How safe is your password?

Of all the things that make me jump up on my security soapbox, having my parents tell me their Wi-Fi password is 123456 is right up there.

While this lack of devotion to digital security is a concern to me, it appears that they’re not alone – last year’s top four passwords: “123456”, “password”, “12345678”, and “qwerty” are the equivalent of locking your front door, but blue-tacking the key to the lock.

This month is iiNet Security Month and, to kick things off, we’re taking a look at passwords – the good, the bad and the very ugly, and what you can do to keep yourself secure when online.

What can you do?

The best way to keep your account secure is to constantly update your password. We’re not talking once a year or every two years; if you want to make sure your account is secure then changing your password monthly is the way to go.

Simply changing your password isn’t the silver bullet for your privacy worries though. You also have to choose a password that’s safe and extremely difficult to crack. While you may think that ‘qwerty’ is a cool password, or ‘Qwerty1234’ is a safe version of a cool password, in reality they’re neither cool nor safe.

Now, thinking up a new password takes a fair bit of effort sometimes, and simply adding a number to your previous password (yes, that means you shouldn’t go from ‘FreshPrince1990’ to ‘FreshPrince1991’). Thankfully, it’s iiNet to the rescue with a handy password generator that gives you a secure password with just the click of a mouse.

For iiNet customers – this handy tool is located in the ‘Change Your Password’ section of Toolbox, while for Westnet customers; it resides in the same portion of MyAccount.

Simply click the ‘Generate Password’ button at the bottom of the page and we’ll generate a password which follows our five guidelines:

Mix your cases – Our passwords are case sensitive, so mixing between upper and lower case is a must.
Numbers – Like all good geeks, we love numbers – be sure to include them in your password.
Avoid the obvious – Simple passwords might be easy to remember, but the easier they are to remember the easier they are for someone else to guess. One big no-no is including your username in your password, alongside dictionary words, and the names of your family and friends.
Length wins – Short passwords are much easier to guess; your password should be a minimum of nine characters long.
No white space – Keep the white space out of your password and you make your password harder to pick.

What can we do?

Getting our customers to update their passwords regularly is one massive step to staying secure online, however we understand it’s a two-way street.

That’s why we’re continually working behind the scenes to stay one step ahead of hackers, ensuring that your personal information remains secure.

Change your password… and win!

So, in the spirit of safe passwords, we’ve decided to run an awesome competition.
We’ve got two Samsung Galaxy Note 3s and three Samsung Galaxy S4s up for grabs for anyone who changes their password between now and 30 April 2014.

To be in the running, all you need to do is update your password and ensure it meets the guidelines above. It’s that simple!

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to your password today and not only will you make your account safer, you’ll also be in the running for some awesome prizes!


  1. Blake Currall says:

    Hey Bec! πŸ™‚
    I could use a new phone, I shall heed your advice post haste

  2. Debbie Hatfield says:

    Hey there πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the sound advice! Have now Changed my password to a much more secure one.

  3. God says:

    Password Updated πŸ™‚

  4. sandra scott says:

    Updating mine right now. I forget to do it so thankyou for the reminder. Oh and I desperately need a new phone as I sat on mine and cracked the screen big time. Ah well,its 5 years old anyway!!

  5. Darrell Cloutman says:

    I am sick of company that think we only have ONE website that requires a password and then they force you to change your password or block your account. I have at least 10 accounts that have passwords. These so called experts say change them once a month that 120 a year you have to create and remember as you should not write them down or store them in your computer. Sorry my brain is getting to old for all that. I have trouble using the PC let alone changeing 120 or more passwords a year
    Mine is staying the same until the bullies make me change!!!!

  6. Sean says:

    Perfect timing, phone dying & phone plan is up, If i win a new one i’ll be buying iinet sim cards plan. Cheers.

  7. Justin says:

    been thinking about doing this for a while…. might as well make it NOW! πŸ™‚

  8. Trevor says:

    I hate complex passwords, so hard to remember. Passphrases are easier to remember and hard to guess, something like yourmotherwearsarmyboots but most “secure” sites limit the mumber of characters to about 14 some even less.

    On another other note, of changing your password monthly, considering that the change also effects “email client, modem or router password settings” it actually becomes slightly impractical and in most cases leads to more support calls as people forget which password they are using if it changes so regularly and forces them to write it down, which beats the purpose of changing it.

  9. cheryl pelly says:

    I often do not read suppliers newsletters , but yours is easy to read and to the point. It is to inform us – straight out. Thanks – good advice. Passwords of the future article a very relevant consideration.
    Sooo many passwords. Need to update. We have been a customer since Noah, and should heed your advice,; it is always excellent. Thanks !

  10. Pat Beckingham says:

    Great promotion – password updated πŸ˜‰

  11. Sue says:

    I’m sure it’s a good idea but how do you remember the new one?

  12. Joan Rosenthal says:

    I will update my passwords monthly if you can tell me a safe place to store them. With 30 or more different (as advised) passwords, each changing monthly, obviously they need to be stored somewhere that is both safe and easily accessible. On paper? Insecure. In a file on my computer? Insecure. In Cloud storage? Insecure. And so on. Nobody addresses this problem.

    • Jon says:

      @Joan Rosenthal,
      Easy – get a password store, Lastpass, Keepass, Password Safe. I use the last – all are good. However I can see no point in changing passwords monthly – the only way the baddies will get my password is if Iinet is hacked, and then hopefully they will tell us.

  13. Bruce Uren says:

    You people are so illogical you make me angry. Sure you you can make a very cryptic password but then you have to write it down!!!! Surely this defeats the purpose. Have it written on a piece of paper in your wallet, loose your wallet…doh! And why is it that very person that expects you to use a password seems to think that it will be the only the password you will ever have. You even need a password to buy theatre tickets these days! Why can’t there be a standard format of No. of characters, need for digits &/or capitals etc? Have a logical, practical think about it! Be honest…what do you do in reality.

  14. Vicki says:

    HI Rebecca,
    I have updated my password and hope to win the phone could really do with a new one.

    Thanks for the tip…

  15. Bruce Uren says:

    Why won’t the comments I made a couple of minutes ago be published ?…What a sham…I am even more angry now. You people need to wake up to the real world. I am still absolutely annoyed you changed the Westnet webmail by replacing it with a clapped out system that simply does not work. Hey! Look at that…”Westnet” is not even recognised on the spell checker on your own website! Far too silly.

  16. mick says:

    lost my mobile any one got one

  17. abrasion says:

    Definitely updated mine, my existing password is complex yet easy to type and remember, 12 digits, one of the CSR’s when he heard it said “that’s awesome, I’m going to start doing something similar”

    (Not revealing my secret to easy yet complex passwords, sorry!)

  18. Lyn says:

    “changing your password in toolbox will mean a change to your email client, modem or router password settings as well” Sorry, this confuses me. Does this just mean the new password will apply to everything without further action?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Lyn,

      If you change your password in Toolbox, you may need to change it in your modem to continue browsing.
      You can call us on 13 22 58 24/7 to help you with the modem configuration if you get stuck.

      – Amy

  19. I have forgotten my passwords as i am not supposed to write them down and am all but computer illiterate

  20. Wei Liam Ho says:

    Thanks for the advice! Updated! πŸ™‚

  21. Bardy says:

    I will do it today
    as they say “its better to be safe”
    and an chance for a new phone !!!
    great advice

  22. Jacky Walker says:

    About to change my password. Thanks for the advice. My concern is that I have so many passwords I have difficulty remembering them. Do you have any recommendations for “password safes”?

  23. Karen says:

    Great reminder and I could use a Samsung Note Pad desperately.

  24. Helen Wilson says:

    Our password fulfils all the best criteria – too difficult to remember to keep changing. We ought to get a prize for being good in the first place.

  25. Jeannette says:

    Change another of my gazillion passwords and PINS again! What I need is a memory chip in the brain so that when I look at an website or ATM, the correct (current!) password instantly leaps into mind. The rules suggested – mix cases etc. are a recipe for failure to remember (was the first letter upper case or the third?)so we write them down – great security. Time someone invented a new system!

  26. Joel Dawson says:

    Thanks great information that ill put in place for all my passwords.

  27. Trevor says:

    The safest passwords use “extended characters” to make it harder to crack. Some simple ways to incorporate these is to replace “a” with “@” and “l” or “I” with the “pipe” character “|”. You can make up your own with whatever works for you – e.g. replace E with & and so on.

  28. Carlyn says:

    Will change now, thanks for the good advice

  29. Barbara Clark says:

    Thankyou will change immediately

  30. garth paltridge says:

    Banks (among others) block any access at all after a small number of erroneous password “tries”. Cannot iinet do the same? It is a technique which stops most automatic password cracking activities, and would more-or-less take the onus off the individual to remember his or her continually changed password.
    (I presume that blocking access for only 24 hours would work nearly as well).

  31. Jac says:

    Hi, If I change my Westnet account password, then I’m afraid my modem won’t recognise it and won’t work again unless I update the password in the modem settings, this is where I’m getting confused and need help. Thanks

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Jac,

      You will need to update your modem details, yes.
      If you’d like to change your password, please call us on 13 22 58 to walk you through how to update your modem configurations.

      – Amy

  32. Sue says:

    About to update password, thanks for the reminder.

  33. Lina says:

    I have never ever changed my e-mail password. What a great time to do it !! Thanks for the prompt … and competition.

  34. Megan Tilley says:

    Done! – a bit tricky to find the Toolbox, but now, it’s done!

  35. Leonard M. Fwati says:

    Updated password, thanks for your advise

  36. Linda says:

    Fingers crossed for a new phone, mine is from the last century! LOL

  37. Evelyn says:

    Password updated

  38. Di Thomas says:

    I have kept forgetting – but thanks to your reminder – its’ done! Sometimes we all need a little nudge. Many thanks, Di.

  39. Evelyn says:

    Just updated password

  40. Cilla says:

    I have so many different passwords for every site I go on what is a successful way to remember them all! I spend a great deal of time resetting forgotten passwords and being shut out of my own accounts, tedious to say the least.

  41. Rachael says:

    great advise. Will change mine (of last 8 years!) immediately!

  42. Gloria Spiekman says:

    OK, you win. Will change it today.

  43. GuessWho says:

    So, I changed my password then logged out so I could make sure it worked … won’t log me in with the new one but when I put my old one in .. no problem?????????????????????????

  44. Lynn says:

    Password Updated
    Thank you

  45. Bronwyn Kirwan says:

    Hi Bec
    I have had my Hotmail password hacked before and now understand the importance of being vigilant with password security. Thank you for the reminder.

  46. PG says:

    CoN5id3r it DOn3

  47. After having the same password for the last 14 yrs I have now changed it completely I feel totally naked something different has occurred and it feels good just hope I dont forget it

  48. Sue says:

    Great advice, have changed my password :o)

  49. Norma Tonks says:

    I will change my password and hope to win a phone.

  50. O.K. Done, but I just hate having to remember new passwords. Wish we could just use a thumbprint. Thanks for the good advice.

  51. jeff miles says:

    me too

  52. Andrew Melbin says:

    Thanks, great advice is enough but added chance of something I needed for a long time, a new password it is.

  53. liz says:

    for sure i will def be updating my password..and would loveeeeeeeeeee to surprise my daughter with a new phone πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  54. J says:

    “No white space – Keep the white space out of your password and you make your password harder to pick.”
    What’s the rationale behind this? A space is like any other non-alphanumeric character.

  55. Mike says:

    Hold on just one second … in your article above you state the following, “last year’s top four passwords: β€œ123456β€³, β€œpassword”, β€œ12345678β€³, and β€œqwerty” …”

    How on earth would you know what the top four passwords are if you’re not supposed to have access to them. Surely that’s not very secure if your staff can just look up my password?

    Hmmmm, doesn’t make me feel very secure …

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Mike,

      The data cited in the post is referring to information released by SplashData related to other public passwords collected throughout 2013. These do not reflect any information related to the passwords chosen by our own customers for their services.

      In addition, the requirements for passwords chosen by our customers would ensure that the quoted items above are not eligible to be used as passwords give how insecure they are.


  56. Anna says:

    Thanks for the advice , will change it.

  57. Harley says:

    Done! ^_^

  58. Noel Bodey says:

    Advice taken,now Fingers Crossed.

  59. Jody says:

    Thanks iinet for this great opportunity! Not only reminding us to update regualar password changes but I get a chance to own a phone without a cracked screen, yay!

  60. Jody says:

    Thanks iinet, not only reminding us to change our passwords to keep safe but offering the chance of a new phone! Wow, would love a fancy new phone without a cracked screen πŸ™‚

  61. Ken Dallinger says:

    πŸ™‚ password updated.

  62. Alan says:

    Do you have a Password Manager to remember all passwords?

  63. Kirsty Hunter says:

    Updated!! Would love a phone for hubby who doesn’t currently have one.

  64. Dianne says:

    Roger Wilco – Password updated

  65. Steph says:

    May password already complies to this, and has done for several years. I suppose working in the IT industry and in Defence rubs off.

  66. Baden says:

    Thanks for the password reminder

    Keep up the great work

  67. Duncan says:

    Password updated! Cheers for the reminder πŸ™‚

  68. Gary says:

    How will you know the password is secure if it is encrypted at the source so only the encrypted password is sent over the net?

  69. SteveP says:

    all done
    Thanks for the reminder
    enjoy your day

  70. Selwyn says:

    While every organisation would like it if people change their passwords monthly (if not hourly), the relaity is that excessive enforcement of updating passwords leads to LESS security.

    For example you state that simply updating the number does not make the password secure, but most of the time that’s what people that are forced to enter a new password do!

    If people DO follow the advice of not reusing a password and updating numbers/letters, then they tend to write the passwords down, or even attach them to their computer screen. How secure is that?

    IMHO the best compromise is to ensure a secure password is used originally, and then to maintain the spyware, antivirus and other security measures on the computer. Most passwords are not guessed, but taken from unsecured computers.

  71. you know it says:

    please send the phone to my postal address πŸ™‚

  72. Barry Larkin says:

    I wouldn’t mind a new phone. Battery on my old one is starting to fail.
    PW all done.

  73. A new phone would be good as I just might be able to navigate it better than my computer.
    My thanks as always to the support team who never seem to get sick of me???? And yes I will change my password as everyone seems to know it!

  74. Raelene says:

    Wonderful idea but you did not tell me that would involve changing my broadband password too so that has made it much more complicated and now I have to try and work my way through that.

  75. Rob says:

    Thanks for the advice. Changing my password has stopped the Mail Delivery System spam I was receiving. (64 in one day)P.S. Don’t forget to change your modem password also.

  76. George says:

    Which iiNet password am I supposed to be changing? There seems to be two, one to log into iiNet and others for my mail accounts. By the way why am I not credited with the time I spent as an Ozemail subscriber in my personal details?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi George,

      We recommend changing or updating any passwords that may not meet the current suggestions above or requirements outlined on the password change page in Toolbox. Additionally, if you haven’t changed your password in some time it may be worth updating the password as well.

      If there’s any issues in changing passwords or if you’d like us to help look into your recorded tenure it may be best to give our support team a call on 13 22 58.


      • George chambers says:

        @Tal Waterhouse,
        I really do understand what this is about but I am a simple person with a simple life and have a hard time memorising numbers and because oof polio my hand has a shake of its own and for me I don’t care any more what people steal as I’m unable to play their games and karma will get back at them .

  77. Pamela Nicholls says:

    Change password…..of necessity, need to change modem log on …..
    Just too hard !

  78. Daniel says:

    Well my phone is more than 8 years old. Would be great to win something up-to-date

  79. Andrew says:

    I’ll reset my password,though it’s like over 10 mixed characters already πŸ˜‰
    I can’t believe 12345678 and qwerty are being used to secure an account!!!
    Thanks for the great service Westnet and we could really use a notebook so thanks for the chance to win one!


  80. Suzanne says:

    Thanks, done, will do it more often now.

  81. Suzanne says:

    Done. tnx

  82. Thank you for advice on psssword update,hope all still works well !!

  83. Helen Robertson says:

    I have been complacent about doing this…..but done now! Thank you.

  84. Jill Davis says:


  85. Kay Poetschka says:

    Thank you for the valuable advice. It’s a timely reminder as several of my friends have had their computers hacked and therefore my details may have been compromised. Change of password imminent.
    As a carer in a remote area of Tasmania, the Samsungs would be great.

  86. Jop Delfos. says:

    Can do with an update.
    Thanks for the guidance.

  87. Jim Buchanan says:

    At 70 plus years I value the few remaining ones: generating new passwords is top of my hate list. (When will new babies be presented to their proud parents, when they, the babies already bear a brand new, unique, uncopyable barcode they will be able to use for the rest of their lives?)
    However – bye while I go and update my iinet password.

  88. Roderick says:

    in a changing world we should all make changes sometime, so change your password!!!

  89. Peter Redding says:

    Giving away Samsung phones gives the message that they don’t sell, and need your help. Or that Samsung are giving you a sling to do it.
    I’d be more impressed if you were giving away iPhone 5S as well. That would show you really mean business with these passwords. How about it guys?

  90. Jonathan Lyall says:

    Good idea – change your password to a higher security configuration and Bob’s your uncle. It’s a heck of a shame you didn’t then go on to explain the caveats that appear as soon as you do change your password, namely that you then have to change a whole load more settings (without any explanation of how to do that).
    In short: good idea but lousy explanation which entirely failed to demonstrate the entirety of the problem.
    Recommend: do better next time.

  91. Simon says:

    Password Updated

  92. John says:

    Talking about security I’d like to recommend a very useful app to secure passwords and perform auto login to websites on iPhone and iPad – LoginBox. It’s the best app of its kind.

  93. Rai says:

    Password updated I must admit this is a hoid one.

  94. Lucietta says:

    Have changed password…. am a single mum who is struggling in desperate need of a new phone… hope to win a new phone please πŸ™‚

  95. Janet says:

    I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. Thanks for the gee up.

  96. Cindy says:

    Would be nice to win a smartphone! Sick of using a 3G phone in a remote area which has poor mobile coverage. Password updated successfully! πŸ™‚

  97. Annie says:

    Done with 11 characters/letters/numbers πŸ™‚

  98. Ian Clark says:

    Will be updating my password and my families passwords tonight after work!

    Could Do with a new phone since I cracked my screen!

  99. shane says:

    changed password, how do we know if we are in the draw?

  100. Pamela Jankinson says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I hope I win a new phone mine is years old.

  101. Iris Lynch says:

    Have now changed my password to a more secure one – and I could do with a new phone.

  102. Tony Wilson says:

    Safe passwords are, of course, vital to on-line security, and there is no reason not to use a good, strong password on your iinet account. However, unless some unusual special circumstance applies to you, there is no good reason to change your password regularly, and several excellent reasons not to.

    Most importantly among these, it is impossible to memorise a frequently-changed password, so (of course) you write it down – you have no other choice. And you write it down somewhere where you can find it easily, because you have to refer to your notes every time you want to log in. A frequently-changed password, in short, is LESS secure than a stable one. It also imposes a significantly greater time and trouble burden on the user, and on the administration system.

    Yes, by all means have a strong password, particularly so on accounts which matter a lot (your banking, for example). On accounts which are of no real consequence (such as, for most people, their iinet account) it is less important, though still of course a good practice. Most people have to battle with a vast number of different passwords and PINs for the many different things we do – I suppose I have about a hundred, certainly too many to count easily, and I shouldn’t think that is unusual – and most of these passwords are for things which simply don’t matter very much. If you use your iinet account for email, having your password compromised would be a bit awkward and embarrasing; if you email another way, then it’s a bit hard to see how it could do any real or lasting harm at all.

    But be that as it may, a stronger password can’t do any harm and could just save a little trouble later on, so you might as well. But as for the damnfoolishness of changing it every month, that’s a hoary old myth and it increases your risk rather than reducing it. The only place in which regular password changes are useful and indeed strongly recommended is a shared environment such as a large office where many people have access to a single store of data, and changing the password regularly defends against things like digruntled former employees handing the passwords over to unauthorised outsiders. Obviously, that doesn’t apply to individual accounts for individual email and not much else.

  103. Thai Berrenson says:

    I need a new phone, this would be perfect πŸ™‚

  104. Randall says:


  105. Graeme says:

    I’ve got a book full of passwords, the ones I use the most I need to make them memorable,how can people decipher the unobvious? Anyway I shall let iinet generate me a new improved one πŸ™‚

  106. Marlene says:

    i need a new phone so bad

  107. Gary Urquhart says:

    Hi I have just updated my password am I automatically in the draw for a new phone. I hope so as I do not own a smart phone!

  108. Debra Edsall says:

    Rebecca, I love a woman with a good command of English, someone who can get the point across but make us laugh. I am one of those parents btw. In fact the oldies are on the verge of takin over the hood, ha ha, just joking, rubbish reference wasn’t it! Ok will think about the password, but my real dilemma is, how many passwords will fit on the bottom of the office pot plant???

  109. margaret henderson says:

    i would love a new phine as iam still in the dark ages

  110. Fay Hardie says:

    Will change my password ASAP i really need a new phone

  111. Patricia says:

    done nice to win a new phone need to update

  112. James Black says:

    Of course, iiNet is right to worry about its customers’ online security. I will enact a regular password update as suggested

  113. Walter says:

    I would love to change my password BUT
    You won’t let me have what I want
    You force me to use Capitals, numbers etc.

    so it will remain unchanged

  114. Ian Parfrey says:

    Done and Dusted. Now all I have to do is remember the darn thing πŸ˜›

  115. frank says:

    I Forgot My Passwords

  116. Ian Parfrey says:

    Brand spankers new password. What was it again?

  117. Matt says:

    I understand most of what you’ve said about passwords to be incorrect. As xkcd explains here

  118. Derek S.M Cusick says:

    Why cannot people that do not want Passwords be allowed to not have them?

    I have nothing on my computer that is of any use to hackers. Do not use online banking or shop on line , in fact the only time I use it is when needing support from iinet.

    Would love to just not have password at all.
    I have enough problems already remembering things I want to remember without clogging my brain with strings of gibberish, to try to be safe online.

    May be a subject for future segment in newsletter, as to why I need a password.

  119. Tracy says:

    I’ve had my same password for ever, I have now changed it with all the 5 rules incorporated. Thanks for the great advise

  120. Tony says:

    Your article was persuasive about the need for a secure password that is difficult to crack. But it didn’t actually convince me why I need to change it monthly. I have a safe password that would be very difficult to crack so why exactly should I have to keep changing it?

  121. Bruce says:

    I change my password regularly and definatly dont use my DOB.

  122. Tina says:

    done thank you so much

  123. rodney ulph says:

    Could use a new phone
    password changed

  124. Troy Faleatua says:

    I have never ever won anything in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! But if I did I would want it to be the new SAMSUNG S4!!!!!!!!!!!!! So just putting it out there to the UNIVERSE that I would love to win a new Samsung S4 mobile!

    Have now changed my Password!

  125. Troy Faleatua says:

    I have never won anything in my life and if I did I would love for it to be a new Samsung S4 mobile. Just putting it out there to the Universe!

  126. Password changed! Hope I win a new Samsung S4 mobile!

  127. Janet says:

    I have changed my password, even though I really liked my old one and hated to see it go.

  128. Alfred Etter says:

    Please remind me, how do I change my password?


  129. John Lansell says:

    With Mr Malone departing today and the share price still going up, will these increases continue.

  130. KATHLEEN EVANS says:

    need to change my pass word

  131. Peter Wilkinson says:

    Never changed a password before….ever.
    What an incentive….and a really great idea.
    Thanks for being pro-active on the security.

  132. Stuart says:

    Don’t you need to manually enter the new PWD into your BB Router? Won’t a lot of people who don’t know how to do that end up with no internet once they change their PWD?

  133. PETARINA FANEVA says:

    a win sounds fun..good luck everyone.

  134. Matthew says:

    So have you stopped storing my password in plain text so your customer service representatives can read it? It was a bit disappointing when they could read out my super strong password.

  135. Trudy Smith says:

    A timely reminder and nudge! Thank-you!

  136. david dowling says:

    If i update my password as suggested, will you advise all my contacts and other areas????? david

  137. PETARINA FANEVA says:

    just do i know it went through.. I would love a mobile. πŸ™‚

  138. Jane says:

    Thanks for the advice..
    Will change my password. I also hope i’ll win one of the Samsung note 3 or galaxy 4! πŸ™‚

  139. Owen says:

    password changed! No guessing this one!

    actually had to reboot BoB Lite and wait a few minutes for iiNet Toolbox to update the changes before I could get back online PHEW!

  140. Rakesh says:

    Way dont we make a system to use our thumb print as password.

  141. Wayne says:

    Done deal & tnx for the reminder. Thanks for the new phone too! Cheers

  142. Doug says:

    While the concern for security is appreciated, your guide neglected two important aspects on passwords.
    Memorizing the new passwords and the need reset the email download client.

  143. Rupert Ward says:

    Just changed my password after more than 12 years. Has my account security over this time just been luck?

  144. Jason says:

    If security is a goal, hopefully the practice of shipping letters out with account password along with modems to new customers has stopped since I joined.
    Also, giving my account password to staff over the phone isn’t great either considering its linked to the email login too…

  145. tewhaiti edmonds says:

    thank you Bec
    and iinet
    Yall Rock.
    changing my pass word after I post this..

  146. My Name says:

    I hope not too many people change their password. I could use a new phone to replace my 10 year old Nokia. πŸ™‚

  147. Janette says:

    changing password NOW !Thanks for the reminder and advice πŸ™‚

  148. ghostWolf says:

    55 yr old and never had a mobile phone – why not start another tech dependency thanks to iinet πŸ™‚

  149. Troyfaleatua says:

    Password change done! I’ve never won anything before and if I did I would want a samsung s4 mobile phone!

  150. Graham says:

    What is my password?

  151. Mark Kehl says:

    Timely reminder! Good advice and advice actioned. Thank you.

  152. Tere Kenneally says:

    Password updated

  153. David S says:

    I just don’t get this paranoia with passwords. There is nothing on my computer that is critically confidential.
    I don’t use it for any banking; for
    most bill paying, it is cheaper to post a cheque than pay credit card processing charges.
    I’m just an old Luddite, but what’s the harm?


  154. Helen says:

    Updated password

  155. Peter Oseckas says:

    Wanna ditch telstra, contract ending soon, need’n new phone….How simple is that…

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Peter!

      It is pretty easy if we do say so ourselves!
      Give our sales team a call on 13 19 17 and have a chat about your needs.
      They’ll be able to tailor a package perfect for you.

      – Amy

  156. Iris Lynch says:

    changed my password, now I can’t receive

  157. bones says:

    PW changed

    *Waits for new phone :)*

  158. The Claw says:

    Hurm, according to toolbox I have been an iinet customer for 10 years and 1 month – and I have never changed my password. Oops! OK, changed now.

  159. Daryl says:

    Passwords aren’t safe and are easy to crack. For those interested this article by Nate Anderson at ArsTechnica is quite good.

    I would also advise people to never use the same password on different websites especially if you are using the same username as once one is compromised so are all the others.

  160. Andrew Finkelde says:

    S4 yes please πŸ™‚

  161. Richard Volzke says:

    Why keep white space out of a password?

  162. Joan says:

    All done – thank you!

  163. Rob says:

    would happily change my password… if only I could remember the old one.

  164. Judy Gregory says:

    I have an Apple Mac which came without a password. What should I do?

    Many thanks,

    Judy G.

  165. ZN says:

    Thanks! Done.
    I’ll be waiting for good news from you soon πŸ™‚

  166. marion says:

    When I sign on to iinet I was told the given password could not be changedIt is mix of capitals, lowercase letters and number. Can I really change from this to one i CAN REMEMBER AS THIS ONE IS SO DIFFICULT AND ONE MISTAKE AND I AM OUT

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Marion,

      Yes you can change it.
      The password needs to contain the following:
      it must be at least 9 characters
      it must contain a mix of upper and lower case characters.
      it must contain at least one number (0-9)
      it must not be based on your username
      it must not contain spaces or tabs

      I hope that helps!
      – Amy

  167. Russ says:

    thanks iinet, offering a chance for a new phone has encouraged me to change my password, a task I had been putting off for too long, I feel better for becoming more security conscious πŸ™‚

  168. Yvens says:

    I just signed up 5 mobile plans, I REALLY do need one extra phone.

  169. Yvens says:

    Just signed 5 mobile plans, really need a new phone for my daughter.

  170. Stuart says:

    I have changed my password. Thank you for the reminder. Security is a necessity

  171. bharat says:

    Password changed. Send me new phone!!!!

  172. Pete says:

    Hello Bec, Thank you for your advice!! PW amended!!

  173. Sheila says:


  174. Ron says:

    Thanks for the reminder. It’s something I keep meaning to do, but don’t get round to. The incentive of a chance of a new phone works for me. I will do it NOW.

  175. Bob friendly says:

    Thanks for all the advise about mixing the case and use of numbers. BUT your website does not allow you to type in a password. It forces you to generate one then have you type it in the as a reconfirm.
    – Don’t forget to log into your router and make the change.

  176. Mary Pagett says:

    Guilty as charged in regard to keeping passwords ‘memory friendly’…however,after my friend’s computer was hacked, now understanding the importance of changing passwords regularly…thanks iinet for reminder (and a great prize)!

  177. Savva says:

    Changed and made it a very tough one to crack… thx

  178. Graham says:

    I could do with a new phone as I still have an old nokia n95 and it’s on it’s last legs. Therefore have changed my p.w. and crossed my fingers, Good luck to all. Great give away too iinet πŸ™‚

  179. joanne murray says:

    I have updated my password

  180. Damien says:

    Thanks Bec, a timely reminder.

  181. George says:

    Quite a few free programs on the internet are available Norton being one of them will generate any number of passwords to any length just cut and paste into a word doc if the website will allow cut and paste some do not. Keep the doc on a usb stick and removing it when not in use keeps it safe.

  182. roy boulay says:

    HI Thanks for the info for update.Could use a new phone.only have really old nokia.not very useful.

  183. Mick Hecker says:

    Changed as suggested

  184. Barbra says:

    I also appreciate the warning and have changed my password.

  185. Patricia says:

    Thank you for the update for my security. I have updated my password.

  186. jane hood says:

    I updated my password this month as I had a breach on my credit card and my kids advised me to change my passwords on everything so I changed my iinet password which I hadnt done for a long time. Makes you think

  187. Melanie Dickson says:

    what a good idea…I will change all my passwords…..thanks

  188. lee says:

    Would like a new Samsung phone or notebook….

    Dont know if I could be that lucky…

    Updating now.. password

  189. Michael Weigh says:

    I will update when I work out how!

  190. Melanie Dickson says:

    I never had a mobile phone ..maybe if I win it will change my mind about mobile phones…

  191. TC says:

    I have had the same password given to me since this company was TIG, then ihug and now iinet….kinda think it must be pretty secure and hate to change it after at least 15 years. But maybe my luck is running out so will follow your advice.

  192. ged says:

    Password updated… good luck everyone.

  193. Maria Collet says:

    Done !!

  194. John Bardsley says:

    But Rebecca you still haven’t clarified which iinet password we need to update. Are all these iinet passwords really needed? As far as I can tell, we have a password for iinet toolbox, one for iinet naked DSL, one for iinet wireless and one for iinet wifi network, and one for iinet VOIP! I forget which password goes with which, and I have no idea which one you want me to change.

  195. Stephen Ditchfield says:

    Hi Bec
    changed my password, I to could use a phone and a decent network would help
    regards Stephen

  196. Birgitt Bingham says:

    Thank you for your caring attitude

  197. Hey I reckon this is a Great idea! Thanks ! Got me thinking about doing password changes a Lot more often πŸ™‚
    Another reason I am so glad I switched to y’all !
    Top notch .

  198. brian Madson says:

    I Changed my password,but it appears I am using the wrong one.Can you please send an email with the Passwod on. Maybe I have weitten it down wrong….Brian Madson

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Brian.

      For privacy reasons we can not email you your password.
      However, if you’d like to call us on 13 22 58, we can go through the steps to generate you a new password which is easier to remember.

      – Amy

  199. Peter Hindle says:

    Great reminder to keep security tight.
    My iPhone 3GS just died so a new phone would be to good to be true.

  200. maree coad says:

    password updated, thankyou

  201. Julia says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    That’s sounds great except when I when to change my password in toolbox I got this message of warning first:
    Changing your password in toolbox will mean a change to your email client, modem or router password settings as well.
    Great – the slippery slope to nothing working. When I clicked on the link to what that means there was nothing but a list of other stuff.
    All too hard!! Just wanna change my password not reconfigure my whole set-up!

  202. Tracey says:


  203. Tom Fleschner says:

    Hi there,

    all done, and didn’t actually take all that long. Feels good to know the password is stronger now !

    And i agree with Blake… could use a new phone.

  204. Don Roberts says:

    Changed my password after 13 years Thanks.

  205. Doug Burrows says:

    Thanks for the advice. Mission accomplished.

  206. Greg says:

    So you have 5 phones for prizes to share over potentially +1 million customers.

    So against that what are the odds of getting hacked?

    Lets see. gee whizz + a free phone = I’ll win Tattslotto this Saturday!

  207. Samantha Tynan says:

    Great idea more companies should do this. All updated and you never know it could be a even better bonus and win a prize πŸ™‚

  208. Mart says:

    Many thanks, great advice and incentives!

    Lets see you crack that password internet deviants.

    Yours securely,

  209. Michel says:

    Oh dear, I thought I was so clever using qwerty!!

  210. Regina Berk says:

    I just had my Password updated by Westnet. They gave me the most easiest you can think of. I am talking about the SSID and the WPA. Please let me know how to change them.
    Thank you

  211. Maxine boyd says:

    Good prompt. Remind us each quarter???

  212. Lindy says:

    Way to go Bec & iinet team

  213. Laura says:

    Been nearly 4years since changed my password, phone also in same condition.
    Tks for reminder

  214. Brian says:

    Just updated mine.

    I thought it would put paid to that annoying Toolbox message but no, looks like I will have to put up with that forever now.


  215. Bill. says:

    2hrs later…password changed…Modem password changed…Love this digital age[NOT]…Hope I at least get confirmation I’m in the draw…

  216. Malcolm Buchanan says:

    Can you use special characters such as # @ * ! in the password. There is no direction on the website that you can or can’t do this.

  217. carmel quinn says:

    How do I change my password I cant do it on the info u sent me carmel quinn

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Carmel,

      You can log in to Toolbox, with your iiNet username and current password, and click on ‘Account Tools’
      From there, you’ll have the option to click on “Change your password” and then either generate one or create your own.
      You may need to also update your modem log in details afterwards.

      If you face any problems, please call us on 13 22 58.

      – Amy

  218. Linda bono says:

    Thanks iinet you positively ROCK!
    Fabulous idea! Having the code generator helps me to keep my family safe online.I am telling everyone to use iinet.
    p’s would love a new fone

  219. Peter Hindle says:

    Excellent security advice. Thanks.
    Also new phone is needed as my iPhone 3GS had died after over 10 years of service so looking for a new phone.

  220. Connor McDonald says:

    So security is important to iinet ?

    How come then, when I phone iinet, they seem to *know* my password….Hmmm, that would suggest you are either

    a) storing it in clear in a database of yours, or
    b) storing it a format which has a decryption capability.

    both of which are considered ‘poor form’ when it comes to security. I’m hoping that’s not the case…

  221. Peter Hindle says:

    Great advice for security & need to replace dead iPhone 3GS

  222. Ivan says:

    I do keep my account secure and I do constantly update my password. I am so good in that. Really I am. Every time I create a new password it so good, so strong that even I can’t remember it ;(

  223. Duncan says:

    If only I did not have to give this password to staff when I call up. Obviously they can see it in the system (not encrypted). For me that is the biggest security risk of them all. Please explain.

    Consider my password changed though πŸ™‚

  224. Natascha says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I’ve updated my password. Handy to win a new phone too!

  225. Ivan says:

    Is this a scam? iiNet is Giving away a nice phone for what., for changing password??? Hmmm…
    I don’t get it…!?
    Listen up people, If this is true I would receive one, long time ago.
    I change my password almost on daily basis, religiously.
    My passwords are so good and so secure that even I can’t remember the darn thing.
    So how come iiNet hasn’t rewarded me already with nice new phone if they are concerned about security of their valued customers.
    I think it is scam

  226. Linda says:

    Thanks for helping me update my password. It’s been a few years, that’s for sure.

  227. Shai says:

    PSWD changed

    thx for the info

  228. Annette Scott says:


  229. Alan says:

    With so many people changing passwords you might want to fix this page up:

  230. Jay says:

    Password updated. A new phone would be handy

  231. Paul says:

    consider done, but I’ve forgotten it alreadyl… πŸ˜‰

  232. Audrey Brown says:

    problem with computer-generated passwords is that it is hard to remember. I have so many accounts with so many passwords, it is impossible.

  233. Richard says:

    I can’t change my password in Chrome. The password verification js fails.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Richard,

      If you are having trouble changing your password, feel free to call us to go through it with you on 13 22 58

      – Amy

  234. Trevor Hardy says:

    Wow a lot of whinging in here πŸ˜‰

    A suggestion for those who have difficulty remembering lots of passwords – get yourself a hardware encrypted USBFlash drive like those from IronKey or Kingston DataTraveller 4000, 5000 or 6000. You can store your passwords in an Excel or even text file and they will be impossible to retrieve for anyone without the flash drive’s password (particularly on the DT6000) (so you only need to remember one complex password to keep all your passwords in order).

    In response to the article by isn’t, sure this is basic recommended security practice, but it is utterly unrealistic for 99% of users. It is impossible to enforce in corporate enterprise where their jobs are on the line (hence the existence of passcards and RFID chipped dongles), so you can forget about home users doing more than just updating their passwords once or twice before losing interest.

    It is also essentially completely unnecessary for an ISP account, and smacks a bit of an attempt to offload (or at least share) responsibility for security. While my iiNet account has a decently complex password, if it is compromised it only affects my home Internet connection – I don’t use it for anything else and it could be reset trivially. I don’t see the point in anyone even attempting to compromise it, and the only way they could would be through some iiNet compromise anyway (brute force dictionary attack, but it would take decades, or access to compromised database, or social engineering). So if my password is compromised I’ll be asking you some awkward questions, iiNet.

    For the rest of you, don’t use your ISP password for anything else and you shouldn’t have to worry about it πŸ™‚

  235. Pete says:

    Hi There

    Have you stopped sending the passwords in clear text in email when someone claims to have forgotten theirs. A few years ago I was having trouble signing in and contacted support. They sent me an email with my password. Not very secure. And when I mentioned this in reply, there was no response back. Not much point in choosing a secure password if a snoop of email will find it.

    Please assure me you are now more secure.


  236. Derrick Nugara says:

    Changing my PW today.Good idea.

  237. ian says:

    Thanks for the reminder Bec. Changed as instructed and I now have my fingers crossed for the new phone.

  238. steve says:

    Bout time i changed mine,Thanks Bec

  239. Nick Janicaud says:

    Changed mine also .. Had it generated automatically .. feeling safe

  240. Richard Turnbull says:

    Your instructions didn’t say I had to change the password in my Mail app once I set it in the toolbox

  241. Vale Satori says:

    When I got this email I was going to trash it, then I thought again..
    security on-line IS important
    Thanks Vale

  242. Hugh V Wilson says:

    I never thought of this, I am now more security conscious
    thanks Hugh

  243. paul redfern says:

    my password hasn’t been compromised yet so ill just keep it. and steal some kids phone. lol

  244. Steve says:

    @Derek SM Cusick “I have nothing on my computer that is of any use to hackers”

    Article from 2009 on the ways your PC can be put to work by hackers to make them money:

  245. C T says:

    Why don’t they come up with fingerprint to access secure sites rather than creating all these passwords. Now there’s a future lucrative invention.

  246. Ray says:

    Okey dokey. I have changed my password and now await the gift that, too date, has never come.

  247. Terence says:

    I was going to change my password just so I was in the competition. After seeing all the comments from other people who want to win I’m not sure that I will have much of a chance to win.

    However, changing my password and as a result not being hacked is as good as winning the competition.

  248. Susan Tingey says:

    thanks for the update I changed my password would love to win a Samsung note πŸ™‚

  249. Susan Tingey says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the password I have changed my password ,would love to win Samsung note that would be fantastic thanks

    Sue πŸ™‚

  250. Asser Samak says:

    Just wondering why is it so important to keep the toolbox login details safe ? Can someone for example actually use my internet quota by logging in from somewhere else ? or will they just be able to access my information and hence manipulate/tamper with my service ?

    Many thanks

  251. Tania says:

    Very strong now, just need to remember it! Samsung phone come at me!

  252. Suzanne says:

    Do I have to tell you, via this page, that I have changed my password or will you automatically enter me into draw for phone if I go and change password now.

  253. Kevin Balshaw says:

    It is April, so who won them?

    Sods! Why didn’t I get one?

  254. S.Gonzales says:

    Done! I hope I win πŸ˜› goodluck!

  255. Lynette Sullivan says:

    changed my password – and what a pain that was! Had no idea I’d have to reconfigure so much other stuff. It took way too much time even though your staff were really helpful. Hope I win a nice new phone.

  256. ozcan says:

    Have we been heartbled, guys?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      No customer facing iiNet servers were identified as being vulnerable to Heartbleed.

      – Amy

  257. James says:

    Do you guys look at our passwords to determine who wins the competition? How safe can that be?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      No we don’t James.

      Our systems do tell us when you change your account details, but we do not see your password unless you give us verbal confirmation to do so.

      – Amy

  258. Michael says:

    Thank you for reminding me to update my password.It’s always good to have reminder of these things I’m getting a bit forgetful in my senior years. cheers.

  259. Hel says:

    I know lots of other people have asked this question but it still doesn’t seem to be answered.I’ve changed my password and tried to work out what it means by “you may need to change the password on your modem/router” but when I clicked the links one is the broken and the other takes me to instructions on how to set it all up but nothing on how to change the password. Scared to shut down now in case I can’t get back in. Does it have to be so hard? Couldn’t you just provide instructions for the whole process?

  260. stormy says: