Behind the Scenes with the Content Team

by Robert Buckler

iiNet is pretty well known for their offering of unique and quirky free content. Making it available to our customers comes from a dedicated group of nine people who constantly scout around for new things to add to our Freezone, fetchtv or our 3FL gaming site. My job is to keep all these things in check and spread the news to customers and across the business whenever we have something new and exciting.

While I wouldn’t mind a bit of regularity to my job, the fast-paced and unpredictable path each day takes can be very rewarding. This week for instance, I’ve been rushing around to ensure we’re able to get Manchester United Live to air on fetchtv. This has meant making sure all is in place technically with fetchtv and that our team is happy with the new channel. The next thing on the list is organising emails to be sent to 40,000 customers eligible for fetchtv. The other area we worked through this week, in conjunction with the Communications Team, was getting our brand new fetchtv newsletter out to fetchtv subscribers. ‘On the box’ provides our customers with all the latest information on the greatest movies, channels and tips for their fetch service.

For the most part I’m pretty sure what my day will encompass and how much time I’ll have to get things done, but more often than not we’ll have an opportunity presented to us that we need to get onto immediately. So everything else takes a back seat for a little while. But if we didn’t work like that we couldn’t, without warning, give you live streaming of something like the Miss Universe parades, live concerts and sporting events– so the system works.

But that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Soon I’ll be coordinating with the content team members looking after fetchtv and the third-party FetchTV stakeholders to develop a new interface for the set top box. With all of our ideas up in the air we will be working with FetchTV to create an even better customer experience by integrating iiNet products with the services such as online vault and VOIP.
Currently we have our developers working on the technical side of things and our creative heads thinking up cool things to put on the new fetchtv. Things like fetchtv news, news feeds, weather and horoscopes will be live soon.

Shortly, I will be heading off for the fetchtv road show (visiting all the iiNet offices to show everyone all the new features) which will take up quite a bit of my time though. So before I head out to the wide open spaces I need to check in with Scott Rose who looks after the 3FL gaming network and make sure he’s keeping it filled with up-to-date gaming content on a daily basis, check in with Garth Haseldine and his team working on the Freezone and ensure our ideas to stream live music concerts, award shows and sporting events are ready to be put into play. And most of all make sure we are on track for our big plans with fetchtv.

I’ll admit my job is probably one of the cooler ones. Spending my time thinking about television, music and movies is a brilliant way to spend most of my day. If you’d like to see some of the cool stuff my team and I pull together for iiNet, check out the Freezone, fetchtv and 3FL – there’s bound to be something on there you like.

One comment

  1. scott says:

    I love the fact that even though iinet, seems to have taken the number two position, in Australia’s dsl broadband landscape. It’s nice to see one of the “big boys”, giving something back to the people.
    I love My freezone, yes it may be quirky, a little left of centre, and some of the programs do leave me scratching my head just a little at times, but in all honestly the pros do out weight the cons, by a rather significant degree, and with more and more content making its way onto the freezone network, I am one little happy camper.

    Well almost one happy little camper, I must admit with no small amount of disheartenment, that I wish iinet, would stop advertising and spruiking on their blogs, and in general expound the virtues of their fetch tv2 service, now don’t me wrong.
    I have read all the material, I have seen the ads, I have perused, the offerings, and talked over the possibilities of exchanging our current pay TV service, to the newer (and cheaper I might add) fetch TV2 service, with my wife, all with great gusto and enthusiasm, only to be sadly disheartened, and more than a little dismayed to find out that our local little exchange, while offering a reasonable broadband 1 plan, cannot and will not support, the newer fetch TV 2 service.
    Now I will be the first to acknowledge that there are significant benefits, to having adsl2 and fetch tv2 in let’s says higher density (read subscribers) area, and at the end of the day iinet is indeed a business, that provides a service, and expects a return (profit) of their investments. I get that I really do, but as a lowly little subscribe, caught in a “between area”, (we have adsl2 both in the exchanges to the north and to the south of us, and both of them are fetch tv2 enabled, plus up and delivering.)
    You can’t help but feel like a very small fish in a very big profit driven pond, that just keeps getting overlooked time and time again, To that end I have all but given up scrutinizing iinet’s site, that tells of the exchanges that are to be upgraded, as my exchange never seems to make the grade, because of what I assume is that very same profit to subscribe ration that I have already mentioned.
    Which is disheartening, but more importantly and this is something that the bean counters cannot ignore, is the fact that you ready have a subscriber that is willing to, and one can almost say begging to have another add-on sale added to his account, yet has no means to achieve that goal, it is not very often in my experience that the customer goes looking to the store to have additional products added to his bill, yet here is one. (And I may be one of many in shall we say less than profitable exchanges.)
    So all I can say to iinet, at the moment is by all means expand you content, add to freezone with wild abandonment, and certainly invest in the newer technologies, that can and should keep you at the razors edge of innovation in Australia’s dsl market , but in all that, please take a little heart with your advertising that promises much to the masses to appease their seemingly insatiable appetite for content, but cannot deliver on that promise to one lowly little subscriber, that so desperately wants what he cannot have.