Publish your work online, offline and on the air

Sharing your message gets easier every day. Get going in the self publishing racket with these three free and easy online services. collects interesting links and articles from your favourite social media content sources, all for your very own online newspaper. Publish articles from topical RSS feeds, Twitter #tags, Facebook status updates with selected keywords, or simply news from your friends and the people you follow.

Lulu is a book/e-book publishing service and marketplace combined. It works like Cafepress and Zazzle, where you upload your creative work for on-demand printing and selling.  If at any point along the way – editing, cover design, formatting, marketing, distribution – you’re ready to take your hands off the reins, Lulu can (for a fee) get the job done for you.

You’ve probably seen videos on this site before; it’s been around for awhile. Ustream is a self-broadcasting platform, allowing anyone with a net connection and a camera to broadcast to their own live video channel. Smartphone users can download their free mobile apps for easy streaming on the road.

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