Are you renting? These plans are for you!

When you’re renting a home, you often have to wonder when is the next time you’ll need to move on to a different place. This can make it difficult to make long term commitments that are tied to your home address, such as lengthy broadband contracts. Well, now those worries are a thing of the past with iiNet’s new range of renter-friendly NBN™ broadband plans!

What makes our new plans so renter-friendly?

We’ve done away with our old 24-month broadband contracts and replaced them with quick-and-easy 6-month broadband contracts for new customers. Take one up with an NBN™ plan of your choice and you can score a $40 discount on our premium WiFi modem (regular cost $99.95 + $10 delivery). Don’t feel left out if you’re an existing customer, because you can get the same discount on a no lock-in contract.

If you already have an NBN™ modem or contracts just aren’t your cup of tea, no worries – every plan is still available on no lock-in contract. And best of all? All plans now feature a $0 broadband activation fee, for everyone!


*Typical Evening Speed indicates download speed and is measured between 7pm-11pm. FTTN, FTTC & FTTB speeds to be confirmed when active. Additional $300 NBN™ New Development charge may apply.

Min charge includes one month’s plan fee + $99.95 upfront cost for WiFi modem + $10 delivery. Fetch Mini setup $59.99. $40 discount on WiFi modem available for existing customers or new customers who select a 6-month contract.

More options, better value.

Our great new range of plans includes everything you need to get online and stay in touch with your loved ones:

  • NBN™ broadband service
  • VoIP home phone line (iiNet modem required)
  • Optional $5/month Add on for Unlimited calls to Australian Mobiles & Standard landlines (NBN50 plan only)
  • Optional iiNet premium WiFi modem
  • Fetch Entertainment bundle (NBN50 & NBN100 plans only)
  • 24/7 tech support from our friendly customer service team

This range also sees the return of the NBN25 speed option, delivering unlimited data with a typical evening download speed of 20.8Mbps* for just $69.99 a month. NBN25 is a great option for smaller households who are looking to do more with their broadband connection, such as HD streaming. You can learn more in our NBN™ Key Facts Sheet.

Move home without the hassle

When the time does come to move into a new place, our dedicated Movers Team is ready to help you get your iiNet broadband connection from A to B. Moving home with iiNet has heaps of benefits:

  • Keep your home phone number^ and iiNet email address
  • Waived broadband contract break fees when you relocate
  • Flexible, no-lock in contracts available
  • Awesome service from our specialised Movers Team

^Not available for all carriers.

Just give us a call on 1300 541 714 and we’ll help you get connected at your new place.

Ready to switch to iiNet NBN™?

You can upgrade or pre-order your iiNet NBN™ plan online or by calling our friendly Sales Team on 13 19 17.

Get iiNet NBN™



    I’m already on a $79.95 plan per month. So if did switch to the NBN50 for $74.99 per month: Can I keep my same Iinet I.D. & home phone number? Will I have to pay a new connection fee? What extra fees are involved with the ‘fetch TV’ box please?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Denise,

      You can change plans via Toolbox at any time! You’ll keep the same details, as all you’re doing is changing plans. There’s no new connection fee to change plans, either. You can also add Fetch and this can be done via Toolbox, or via our team on 13 22 58. Fetch starts at $5 per month on selected plans.

      – Leo

  2. Kristy Gem Chua says:

    I have nbn 100 but no fetch mini

  3. How do I get fetch, I am a customer on an $98.00 plan but no one even mentioned it when I was changed over to the NBN a year ago. It appears long time loyal customers are ignored with lousy modems (Check Workshop) and these are ones I couldn’t fix myself. If a day goes be without my Modem locking up I would expect to get a cake. to-day for instace it locked up three times so in the end I just left it until now so I can get my3 Megabyte down load speed and that is on a good evening, speak about slow, you got it man. Now I am here what is going to happen about my speed and getting Fetch?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Charles,

      We’re always happy to lend a hand! Please feel free to get in touch with us directly, via with your details. Mention your post here and we’ll then locate your account and have our team give you a call, so they can help fix those dropouts and organise Fetch for you.


      – Leo

  4. Lonja says:

    Hi, I’m renting but I rarely use the internet at night. Its in the daytime that I study and need to be online, between 7am and around 8-9pm.
    I didn’t find any plans that would fit my scenario and which would still cost only $40-50. Have you any options?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Lonja!

      We’d love to have our team get in touch to have a chat with you about this. If you can, please drop us a line via Be sure to mention your post here and include your details. Our team can then give you a buzz and let you know what we can offer.

      – Leo

  5. JOhn says:

    Hi,My father rents a unit and doesn’t have a landline or cable, just his mobile phone. Can he get NBN broadband?



  6. Luci Tant says:

    Thanks for the info. Will get back to you as soon as we get rid of Telstra as our landline after all these years trying to get it fixed is still not operational.

    Thanks for the continued info you send we would like to be back for another 8 yrs we miss you.

    luci Tant.

  7. Carlos says:

    Hi IiNet sales team,

    I’m currently renting my place and may move at anytime. If I sign-up with NBN, your minimum contract is for 6 months. If I move within this time, will IiNet waived broadband contract break fees when I relocate and will the contract period stay? Please advise asap as my speed is now slow and IiNet support is attributing this to the presence of NBN in my building.


    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Carlos,

      We can help!

      If you do move within the contract period, we can transfer the contract to the new premise, but you will be paying the standard setup costs, as we covered these for you as part of the initial contract at the first premise.

      We’d love to investigate the root cause of the issue here, which is your current connection speed. Please feel free to get in touch with us directly, with your details, via and we can look deeper into this for you.

      – Leo

  8. John Sorensen says:

    Since switching to the NBN I have had slower internet response and frequent WiFi dropouts.I am at a loss to know what to do about it.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey John,

      We’re always keen to lend a hand and some basic troubleshooting is a handy thing to do. We’d suggest a few steps like connecting the modem directly to a computer or laptop and then turning off Wi-Fi. Make sure to reboot the devices once you’ve done this.This rules out any sort of Wi-Fi interference being at play, at it gives you the best way to test the actual speed and stability of the connection!

      – Leo

  9. Mrsd Johanna Lagerwey says:

    Nice to know you now have different options beside the 24 months contract, When I went over to NBN I already requested a monthly contract as at 84 I do not like to engage in a 2 year contract. Yes I had to pay for the new Modem and the connection, but I felt happy. And my grandson told me my service was too slow, but with me that is alright for I am very slow too. My nickname is Mrs Sloth. But good on you for considering other people’s need.

  10. Rudolph Vester says:

    I’ve being with iiNet for over 8 years, yes I’ve had some issues,but I must say there service is excellent. Would recommend them as if you got a ploblem. They onto it.

  11. Susan says:

    I have NBN100 and I would like to get fetch tv but can’t afford it. Are there any deals so that I can keep the plan I’ve got and have fetch tv as well? I have been with iinet for 3 years and previous to that I was with Westnet for maybe 5 or 6 years.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Susan,

      Did you know that you can add Fetch via Toolbox, as well as change plans there? We’d suggest logging into Toolbox first and having a look at the current plan offerings. Fetch plans, start at $5 per month and you can even consider recontracting for incentives as well. You’re also more than welcome to get in touch with us via with your customer details and we can have a team member give you a call as well.

      – Leo

  12. John says:

    I’ve got a smartphone and wireless Internet. Do I need to change to the nbn?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi John,

      If you are looking to move from your current wireless service, then there is a likelihood of you needing to move to the NBN. This does depend on what is available to you, so we’re always ready to have a chat to you, when the time comes.

      – Leo

  13. Brett Harrison says:

    Hi, I’m an existing customer (iiNet & Transact) & I’d like to upgrade to the NBN50. I have no idea how to access Toolbox & could do with some info & costs detail on the changeover. I’d also like to know what the Fetch package options/costs are.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Brett!

      You may not need to move to NBN – as you’re a TransACT customer, you may be in our Ultra Broadband footprint, so our first choice would be to have you upgrade to what is available to you in your area. Please feel free to get in touch with us via and we can have our team give you a call to discuss your options, as well as Fetch pricing.

      – Leo

  14. Andrew says:

    I just moved house and what a debacle, will be giving Iinet the flick as soon as I get home.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Andrew,

      We’re always keen to help wherever we can, as we want house moves to go as smoothly as possible. We’d love to hear from you about this, so we can help in whatever way we can. Please feel free to get in touch with us directly, with your details, to and we’ll gladly assist.

      – Leo

  15. Rita says:

    If I upgrade the Fetch TV to multiroom and a Mighty, will I own the Mighty box?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Rita,

      You’ll own the Mighty box, but be aware that it will only work with iiNet services.

      – Leo