On The Road With The BoB Squad

by Nikkita Dixon

If you’re not technically minded or if haven’t got the time, getting your connection set up can be a little tricky. We get it! So we’ve put the BoB Squad on the job.

The BoB Squad are a bunch of cool iiNet technicians at the ready to help our customers out a little… or a lot. The cool thing about the BoB Squad is they’re not just there to plug in your modem. If you need it, they can also assist with other technical matters like getting your wireless network up and running, showing you how to use VOIP, setting up your mailbox… whatever you need. They’d probably wash your car too if you asked nicely.

Since this is a relatively new project for us, I decided to hit the road with the BoB Squad and find out what exactly these guys get up to.

Let me introduce you to the BoB Squad’s Roger Evans – an iiNet technician who enjoys a good Whittakers Bar and laughs in the face of connectivity issues.  I’ll be riding shotgun with him on his quest to save a suburban lady from her isolation due to lack of email and Facebook access. Changing providers can be tough on the digital reputation.

Before we leave for the day it is business as usual, confirming addresses and contact details of the customer we’ll soon be helping out. This particular trip is a long one, all the way over to Wattle Grove, WA (almost in the hills!).

So we climb into our BoB Squad car (or as I like to call the ‘BoBmobile’) and we race off to assist another customer in need – and by that I mean we stick to the speed limit and indicate 30 seconds before each turn.

When we arrive, our one-man BoB Squad surveys the situation, asking all necessary questions. Our challenge is as follows: get the modem connected, set up three mailboxes, take a quick look at why our customer’s iPhone won’t pick up the WiFi signal and show her what Freezone is. Not all of that is necessarily part of our job today but that won’t stop us.

Roger gets in there with his tools and know-how and after just a few hours of coding and testing we are waving goodbye to another happy customer. Thank goodness she didn’t throw away her life savings on a computer technician.

Back on the road, it’s an enthusiastic return to the office. Next time I’m having computer troubles, I’ll have the BoB Squad on speed dial.

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