Revolutionise your business with BizPhone


Just because you run a small business, doesn’t mean you have to think small. Your business doesn’t have to be limited by the technology you have for your communications. If you’re looking for a new way to make your day-to-day business operations run smoother, there’s an affordable solution available for you.

Communication is key for businesses – improving your communications allows you to work smarter, harder and more effectively. iiNet BizPhone is the perfect fit for your business, no matter how big or small it is. Not only will BizPhone mould to your business needs, it provides a cost-effective way to give your operations an innovative upgrade and improve the user experience for your staff and customers.

See what Chris Eve from HSSWA had to say about the benefits of using BizPhone and how it improved his communications:

We’ve set up a 1300 number^ that comes through to the Auto Attendant, where it can be routed to the sales team, the reception or through to accounts,” says Chris Eve, Systems & Marketing Specialist at HSSWA.

 “We also have the out-of-office set up to bounce straight to voicemail, which also sends those voicemails to each staff member’s email” added Chris.

BizPhone position as Australia’s best value small business phone means that you can take advantage of these powerful big business features without denting your bottom line.

“Our cost saving with BizPhone has been massive. $29.95/month, unlimited standard calls in Australia and an easy to use, nice bit of hardware that sits on your desk. The value is just great,” says Chris.

 Are you ready to revolutionise your business?

BizPhone’s BIG Features included in your $29.95/ month* BizPhone plan

BizPhone is made to fit your business and comes with a number of customisable features, including:

  • Unlimited standard calls to Australian mobiles and landlines.
  • Custom on hold music to keep customers entertained while they wait.
  • Automated receptionist and custom menu.
  • Hunt Group to direct your calls to the right person, in any order you choose.
  • Automatically forward your phones to a mobile so you never miss a call.
  • Keep your existing phone number*.
  • See who’s available to take a call with Busy Lamp Field.

Not sure what these features do? You can see  the range of Optional Features available across all plans here or check out the features in our video below.

Manage it yourself

Don’t be deterred by the range of features, BizPhone is user friendly. So user friendly in fact that you don’t need expensive technician support to make changes to the setup or get you started. BizPhone’s handy Self Service Portal gives you a straightforward, easy-to-use tool that can be accessed online at any time to make changes to your BizPhone features. You can find out more in our blog article and see for yourself below!

Can I get BizPhone?

iiNet BizPhone allows you to run your small business with BIG business innovation. This small business phone system is packed with big business features that you can manage online without having to call in the techs. The best bit? It’s easy to get because BizPhone is available to ANYONE in Aus’ with a fixed line broadband connection, including iiNet, Westnet and all other Australian internet providers**.

What are you waiting for? Ask us about how you can get BizPhone to revolutionise your business processes.


*Total minimum cost on a 24 month contract is $598.80 (SoftPhone), $728.75 (Standard or Cordless) or $1208.75 (Premium). Includes $9.95 handset delivery fee (excluding Softphone). Does not include the cost of any optional features.
** Porting is subject to participating carrier.
^ One Hunt Group included free per customer with minimum purchase of 3 user plans.
^^ Busy Lamp Field not available on Cordless plan.





  1. I have iinet installed at a private property in Angelsea and Ive been very happy, until recently.
    I decided to instal iinet at my private home in Ascot Vale, and had nothing but major issues dealing with iinet. I spoke with over 4-5 different people based in the Phillipines and then someone located in New Zealand. At no stage could I speak with someone from iinet here in Melbourne Australia.
    I had ordered an ADSL Naked connection and paid in full. The hardware arrived within 5 days but the technician did not turn up to make the installation (not once but 2 times ) using the excuse that their was know one home on the designated day (incorrect as my wife were present ALL day plus no call to our mobile was made. iinet decided to reschedule 10 days later but I was travelling so time was not convenient.

    So I still have NO internet at my home in Ascot Vale
    I’m very interested in the iinet Biz Phone for my business in Tullamarine Vic but need to speak to someone to ensure I get support from iinet.
    Can someone inside Australia call me please ????

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Peter!

      Thanks for taking the time to post. We’ve edited your post to protect your privacy – please avoid posting items like addresses of phone numbers as we do want to ensure that these details stay private.

      Regarding call centre locations, we have centres in Auckland, Manila, Perth and Cape Town. The majority of calls flow through the Cape Town centre, with the remaining sites housing specialist teams. We no longer have a centre in Melbourne and we simply can’t guarantee that you’ll speak to someone in Australia.

      Installs are not carried out by ourselves; only the wholesaler has access to the copper network, so like all providers, we are reliant on them to complete the install on the day requested. When they fail to turn up, the only recourse we have is to book another appointment for you, using the earliest available time the wholesaler is able to give us. There is no escalation option for this, sadly.

      We’re always able to lend a hand and we’d love to assist with this. Please get in touch with us directly, with your details and mentioning your post here to We can then locate your account and have our team get in touch to help with the connection, as well as arrange for our Business Team to have a chat to you about your business needs.

      – Leo