Reaching out to Santos Tour Down Under


The biggest cycling event in the Southern Hemisphere, Santos Tour Down Under, has wrapped up for 2016, and we’ve certainly enjoyed all the cycling action.

The nine day event is more than just a cycling race, it’s been an action-packed celebration, like one great party throughout South Australia.

As a premier partner of the Santos Tour Down Under for another consecutive year, iiNet wanted to join in and contribute something special to the festivities.

So we did what we do best: we got people better connected!

Connecting Santos Tour Down Under

To keep all the celebrations connected, iiNet extended the reach of the existing Adelaide Free WiFi footprint to cover the Santos Tour Down Under course. Boosting the connectivity for the event meant more people could get online with a smoother, faster connection.

Of course, we had to get a little creative to provide this extra connection. We attached additional access points to surrounding gum trees. These access points have direct fibre connection, making streaming video possible for anyone wanting to watch coverage of the event on their smartphones.

This is great for fans and attendees, but how else will the extra connectivity benefit the event? By placing connection points around the circuit, journalists can publish all the action straight from the event as it happens, giving fans up-to-the-minute news.


Safeguarding the Gums

To ensure no trees were harmed in the process, iiNet used brackets which were made specifically to fit around the trunks of the trees they were being attached to, at 30 metres high. These made-to-measure brackets were attached using a cherry picker to allow minimal disruption to the tree.

gum tree

Cycle Selfie

Just to add a little more to the fun, we decided to run a hashtag competition with the hashtag #TDUCycleSelfie. We had 4 signed sprint jerseys to give away for whoever could take the best selfie with or on their bicycle. Entrants needed to upload their selfies with the hashtag #TDUCycleSelfie to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for their chance to win. Of course, just to be safe, we asked people to #SelfieResponsibly and recommended the photos be taken with a stationary bike!

cycle selfie winner

Did you head down to enjoy the Santos Tour Down Under celebrations? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Mally says:

    great event – must boost tourism for Adelaide

  2. Peter says:

    It is a shame race commentators didnt use your network.We got more information listening to the police radio

  3. Hank says:

    Should have tuned into ABC Grandsttand.