Samsung Galaxy Note II and ATIV S Now Available


We’re pleased to announce that we now stock the latest handsets from Samsung – the Galaxy Note II and ATIV S. Packed full of features we’re sure they’re going to interest customers who love Samsung and those who have yet to own one.

And as if we aren’t excited enough already – one of them will run on the Windows operating system! So hold on to your seat while we take you through some of their key features.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

What do you do when you’ve created an amazing handset? Make it even better!

If you loved the innovation of the first Galaxy Note, you’re going to love the features of its big brother. Here are the key upgrades and what they mean for you.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II runs on the latest Android Operating System, Jelly Bean 4.1
  • Faster processing power at 1.6GHz Quad Core CPU, 533MHz GPU. What do all those fancy numbers mean? Faster Internet browsing, open apps quicker, and smoother transitions.
  • It’s slimmer than the previous Galaxy Note – 150.59 x 80.4 x 9.19mm – for a snug pocket-perfect fit.
  • A bigger display – 5.5” HD at 1280×720 pixels – creates a truly enjoyable Internet browsing experience. Catch up on social media, read the latest news and stream videos – all courtesy of Samsung’s Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display.
  • Whopping 2GB RAM – that’s twice as much as the first Galaxy Note!
  • The 8MP camera can now record HD video at 1.9MP – crisper clarity to capture those spontaneous moments.
  • Improved battery capacity at 3100mAh.
  • The S Pen has been improved with increased accuracy and detection. It also features Air View – look mum, no hands! Just hover the S Pen over the screen to use your email, watch videos and more.

Perfect for:

  • Those looking for an enhanced content experience. Browse and share photos, videos and pages from the Internet with those you love.
  • Business professionals who will benefit from the large screen: it’s perfect for reading documents and viewing presentations. With a super-fast processor the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the ideal smartphone to ensure you stay productive while away from the office.
  • At $33/month with a voice plan or $792 outright the Galaxy Note definitely gives you more bang for your buck!

From more detailed information on specifications please visit our website.

Samsung ATIV S

iiNet is proud to announce that the latest member to our smartphone family is a Windows enabled one! Yes, running Windows Phone 8, the Samsung ATIV S showcases a great set of features for all you Windows fans.

Welcome to Windows Phone 8

  • Live Tiles bring you automatic updates from anything and everything you’re interested in across the Web.
  • Live Apps make your Start Screen a home for all the info you need at hand.
  • Kids’ Corner lets you to choose the apps and games that your young ones can access.
  • The Windows Store has all the apps and games you’ll need to keep you entertained and informed.

Handset features include

  • 1.5GHz Dual Core Processors translates into smooth multi-tasking, fast browsing, real-time video streaming and premium mobile gaming!
  • Samsung’s Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display.
  • 1GB RAM and 16/32GB storage capacity.
  • Microsoft Office Preloaded means you can access MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel. View, edit and create documents on the go.
  • Use OneNote to keep yourself organized with everything (notes, photos, web clips, audio and video) in one place.

Perfect for:

  • Those who want a first-class Windows 8 experience.
  • This handset is all about business – access all your documents, get organised and stay connected with your team.
  • Stay in touch with loved ones via email, messaging, and social media.
  • For only $25/month with a voice plan or $600 outright the Samsung ATIV S is a smart choice for those on the move.

From more detailed information on specifications please visit our website here.

4G Plans coming soon

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has 4G capability and we will soon offer applicable 4G plans – so stay tuned for more details!

Are you thinking of upgrading your smartphone to one of these beauties? What features are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Louise says:

    hi just wondering if you have a date on the galaxy 4? and what existing customers are to do about upgrading?

    • Natalie Marinho says:

      Hi Louise. We’ll be offering the Galaxy S4 soon – keep an eye on our Facebook page as well as here at the iiNet Blog, for more information.

  2. John Lunnon says:

    I recently acquired a Galaxy Note 2.
    I have played with it constantly now for 2 days. It has so many features and is so easy to use. It is good to finally be getting some platforms to compete with Apple that are as/more functional and cheaper…

    • Natalie Marinho says:

      Hi John. Thanks very much for your feedback on the Note 2. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the experience. Cheers, Natalie (Communications Officer, iiNet)

  3. I have my home phone and computer(windows 8) on aapt at $100 per month. I want to add a mobile phone to this plan. what is your CHEAPEST plan and what is bundled into your plan.?

    What is your cheapest mobile phone? I like your new Samsung Galaxy, for windows 8 but it is expensive for the limited use I have for a mobile.
    Thank you. james.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi James,

      Our cheapest Mobile Voice Plan starts at $10 per month as well as our cheapest mobile handset on a 24 month repayment option, the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It may be worth giving our billing team a call on 13 22 58 to see just what’s available and most suitable to your needs and usage.

  4. Ariel says:

    iinet is being provided access to Telstra’s net. Will we get access to Telstra’s net also at mine’s site by the way?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Ariel,

      For mobile service (mobile voice and mobile broadband, 3G/4G) we use the Optus network to provide coverage. You can check if you’re in a reception area on our coverage map.

      We do resell Telstra landline and ADSL (when our own equipment isn’t available) but not for mobile services.


  5. Dale Carroll says:

    Is it possible to trade my S3 and upgrade to the Note 2 without significant costs

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Dale,

      Currently there are no upgrade paths for users of iiNet handsets to other handsets.


  6. Pete says:

    4G, thats what I am waiting for. I was just about to switch to virgin since they are wholesaling the same 4G network. Any time frame? Should I stick with my 2 iinet plans?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Pete,

      We have 4G business fleet plans now available and existing customers can now change to 4G residential plans through Toolbox (public notification of residential 4G plans hopefully coming tomorrow).


  7. Chris says:

    Any chance you will be offering the xperia active? It sounds like a great phone but I cannot find anyone who stocks it at the moment.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Chris,

      We don’t have any currently public plans to introduce new phones (the Galaxy S4 being the most recent). If we do, it’s likely we’ll announce them here on the iiNet blog, or on our Facebook/Twitter pages.


  8. con veneris says:

    Please tell me about a cheap plan?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Con,

      It depends what you’re looking for, if you’re after one of our newest handsets you can get the ATIV S for $25/month or the Galaxy Note II for $33/month, both on a 24 month contract. You’ll also need one of our SIM plans that start at $10 per month.

  9. meena mathew says:

    i was wondering what offers there are for existing customers with regard to mobile phones?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Meena,

      Existing customers have access to the same range of plans and handsets that our current customers do as well. If you’re looking to enhance your existing value, you could look at an iiNet Combo to bundle your phone, internet and mobile into one.


  10. Jon Wilson says:

    I travel a lot in country regions so coverage is probably the most important feature for me. I currently use a Telstra phone that is “Blue Tick” rated but it is by no means smart – technically it has Internet connectivity but, boy, is it slow. Coverage is great. Question (finally!), what is iiNet’s best offer for my needs?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Jon,

      All our plans run on the Optus 3G/4G network, so we recommend checking the coverage map on our site to make sure the device meets your needs. When choosing a plan, make sure you look at your current and estimated uses of calls, SMS and data to help pick the plan that matches your needs. Also be aware that if you’re moving to a smartphone you may start using more data with the new features they provide.

      When choosing a handset, look at the features you need, the specification of the device and your price range. For example; Galaxy Note II has a heap of features, but may be a bit big for some pockets.


  11. Jeff says:

    Do you have a comparison guide to assist making a choice between the Galaxy S4 and the Note 2?

  12. piroska says:

    Igot a Samsung galaci 4 dual I phon. At the
    moment difficult to use it. Lots of time no
    connection. Will I be use it better when your galaci 4 arriving?? Piroska

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Piroska,

      If you already have a Samsung Galaxy 4, you do not need to purchase one of ours. It should also perform properly if you are using an iiNet SIM.