How Ridiculous take stunts to the golf course

by Nikkita Dixon

The boys from How Ridiculous are at it again. This time they’ve successfully sunk the first hole-in-one to be thrown by hand – not bad considering these guys are more known for their skills with a basketball rather than a golf ball.

Last night, after they’d watched all the golfers finish their round for the day, How Ridiculous converged at the Lake par 3 hole at Collier. Their mission: to fulfill every golfer’s dream and make a hole-in-one. But there were to be no putters for this task. It took an hour and a half but they came away successful.

Brett Stanford from How Ridiculous caught up with iiNet to have a quick chat about their latest feat.

iiNet: So how did you end up at a golf course trying to sink a hole-in-one by hand?
Brett: Scott and I have played that golf course a lot. We’ve also often thrown a golf ball around down at the park, because they go further. Basically, we were playing golf one day and we hit a hole playing par three and sort of thought ‘I wonder if I could make the distance’. So we gave it a few shots and every time it landed on the green so yeah, we thought we’d give it a go. We didn’t think anyone had ever done it before.

iiNet: Were you worried at the beginning that you might not make the shot in the end?
Brett: Not at all, every shot we’ve ever tried we’ve always had the mentality that we’ll get it. You never know what the next shot holds so you always need to be positive.

iiNet: Was it a hard shot to make?
Brett: Well it took us about half an hour. We hit the pin a couple of times beforehand, we hit the cup a couple of times, but the biggest problem was because it’s a golf course, we weren’t going to be able to shut the whole place down while we tried to make the shot. So we had to wait for everyone to leave. The sun was setting as well so we only had about 45 minutes to get it in.

iiNet: How did it feel when you made the shot?
Brett: Scott (Gaunson) got it in but we were stoked! You can tell from the video, we were just so happy. Mainly because there was the potential that no one else in the world had done it.

iiNet: You guys are big supporters of Compassion Australia, how do you use what you do to help the cause?
Brett: A lot of what we do is to raise awareness so people will hopefully go and do something after they’ve watched us. I mean, we’ve all got sponsored children so we encourage people to get personally involved in alleviating poverty rather than having an amount come out of their bank account and not thinking about it.

iiNet: What’s the next challenge?
Brett: We all play a lot of different sports so our skill set is pretty varied. I guess we’re open to different challenges. What we’ve got to keep in mind is making sure it all fits in with what we’re trying to do. I mean, kicking a football over a building and into a basketball hoop is great and all, but footballers kick through goals not hoops. We want to try and branch out a bit.

iiNet: How about this world record you’ve got coming up on 8 April?
Brett: Oh yeah *laughs* well it’s not something we want to go crazy on promoting just yet, we don’t like to talk about these things until we know we’ve done it. It’s the highest shot – we’ll be aiming for about 70 metres or so. But we’ll see how we go.

To catch the action from Tuesday night at the Collier Golf Course head to the How Ridiculous web page. We’ll be talking to the boys soon as they attempt to break the Guinness World Record for ‘Greatest height from which a basketball is shot’ which currently stands at a record 30m. Stay tuned.

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