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Everyone is different

We understand that not all of our customers are alike. For some of you, the Internet remains an unexplored wilderness requiring navigation with the help of a trusty guide (preferably not wearing one of those wide- brimmed safari hats). Whilst for others, you’ve never had to learn the library’s Dewey Decimal System thanks to your ol’ pal Google being the font of all knowledge (especially when it comes to cats).

No matter where you sit on the technology spectrum, we’re always striving to offer meaningful products and awesome award winning customer service. To help continue this, we want to get to know our customers a little better. This is where you come in!

Share your opinion

We’d love to hear about your attitudes towards technology and the ‘net, so we’ve put together a short (yet sweet) survey – complete with snazzy illustrations for your viewing entertainment. It really is the most fun you can have with a mouse, and it would put big smiles on everyone here if you could take a few minutes to share your opinions.

We always like to say thanks for filling out surveys, and this is no exception. Simply complete the survey by 11th November 2013 and you’ll be entered into our exciting prize draw:

  • 3 lucky winners will receive a brand spankin’ new Samsung Galaxy S4 – that’s right, the smartest new mobile phone on the block!
  • 200 customers will each win a pair of special edition, money-can’t-buy, iiNet or Westnet socks! Colourful, comfy and stripey – they tick all the boxes when it comes to sock fashion.

The survey is accessed via your Toolbox page, or My Accounts page if you’re a Westnet customer – so you can rest assured knowing it’s secure and all answers remain confidential.

What are you waiting for? Get clicking!

This survey is open to iiNet customers through Toolbox and Westnet customers through My Accounts page. Everyone who completes the survey for the first time during the promotion period of 15th October and 11th November 2013 will be entered into our awesome prize draw! 

The survey has been tested to run on all standard browser types and platforms. If you encounter any difficulty completing the survey, please contact support.


A big thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! Those who completed the survey for the first time, were eligible to win some great prizes.

Major prize winners who have each won a Samsung Galaxy S4 handset:

  • M Stojko, VIC
  • L Amos, QLD
  • K Stuart, WA

Minor prize winners of a pair of groovy socks will receive an email notification this week.

Although the competition has closed, you’re still more than welcome to complete the survey.


  1. Donna May says:

    I visited the iinet store in Subiaco for the first time today. I really enjoyed the experience. It was relaxed and friendly. All the staff were very helpful. It is good to see that customer service (face to face) is alive a well. Keep up the good work Iinet.

    • Natalie Marinho says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for visiting our store. Glad to hear you had such a great experience.

      Natalie (iiNet, Communications Officer)

    • Johnny Staltari says:

      They are number 1 in service. I’ll give them that! Staff always friendly and happy to help, wish some banks were that good!

  2. Steve says:

    Not sure this survey is working on Chrome.

    Overall I like iiNet and appreciate the upgrades my account has received (downloads and speed) without having to ask for them (Telstra wants an argument before they will upgrade anything).

    What I don’t like is your change management, you are terrible at handling a change of address or something similar. Your support people are rushing out ‘solutions’ rather than sorting through all of the information to really fix a problem.

  3. Your iinet day was a great success it was 10/10.
    Thank you for your support and your generosity
    during the day.
    Thank you for reading this email
    Kind Regards
    Bernadette Burns

    • Natalie Marinho says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      Thank you for your lovely feedback. We’re glad you enjoyed the day. We certainly did!

      Natalie (iiNet, Communications Officer)

  4. Mr Erminio Di Silvio says:


    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Erminio,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are aware the webmail button on the customer home page is not working as intended and are presently having this rectified by our developers.

      In the meantime, you can still log in by either directly navigating to the webmail page or by logging via the “Log in to” menu located at the top of our site.


  5. Jeff Moore says:

    Just like to pass on my thanks as I recently contacted Westnet to inquire about my internet and phone bundle. I got a lovely young woman by the name of Channel who dealt with my query with a manner and professionalism I can not commend highly enough. And she managed to save me $30 a month on a new plan to boot!
    Well done.

  6. Marlene says:


    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Marlene,

      We think that type of competition is a great way to succinctly describe your thoughts in a creative way and helps determine those who’d like to win the most.


  7. carmel quinn says:

    I am happy with the service I get from iinet

  8. Gabe Procino says:

    Iinet representatives very helpful and apologetic when I have a problem with my mobile phone.

  9. Kay Shipley says:

    Sadto say my experience is not good and I’m looking for an address for complaints.

  10. Terry says:

    My family joined Wantree sometime prior to iinet started (and I excuse those who say “so what”).

    I feel that those of us who fully supported iinet when it began do not feel any local WA support in todays world “that we are being left out”, in support of Financial Profits.

    Why? is the IINET logo on the Hawthorn Footy team Jumpers?

    Why? are WE ‘who have fully supported finacially – IINET over the years’ not offered ‘any’ discounts or [deals] for loyalty’.

    No! I will NOT change to another server….

    But Why??????? are we ignored for our loyalty.

  11. Peter Lawless says:

    I still have outstanding issues regarding receiving multiple tax invoices (Task No. 225819113). No-one replied to my last email, and I’ve noticed on “My Account”, the enquiry had been closed, and yet I still continues to receive multiple invoices.
    What an administration cost to iinet/Westnet which has to be passed on somewhere.
    Does anyone ever read the entire email task record? Does Chelsea Grey really exist? How are “tasks” closed without being resolved?
    Usually I have excellent service from Westnet, but this experience has – and continues to be – frustrating.
    But, I/we will still stick with you and continue to praise all other aspects of your service. Thank you.

  12. Terry says:

    Further explanation – My family paid to join Wantree, which was ok, ‘way back when’ then iinet took over.

    It was when iinet purchased Wantree that the loyaty seemed to go from those users of Wantree.

    yes! I know Loyalty means nothing in todays world but?

  13. William says:

    All good

  14. Carol Shue says:

    Was expecting a call back today with regards to upgrading our plan, but did not receive one which is unusual for iinet. Your company is usually bang on when it comes to follow-through, and I have recommended iinet to many people. I am sure the error will be picked up by someone.
    Carol Shue

  15. paul sims says:

    Just moved house and transfered iinet to new location also. The distance from phone/internet to power source and onto fetch tv box require some very long leads that I am not really too keen on purchasing. I have 3 young children, who would have a great time pulling at these leads. So it looks likely that the best, the cheapest, and safest option is to not have any access to the Internet. This is not the fault of iinet, but my fault in my choice of rental property.

    • Michelle says:

      We have a netgear wireless receiver plugged into the back of our fetch box and have done for the last 2 and a half years and it works perfectly. We did it for just that reason.

  16. Soria Kalkan says:

    I can’t see the link for the survey? Please help, as I missing it or not seeing it..

    Thank you

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Soria,

      Jump into your Toolbox, on the left hand side, you will see a panel saying “Me, Myself and The Interwebs”.
      Click on that and fill in the details.

      Good Luck!


  17. T Hasarliev says:

    I have been with iinet for almost 9 years. With some rare exceptions my experience has been positive. I would recommend iinet (and I have, on several occasions) as a reliable and responsible service provider.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Robert Moore says:


  19. uyen loewald says:

    After interminable frustration with other services, iiNet has surprised with continuous satisfaction and continual upgrading. I have enjoyed fast NBN service even before the Federal Government commitment to it.

    iiNet cost is reasonable, its service is quick and effective. I have recommended iiNet to my friends and colleagues.

  20. Christine Huet says:

    Found that Iinet are one of the most honest and trustworthy companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with …keep up the good work


  21. Harjit says:

    Hi,I am using this service long time.i had chat with customer care.they. Have been good in there service.

  22. Mollie Gray says:

    I am a 75 year old female. I have found the internet with iinet an inspiration completely carefree.
    Your service people are excellent
    My internet and phones are A1
    I have been using other providers for about 15 years
    So I think I am qualified to compare
    We’ll done iinet

  23. Cheryl pelly says:

    l would like to comment that as a Westnet customer of fifteen years, l am at the point of having to recycle positive feedback.
    Never have you left in mind to leave any negative feedback.
    so, once again, l am happy to say ” thank you, your customer service and tech support is the best. l have tried the rest, you guys ( and gals ) are the best. :-)

  24. R M Rosauro says:

    Thank you so much for good support, it’s good to know you’re just a phone call away

  25. Robert Carter says:

    I had 35 years with Telstra in the technical management area and on retirement was the national administrator of one of their major projects.

    After much research I became an iinet customer because of its reputation.
    The courtesy and service has been absolutely wonderful.
    Even when I was reaching download limits due to massive updates, iinet contacts me and when I explained, apologised for “nuisance messages”.
    Don’t stop!
    The changes to technology never cease to amaze me and I like it. iinet keeps abreast of these changes.
    Hopefully one day I will have optic fibre connection.
    Keep it up.

  26. Robert Carter says:

    I had 35 years with Telstra in the technical management area and on retirement was the national administrator of one of their major projects.

    After much research I became an iinet customer because of its reputation.
    The courtesy and service has been absolutely wonderful.
    Even when I was reaching download limits due to massive updates, iinet contacts me and when I explained, apologised for “nuisance messages”.
    Don’t stop!
    The changes to technology never cease to amaze me and I like it. iinet keeps abreast of these changes.
    Hopefully one day I will have optic fibre connection.
    Keep it up.

  27. Laurie Comerford says:

    If you don’t own a mobile phone, it seems the only way to log in is via Email.

    How do you do that?

    Is this the survey or what?

    I’m totally confused by this process.

    I’m unsure how I’ll ever get back here, so could you send a reply by email.


    Laurie Comerford

  28. Tom says:

    Hi Charisse,

    As a long-standing customer, I would love to take the survey, so I logged onto Toolbox.

    Where on earth is it hiding?

    I have several comments about BoB2 as well.

    BTW, my partner would love a new Samsung S4. Her current Samsung is almost 8 years old. Rather an antique now!

    Take care


    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your enthusiasm!

      Jump into toolbox and it is just under your details on the left.
      Click on the image that says, “Me Myself and the Interwebs”

      Good luck!!


  29. Barrie McIntyre says:

    Hi guys, the best thing we have ever done computer wise was to join westnet years ago. We have found the service to be of a high calibre & when required the help service to be friendly & super efficient. Indeed for a couple of amateurs we appreciate the professional response to any of our enquiries when problems have arisen. Good show & thanks. Regards Barrie & Mary.QLD.

  30. Michael Gray says:

    Been with Iinet for about five years now moved house three times just wish NBN was in all places maybe Iinet could work a bit closer with them to service there customers been good so far

  31. Noel Gray says:

    You seem alert to customers’troubles,so, since I am unable to visit your store, I would appreciate your advice re a hand-held computer-
    phone. Thank you for your pamphlet.
    PS. I often power-cycle & find it most useful.

  32. mick mckay says:

    I have been an iinet customer for 2 1/2 years and have always been happy with support and pricing . BUT , due to the failing infrastructure , that telstra wont upgrade while waiting to see how the NBN pans out , in our rural town , and im sure we are by far , not the only town , we are not getting the bandwidth we pay for .

  33. anne says:

    spain not included stay with skype see me ok

  34. jennifer says:

    when i ring westnet staff on the phone they are always nice and hlepful

  35. Greg says:

    where do I find the survey in Toolbox?

  36. after successful many years with your company

    wish to continue forever with you

  37. Jamie Wall says:

    Hi, Just like to say thanks for your customer service its good to talk to a human directly and they are always polite, i have been with you guys now for 7 1/2 years now and thoroughly recommend iinet to anyone, keep up the great work.
    Cheers Jamie Wall.

  38. Denise Connor says:

    I have been with iinet for a long time…I have always had the best service from them…I will never change to another carrier….My inquiries are always answered promptly….I would recommend to everyone that iinet is the best you can get..

  39. NOEL CARTER says:

    Hi, All

    The survey is accessed via your Toolbox page.

    I can’t locate that survey; where is it?

    BTW I have to take umbrage at the practice of using expressions, such as “human check’, as most times it’s unreadable, and I get it wrong, and have to go back for more attempts. Isn’t there an easier, less insulting way of establishing identity. What’s wrong with using a password?
    I like to think that I’m human; I was the last time I looked!


  40. We cannot speak highly enough of your team. When we first moved to our new apartment and set up the internet, phone etc, we had numerous and very frustrating problems. Thanks to the patience, thorough attention and assistance of Laine,Cuan,Hamish,Sophie, Mun and others to whom we spoke, all of these problems were resolved and all is well.

    Thank you all for a job well done and keep up the good work.

    Peter and Joan

  41. Ben Compaan says:

    You ask to do the survey, yet can not open anywhere to do the survey–is this a trick survey ?????????

    • Amy Pearce says:

      It’s no trick, Ben!!

      Jump into MyAccount, under the ‘your details’ section on the left, there will be an image with the words, “Me, Myself and the Interwebs”.
      Click on that image and fill in your details.

      If you have anymore trouble, give us a call on 13 22 58.


  42. Rachel Clarke says:

    We are so happy with iinet with three at Uni one in high school and one in primary school our $69.95 per month has everyone covered. Even the late night gaming by the boys is all good. Thank you iinet

  43. daniel ramirez says:

    thank you iinet for my home phone and net package when everyone else failed me you guys didn’t im thankful and a loyal customer for life

  44. Primesh Solanki says:

    Im very happy in day one being with iinet not only im getting fast speed net but have naked dsl with fetch tv with worlds best entertainment pack rightat home online quick responce customer service with such dedicated staff im extemely happy being with iinet for long time now & looking for long term commitment keep it up only thing I now lack is S4 from iinet. Thank you for best serice & super simple clean webpage access & freezone section.

  45. Neil Sweetman says:

    If this is the survey it seems simple enough for even a dinosaur like me to do .I have got no idea where my toolbox is so I can only assume that this box is for the replies . Thanks for including me even though I am not techno savvy . Seeya Neil

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Howdy Neil,

      In Toolbox, underneath your details, you’ll see a box that has a picture saying, “Me Myself and the Interwebs”
      Click on that and fill in your details. Easy!!

      Thanks for the comment :)

  46. Ann Reed says:

    Whilst we have had problems in the past, iinet is working OK now. We are very pleased with our BoB system. Nothing in this world is perfect but iinet are striving to make it so.

  47. Craig Beasy says:

    I have found the inept website really easy to use. It isn’t grossly cluttered like other websites, easy, quick navigation is essential for me to do what I need to do, without too much delay, & then move on to far more interesting, riveting things that I really enjoy.

    When I’m on such utility website I consider my visit like a business transaction. Get it done asap & move on to simpler daily pleasures of life. iinet, either website or phone service are significantly better when it comes to customer service!

  48. Craig Beasy says:

    My apologies to iinet; in my 1st commentary, the dread auto correction of my iPad sneakily changed iinet to inept. No offence or insulted intended.

  49. mick stojanovski says:

    Nothing but good experience for the last five years with iinet
    Thanks hips

  50. Kaye Brown says:

    Being in my 70’s, I’m so grateful to have be computer literate for many years now. Only use my laptop and small, insignificant mobile phone, but during my husband’s recent illness, which included trips to the city etc., I’d have been completely lost without them. Come on you oldies….get with it!, or you’ll be completely lost in the future. Thanks iinet. You are a great service provider. Kaye

  51. Kaye Brown says:

    Sorry….meant to type ‘been computer literate’………….should have proof read before submitting!

  52. Dawn Frappell says:

    Since joining iinet I have had the comfort of knowing that whatever the problem or whenever it occurs a person at iinet will be there to sort it out with courtesy and good cheer.

  53. Peter Garrett says:

    Just wanted to say when ever I’ve had a query or problem, the Westnet staff have been prompt and helpful with any type of issue. Thanks.

  54. Simone says:

    Ive been with iinet for a couple of years now & cant fault them! If ever theres been a problem the guys on the other end of the line have been quick to sort it out! Fantastic customer service! Thank you.

  55. james lynch says:

    I am 72 years old and unfortunately missed all the training the young ones got.

    Only use the internet for Emails, pay bills and look up information.

    However, i do find everything works well, even though I have problems keeping up with all the passwords.

    Jim Lynch

  56. David McKay says:

    Hi and thank you to the team for the service over the last how many years?? I’m too old I forget….But to receive an email advising I might be using more than I normally do on my phone is great , just the little touches that please.

    Kind Regards

  57. Leanne Clancy says:

    Every time I’ve rang iinet whether it’s been a billing problem or internet/phone problem it has always been sorted with friendly people. I’ve never had that with other companies. I’m staying with iinet. Extremely happy customer here!

  58. Paul Carius says:

    I have my internet & email with iiNet
    ( powerup). The reason that I remain with iiNet is your customer service standards & focus. The few times that I have needed your help,it has been prompt and complementry to the callers level of expertise. Also the principle of calling back rather than make the caller wait on Stes you apart from many other Service Providors. Keep up that customer focus.

  59. Darrel Poulier says:

    On clicking the “Customer Survey” link, I am directed to this page with nowhere else to go.

    I would like to complete the survey.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Darrel,

      Which link are you clicking?
      If you navigate to your MyAccount and click on the picture underneath your details on the left hand side, you can enter your details there.


  60. Pat says:

    I cannot find the survey from the iinet toolbox?
    Also, where do you publish the winners of the competition?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hey Pat,

      The link to the survey should be on the left hand side under your customer information. Winners will be published in a blog update soon!


  61. terry gardner says:

    When are we going to get full country coverage

  62. I have been with west net for 5 years, and I am so glad that I went with them, it is a joy to receive help with there helpline they are always so helpful and will stay with you till your problem is solved, I Love our monthly emails to catch up on all the new gear that is coming to us.
    Thank you again.

  63. Marlene Joan Mackay says:

    I find the best facet of iinet is when you rings for assistance and there is a number of calls waiting prior to you, you have the option of leaving your number and they will call you back. You do not lose your place in the queue! Excellent service everyone.

  64. Mike quayle says:

    I love iinet and it’s great service. Keep up the good work


  65. Graham Smith says:

    Thank you for your assistance with my
    email situation recently also for helping
    me clean up my computer.

  66. Michael Harford says:

    My old mobile phone died, so I went to the iinet shop in Subiaco and bought a Samsung Galaxy ACE GTS which I enjoy using as a phone. I can also play games on it. I would like to have a machine on which I can use email contacts.

  67. Larry says:

    I really like IINET coming from AAPT but with that said I find that DODO & TPG have a better selection and offers of items when you join them. I get all the help I need from IINET and I am about to renew a two year contract but I am not sure with who as yet, but thanks anyway doing a good job.

  68. Tessy Olivier says:

    I have been very pleased with the service I have received since connecting to IINET, they are thorough and very help and polite. Keep up the good work. I would change my provider for any other although I keep getting asked with some deals to tempt me and I tell them I am quite happy with IINET

  69. service when haveing problems is clear , friendly and accurate. never had a bad experience in 3 years.

  70. neville howard says:

    I have been with iinet for over 10 years. But the support has lost the plot. Open a task and it gets closed a day later for no reason. Have a problem with my connection and everyone else in my suburb has the same problem and iinet overseas support says “soory cannot fix unless you agree to pay”. Loss phone, Internet and voip. Call iinet many times on a mobile, some calls are long, no effect. Call Telstra and they fix it. No refund from iinet for calls or loss of service.

    I would like to know how I can call someone in Australia who cares.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Neville,

      iiNet call centres ‘Follow the Sun’ to ensure your call is answered 24/7.
      So, instead of having someone come in at 4am, we have placed call centres in not only Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, but also in Cape Town and Auckland to carry the load!
      We think it’s great, and I can assure you, we all care about our customers the same! :)

      In regards to the fault lodging process, sometimes an incorrect call-out fee or ICF, will be charged after we lodge a fault for you and there is not fault found by the technician.
      This does not happen every time, but we do need you to agree to that charge in case it does occur.
      It appears in this instance, there was indeed a fault, so we would not have charged you ICF.

      To speak with one of our Customer Service Reps, please call 13 22 58 24/7


  71. Denise Durrant says:

    I rang & spoke to Sas, who was delightful & was totally honest about whether I should change or keep my account as it is. She advised my to keep it as it was as it covered everything I needed to do on it. Wonderful service. I forgot to ask about an S4 for a mobile phone I want to buy for me, as in Hedland they all appeared to be over $600 – any specials on these?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Denise,

      At the moment the prices for mobile handsets are set and cannot be lowered any further. Prices do change when the time comes however, and we recommend checking back in future for any changes.


  72. Roma Dix says:

    I love Westnet. I hear friends talking of their server and they are not looked after as I am. The staff are inevitably young, tall, dark and handsome and so helpful and friendly. and patient. They never mind that I am old and slow and have to ask them to repeat what they say. Keep it up. You are great

  73. yvonne jenkins says:

    Sorry I missed your open day I was lucky enough to be holidaying in Vietnam. I am 65 worked on a computer retired, but not IT literate at all. Your staff are always very helpful. I must make sure I come to your next open day. There are many people like me who would love to become competent.



  74. damien grace says:

    I think the net is great – it allows me to search for anything I need to know about projects that I tackle and need help with the only thing is technology is growing at a rapid rate – we should slow down a bit, a lot of people are being effected with machines taking over their roles at work.

  75. Shane says:

    IInet makes surfing and finding information on all kinds of topics easy and fast

  76. Mike Wagner says:

    I have been a member/customer of iinet since
    the begining/when it was wontree.
    It is a great organisation; well run; well
    presented and IT IS CUSTOMER FRIENDLY !!!

    True regards
    Mike Wagner

  77. Alan McKinnon says:

    I cannot find where to answer the survey

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Alan,
      The Survey is in Toolbox, on the left hand side underneath ‘your details’
      Just click on the picture (me, myself and the interwebs) and fill out the survey.


  78. Wendy Addy says:

    I couldn’t be without IInet to help and guide me through any problems that may occur especially being a Senior!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  79. I’ve tried three times to log into Toolbox to complete your survey and it keeps refusing me. I’ve also had you check my password and it is correct. This is not the first time iinet login has not worked for me.
    Very frustrating.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hello Christine,

      If you are having issues with your password, give us a call (13 22 58) and we can help you either log in or reset it.
      You have until the 11th to fill out the survey and enter into the competition.


  80. MAUREEN says:

    Just wanted to thank Westnet for quickly fixing my mobile sim card issue.

  81. brian schurr says:

    Isn’t about time you told us what was going to happen when the NBN comes to our door? I don’t want a faster connection I an quite happy as I am.

  82. colin bartlett says:

    being a bit old in the tooth when some thing goes wrong with my computer its always good to ring up and get help from your lovely staff.thank you to all concerned.

  83. phill says:

    thanks for your great service westnet and iinet always sadisfy thanks phillip warren

  84. I enjoy reading your news letter and seeing what the others write as well keep the newsletter going.

  85. Recently had problems with our wireless setup, but a quick replacement with”Bob” solved our problems – now thoroughly enjoy using iinet Webmail which I find superior to others I have used.

  86. Mark Pearce says:

    Why is my “Super-Fast” ADSL2 broadband service slower than dialup?….

    Why DOES iinet throttle down torrent downloads when I pay good money for MY 250gb?….

    Last time I called to complain about my slow service I was told I would have to pay for the technicians time If nothing was found wrong at your end.

    Is that your initial response to complaints of slow service, in an attempt to make the complaint go away?….

    Unless my speeds increase to an acceptable level you can have your BOB2 back and I’m cancelling my service!

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Mark,

      Slow speed can be caused by a number of things.
      Support is the best people to talk to about these issues, they can go through some troubleshooting with you and we can work out the cause of the issue.

      You can also check out our iiHelp section of our website.

      Let us know how you go!

      13 22 58

  87. Ddianne Gilmour says:

    Thanks Westnet.

    Great service, fantastic communication, great guys helping with any sort of problems.

    Have a great rest of the week-end.



  88. Alan says:

    I have been a naked dsl customer for nearly 2 years and we love the package free local & STD calls Internet and Fetch a great entertainment and communications package :)

  89. Craig Cooley says:

    Have been with iinet for over 7 years far the best isp out there will bend over backwoods to help you out 11 out of 10 keep up with the good work

  90. Alan Hortin says:

    After 15 years with iiNet I still am completely satisfied with the service and operating experience. Rarely have a problem and when this does happen, I ring for help and the staff have been absolutely wonderful.

  91. justine says:

    Hi Guys,
    What a lovely refreshing change it is dealing with the iinet team. No longer deal I deal with robots reading from a script but people who really know their stuff…and they follow up.

    Well done

  92. I believe IINET is a great service provider and recommend it to all my family and friends. Excellent service, fast speed and great value for money.

  93. I find IInet a great service provider. Excellent service ,fast speed and great value for money
    Best regards Helen

  94. Bulldust says:

    Been with you guys/gals for a few years now. Overall it has been a very good experience. Network stability was a tad touich and go in the past with the winter’s first rains, but that problem seems to have disappeared in recent years.

    Customer service also was a bit meh back 4-5 years ago but it has come ahead in leaps and bounds (not that I have had to call in a year or so).

    Didn’t know there was an iiNet shop … may have to take a look.

    PS> Mike Malone, keep fighting the good fight … your philosophy is win.

  95. Dearna Roberts says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE iinet :)

  96. Pierina Frisina says:

    I have been with iinet for many years, and as an older person have always had assistance and courtesy from all staff even though my questions were sometimes stupid. Even when I went ovdrsea they were always helpful.

    Thank you iinet.

  97. Mark Minnis says:

    I use IINET and I work from home. I am very happy with the service but can’t wait for the NBN roll out. The sooner the better.

  98. Helen says:

    We have been with Iinet now for a long time and we love your service . We are a family that spen a lot of time online Iinet rocks when it comes to service and problem solving

  99. Don Wishart says:

    I have been with westnet till I moved to the east coast then I updated to iinet and I have no complaints whatso ever the team have always been polite helpful and always got me out of trouble , sometimes by my own fault but hey the world is far from perfect keep up the good work iinet (westnet)
    Don (Brisbane)

  100. Louise says:

    Hi I lost my Samsung galaxy s3 and wanted to know does the Samsung warranty cover loss. I also tried to sign up for a new phone but was told I had to do a new plan and new number. I don’t want this is there anyway I can get around this.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Louise,

      Sorry to hear about you losing your phone.
      I don’t know what I’d do without mine. It’s like another limb!

      Unfortunately, the Samsung warranty covers all manufacturer related issues not including loss or damage.
      I have heard of some customers putting it on their home and contents insurance. Maybe give them a call and have a chat about it.

      You can add another handset to your current mobile voice service, but first you will have to pay off the current handset.
      Jump in to your Toolbox to make an advanced payment any time.


  101. Jean Allan says:

    I have had so much trouble with my Telstra Tablet–not letting me SEND emails with wireless connection(but can receive)Westnet(Glen) spent so much time, patience and kindness with me yesterday, that I am forever grateful. Always get help from Westnet..that is why I stay with Westnet. AND the problem was fixed.

  102. Sue Wilson says:

    I have been associated with your company for quite a long time and so far no complaints. Great value for money and beats the pants of the big boys too!

  103. kathryn j says:

    I would like to thank you for all the help I have received since I have moved to iinet service, I do find some of the technology hard to understand, and working out all the different plans is a bit of a mine field for me, but the service I have received is the best I have ever received regarding my phone and internet.

    Kathryn J

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      That is great to hear!
      Did you know we also had a team of trained support people that come to your house to help with all things technical?
      They’re called techii! Check out the coverage map and call us out if you need any more technical assistance.


  104. Valmai Gooley says:

    I would like to express my greatest appreciation for any help I have received. It has been spectacularly efficient and time involved was no problem. Thank you.

  105. vicki says:

    I cannot see anywhere a live link to the survey!

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Vicki,

      Jump into Toolbox (iiNet) or MyAccount (Westnet), on the left hand side, you will see a banner stating, “Me, Myself and The Interwebs”.
      Click on that and enter your details.

      Good luck!!


  106. William says:


    I have been with iinet for over 10 years now, I used to be connected with dial up internet before, but more then 2 years ago I switched to bob lite. getting connected with bob lite it was a whole lot of mixup and prices etc.. when I moved house last year, I found out that iinet did not respond to my calls etc.. as at first they said that it would take only 10 days to reconnect, I found out that it took more then 1 month. My complaints are what I have mentioned above, and also if iinet would like to keep my business why don’t they offer me some good deals. As i am a pensioner i cannot afford to buy the Samsung s4 or even think about it, because of the charges. Is there a special deal were i can combine my dsl, telephone line, and mobile without restricting how many local calls i make on both the phones? Being a senior I will not use the web for playing games or downloading music etc.. but keep the mobile for other more important things. The phone I have at the moment is the Nokia 6630, which is a good phone but not up to date with today’s 4g etc… can iinet help me?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi William,

      I have sent your query to our sales team.

      Someone will be in contact with you shortly.


  107. Ann Foulkes says:

    I was a client of and was concerned when iinet assumed control of the server. What heedless concern. Iinet’s service is excellent, timely and always helpful. Being of “mature years” the digital age can be overwhelming but not with iinet’s continuing support. I recommend it to my friends and over the dinner table.

  108. jon hennessy says:

    My experience over an unwanted mobile phone is most unsatisfactory.Arecxent set of charges formy phone arose because of poor advice from ii netService people are generally excellent,I just got a very bad one and it has spoilt my iinet experience

  109. belinda lee says:

    so where’s the link to the customer survey? wouldnt mind winning an S4

  110. Ian Wall says:

    I suspect I have been deprived of some Hotmail after hearing of IInet blocking emails of copied origin.

    How can I overcome that authoritarian attitude.

  111. Brian Breingan says:

    could not say anymore but just I am very happy with iinet, it is good to deal with a company that actually cares for its customers

  112. eric cook says:

    was really happy with iinet untily latly.they bkeep making mistakes with my acount.i call them to solve the problem then it appears on my next bill after being told everything was sorted out

  113. Faaui Hunt says:

    I’m happy with your service, keep up the good work. I’ve been with iinet for awhile and I did recommend your service to all my friends/families.

  114. natalie harrop says:

    I do like iinet, since we have been with this company we have had incredible service, there have been no drop-off’s of internet on the computer and if we do require service, we have had immediate response and talk to a “real person”, who understands our language

  115. Vivien says:

    I am on a pension and it is important for me to have a stable account with the Westnet package deal net/home phone deal it is affordable stable and same price no matter how many local or interstate calls I make I love it. Went setting up or needing help I have always found staff to be polite treat me like a person no a number and most importantly I can understand them. thank you for your great friendly service

  116. Stephen Gilmour says:

    I feel totally over whelmed by all of the new technology these days, I get completely lost with all of the new gadgets and the incredible things they can do to supposedly make life simpler. Thank God for my grand children ,they have become the teachers and me their student. My oldest grandson and I went to the iinet store in Subiaco ,I think it would be great to run short courses from this store for the dinosaurs like me

  117. Dianne Brzeski says:

    Being a dinosaur when it comes to technology it really annoys me not having the knowledge to be able to fix my own problems. However the guys at IInet are so patient with me when I call with a problem. They must think what a dinosaur (Iam sure they dont) –
    Great job guys and being a little old lady who can giggle when I make mistakes I am grateful for all the help you give to me

  118. Larisa Gontcharova says:

    I always use a tollbox to pay my bill. It really halpfull and eazy to use. Tnanks to all of you .

  119. Mohammad Raihan says:

    I have been using iinet home phone and internent services since last 4 years. I really love iinet.

  120. Helena says:

    I wish that everyone was so helpful as you people. Thanks for such a great service.

    Warm regards

  121. Bruce Hawtin says:

    I couldn’t find any customer survey in my tool box or any place else. Too hard I too busy to play games if you want my help make it quick and simple.West net used to be the best but they are falling behind.Providers like TPG have caught up and left Westnet behind.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Bruce,

      Just click on the banner that says “Me, Myself and the Interwebs” on the left hand side in your Toolbox and enter your details.


  122. Catherine Manassa says:

    Congratulations to all of the staff with whom I have had contact with especially the support staff from call centres in Australia and overseas. These customer service officers have all been helpful, patient and courteous.
    Over nearly two years I have contacted staff when my system has been needing some expert help. I have learnt so much from the telephone staff.
    Thank you to all the staff from iinet, Cheers, Catherine

  123. Superman says:

    the “Applecross” map on the NBN rollout plan on the iinet NBN blog mentioned and linked in your latest email – does not work. Is it just this one, or just WA, or what?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey there,

      Check out the latest NBN Blog article which has all the most up to date links and news for all things NBN.

      If you have any specific questions, you can call our NBN team on, 1300 455 806.


  124. Joe Potter says:

    “Many years ago” I received a Telstra CD for free signup for Internet access and email. The fun started as soon as I chose a name to use because most I thought of were already chosen and adding a bunch of numbers after it eventually got me set up. It seemed a bit clunky in those days, and when the PC support group I joined had agency arrangements for WestNet I took up that offer to get the “unique” email address I still have. History records that iiNet bought Westnet and that we changed our home address to a southern suburb and needed a landline from a telephone exchange there BUT only iiNet’s DSLAM in that exchange could connect us satisfactorily. Their Support staff organised both the delivery of a modem and for a contractor to connect it after he attached necessary devices to our ‘phone line and a digital splitter between the wall outlet and the modem. Marvellous! Later a friend dropped around to compare his home’s connection’s with mine, using online tools, and was quite impressed.

    Later iiNet offered a package including a Voice Over Internet option, and that has reduced telephone costs enormously. My wife’s calls to overseas relatives are now incredibly economical. A bonus is that normal landline calls in Australia are now totally free. What more could I possibly ask?

    I guess the answer will be for me to choose from the new devices that iiNet is now designing and making available to its customers, as showed during 2012 Open Day.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Joe,

      It’s amazing how far we have all come.
      From that first screechy dial-up modem connecting, to the super fast NBN and brand new devices like Budii.

      We are glad you are enjoying all the internet has to offer.


  125. Mick Symonds says:

    This is a survey about Net access etc, and refers me to my toolbox page. I am in an older demographic. Please help me – where do I find my toolbox page? Thanks

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Mick,

      You can access you Toolbox by clicking here.
      To log in, use your iiNet or Westnet email address and password.

      If you aren’t an iiNet customer, call us on 13 19 17 and we can fix that!


  126. JENNIFER BELL says:

    I am not that savvy with all the latest technology but try to understand. Whenever I have come across a problem and have given iinet a call all I can say is that I always have very helpful understanding people to assist me with my problem. I like the idea of being able to ring and if the lines are busy and there is a delay that your number is taken and the promise of a return call. The return call i have always received within the timespan given.

    Thank you

  127. Marjorie Dennison says:

    I signed on with iinet almost 2 years ago and everything was going great until I moved premises. I informed the support centre of this and because I wanted a quick transfer I decided to take a new number. I thought that I was transferring my original plan to my new premises. I have just received a bill and apparently my broadband is now $90.37 with the phone on top of that plus calls. My original plan was for the BOB Lite at $60.00 per month. I am a pensioner and this has now gone over my budget and I really can’t afford it. So as far as I am concerned iinet have let me down and as I took it for 2 years I am stuck with it. I wouldn’t recommend your company your customer service is rubbish. I wasn’t told about the increase otherwise I would have cancelled it altogether and gone with another provider.
    Disappointed and broke………… your also charging me for extras I didn’t agree to…..

  128. alan mathews says:

    on several occasions i have had to call iinet for help . and could not falt any ones help from iinet. i am one of your oldest coustomers.

  129. alan mathews says:

    the team are great never a problem alan.

  130. Stephen Gilmour says:

    Courses should be available for techno dinosaurs like me – maybe at your Subiaco store

  131. Peter B Willis says:

    Thanks guys, as a computor illiterate, I have had more occasion than most to access the help dept and all the experiences have been positive

  132. Garry Sewell says:

    we have a bundle with iiNet and the deal is so much better none of the other providers can match it. we will be adding 2 more mobiles to iinet when their contracts expire.


  133. Chris Farnham says:

    I have been so very happy with iiNet since being migrated from aapt… Congratulations iiNet… And a big THANKS to your polite and helpful staff!!!!
    Chris Farnham…..

  134. lucia tol says:

    I believe you must speak as you experience and my experience after approximately 19 years (when I was initially at Uni) is that with the exception of only one person my assistance from iinet and the Team has been first class.

    my concern on the one instance was not pleasant but to their credit did have the good grace to speak to me directly to inform themselves of the situation and it was resolved (I believe) amicably

    well done with the good PR and service you provide and I always encourage people when looking at new options to go online and compare options and give iinet a call

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Lucia,

      Thank your for your feedback and referrals!
      We love our customers and it’s always nice to know our work is appreciated.


  135. richard cavanagh says:

    very pleased with inet and its service keep up the good work

  136. David Penno says:

    I was using iinet’s voip phone package,though changed yesterday to the Call Pack package,am just waiting now for it to be activated,My friend Jan Langley who works at iinet put me onto call pack,as Jan says ,its a great deal at a low cost,and thats one thing I always worry about.Looking forward to using the Call Pack deal.

  137. Robert Stewart says:

    Since 1995 when I was first online, I’ve had a few different service providers,some good, others …. well best we forget the others.
    BTW I’m now 63 years of age and realise the importance of giving recognition whenever it’s deserved. Every time I’ve needed assistance the efficient & courteous attention provided has always been exceptional. Obviously, iinet have a winning method when it comes to selecting and retaining quality staff and it’s a recipe other providers should aspire to. Keep the bar high, the Industry will always need a leader.
    Robert Stewart

  138. josephine maxted says:

    I love the service need to sort my email out though as I can’t log in.
    keep up the good work.


    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Josephine,

      Thanks for the kind words!
      Give us a call on 13 22 58 and we can help with your emails.


  139. karen says:

    I’ve been happy with the service.

  140. Louise says:

    I have been a satisfied client with westnet fr the past 4 yrs and cant praise them highly enough ,from the initial conversation getting started to this day . They always get back to me when they say they will and have never finished my dealings with any team member and been dissatisfied . I have recommended you brilliant team to many a person and they in turn have been completely satifed

  141. Dawn Greenwell says:

    I just love your products and service and everytime I have to speak to your staff that are supportive, professional and great at their job. I am not computer savey so to have people who understand my limited computer language and can translate that into working out the problem is amazing. BIG BIG THANK YOU

  142. Mary Norton says:

    Have been with iinet for a few years now. Have never visited your shop in Subiaco,but hope to one day. I want my computer fixing as its so old and slow (like me lol).You have a fantastic website and also your terms and conditions are the tops.

  143. Catherine Astone says:

    Have been with iinet for so many years I can’t even remember. Iinet customer service reps have always proven to be dedicated and incredibly helpful when assisting me to resolve any issues we have encountered. Recently my aging Mother moved house and needed assistance to set up her internet service which included a nice new BoB. Iinet staff were so incredibly patient and gave her assistance and advice until they were sure everything was operational for her. I could relay more examples of how iinet have shown outstanding service but I think you get the idea that iinet is stuck with us for life if the service remains at such a high level.

  144. Peter Lawless says:

    I lodged a legitimate, sensible comment regarding the tardiness of Westnet’s accounts service here a few days ago, even supplying the outstanding “Task Number”, and still nothing, no reply either here or directly.
    Poor effort (actually, NO effort) iinet/Westnet!!

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Peter,

      The iiNet blog is not a direct support channel and, in turn, it is not monitored as much as our other Social Media sites.

      Please send me an email with your task number and I will organise someone to contact you today.


  145. Tal Waterhouse says:

    Thanks Simon!

  146. Daniel says:

    Where would we Be without computers …….

  147. rick rickwood says:

    I have found iinet very good in there looking
    out for there customers, especially in the billing side. for some reason we didn’t get the
    for one for the month of September. Other wise
    I have found you are very receptive our needs.
    Thank you

  148. The service seems ok to me.
    Have no idea however of things like the following table so really do need teck support at times

  149. I dont know what this means but my reply seems to have vanished. Was perfectly ok with no adverse or objectable content.

  150. This must mean something about your communication methods. I have filled in all the required fields.

  151. Bill says:

    Survey was a bit strange – didn’t actually ask what I used the internet for (gaming), how many other household users there were, how many PCs, tablets, or smartphones used the home ADSL connection, whether or not I used the iinet email (I don’t; and if not, why not), what was most important to me – cost or service, whether I’d recommend iinet to friends, what might prompt me to switch isps, etc etc.

    Since this survey was via a toolbox login, they already know a lot about my usage but I would have expected them to ask more sensible questions.

    I don’t know what iinet thinks it’s going to tell them but I doubt that it will be anything useful. The whole thing was dumbed down and clearly aimed at tablets/smartphones.

  152. Shirley Aderson says:

    I have found most of the staff very polite but they still have not been able to solve the problems caused by their product, Now house phones dont work, nor the internet half the time and the samsung galaxy is not user friendly. I have given up ringing.