle and relaxing on the sand. However, we also love being online – from recording and sharing our day of bliss with our friends to digital entertainment such as eBooks.

So, how can your take your precious smartphones, tablets, cameras and eReaders to the beach without racking up a pricey repair or replacement bill? We’ve done the legwork and found some of the best ways to keep your devices safe while you enjoy some sunshine.


Keep the bad stuff out

While some of the fancier smartphones and tablets available on the market may already be waterproof, they still may not be equipped to take on one of the most common things at the beach: sand. Just like you don’t want any sand in your sandwich, sand is one of the last things you want getting into any ports or speaker openings on your expensive devices, however it seems to get into everything (even the sealed stuff) after a day at the beach. LIFEPROOF has a range of robust smartphone and tablet cases that will keep your tech clean and dry in all kinds of rough terrain.

If you’re already sorted for a case and you’re looking for a temporary solution, then Smartskins may be what you need. They’re made out of double-layered thermoplastic polyurethane to seal your phone or tablet away from any water, dirt and dust, yet still allow you to use your touchscreen and see the display clearly. They’re available in packs of three on the Smartskin website so you can get one for the whole family!

For a versatile pouch that will keep most tablets and eReaders dry and free from grit, consider the WaterSeals Magnetic Waterproof Zip Pouch from eBags.


Take your photography to new depths

These days, action cameras such as the GoPro are well known for their extreme durability and waterproof casing. However, they may not offer all the features you’re looking for, especially when taking high quality artistic photographs. For those of you who are really attached to your SLR camera, you might want to consider investing in an Aquapac Camera Case from eBags. It will make your camera submersible up to 3.6 metres below water, plus the hard lens means you’ll still get a crystal-clear shot! Smaller sizes are also available for digital cameras.


Don’t lose your cool

They don’t call it sunbaking for nothing! While human bodies are pretty good at regulating heat, our gadgets aren’t so adaptable. Last month, we talked about how to prevent overheating in your devices at home, but what about when you’re on the go? That’s when the PHOOZY can come to the rescue! It acts like a little space suit for your smartphone with integrated drop and thermal protection. It even floats, so it can be a real lifesaver when you’re around water!


Stick it to the crooks

Another problem you may encounter at the beach is simple theft. Not every group has someone willing to stay behind and guard the bags while they take a dip and thieves may see unattended bags on the beach as an easy opportunity, particularly on crowded beaches where they can blend in to the crowd.

Most thieves are interested in quick access to small, high-value items that they can take away without drawing much attention to themselves, such as wallets, smartphones and tablets. For a budget solution, you can try burying a small esky in the sand and then covering it with a towel so there’s nothing for would-be thieves to see.

Tamper-proof bags like the LocTote Flak Sack SPORT and the TravelSafe X15 make it much harder for thieves to be discreet so they may move on to an easier target rather than take the whole bag – they can even be secured to bulkier items like chairs and tents. If you’re worried about your bag being stolen, consider a Motion Detection Bag Alarm that will sound an ear-splitting alarm if a bag is moved without putting in the right code (just remember not to set it off yourself!).

How do you keep your tech safe from the surf, sun and sand throughout summer? Share your tips with us in the comments.

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  1. Tony Butterfield says:

    Thieves try to be “discreet” and not “discrete” which has an entirely different meaning.

  2. Deevo says:

    I put my phone and keys in zip lock plastic bags and quietly bury them. Cheap and effective solution.