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As we look back on the strides made by the NBN™ this year – we thought it was important to show how the two NBN™ satellites have made a big difference to regional Australia by delivering fast and reliable internet.

Without access to fast internet speeds, many schools, businesses and homes face the risk of falling behind in our competitive digital world. Cue the Sky Muster™ and Sky Muster™ II satellites! Improved internet access has had a big impact on Australians living in rural and remote regions and the NBN™ satellite revolution brings with it a number of benefits for families living in rural areas – so let’s take a look, starting from the very beginning.

The name – where does it come from?

Aussie kids from the ages of 5-12 years old submitted their best drawing to represent how they believed NBN™ would improve Australia. The competition was called ‘Shoot for the Stars’ and hundreds of children entered in hope of having their artwork printed on the rocket which would launch the satellite and best of all, the opportunity to name the satellite.

NBN Shoot for the stars comp












The roadshow

If you happen to drive past one of the NBN™ Sky Muster™ trucks, don’t be alarmed. Sky Muster™ is still safely orbiting in our atmosphere, however, there are teams heading out on the ground all over rural Australia to show people how the NBN™ will transform their lives. Better still, the trucks themselves allow Aussies to experience and learn about the service in real time!

Expanding our knowledge

For rural kids and families, broadband isn’t just about streaming the latest movies or playing games. It’s what they need to access the education resources readily available to city folk. In fact, illustrating the benefit of internet to school kids is the very reason Bailey Brooks won the ‘Shoot for the Stars’ competition.

For kids in the country, the faster internet speeds of the NBN™ means access to the same standard of education as kids in the city, including:

  • online education tools such as portals
  • support among peers with instant messaging and video chat
  • email access

For distance education students (those living deep in the outback hundreds of kilometres from the closest school) education is 100% online. For these students, a reliable, fast internet connection is vital to their learning, enabling video conferences between fellow students, and teachers.

NBN Skymuster Truck


Harvesting the benefits

For farmers and business owners NBN™ has hugely increased communication and therefore business opportunities.  What does high quality internet connectivity mean for them?

  • Utilising farming technologies such as remote monitoring, livestock tracking devices.
  • Video monitoring of their property.
  • Video conferencing with business partners nationally, or even internationally.
  • Instant communication with service providers such as vets and agronomists.
  • Better coordination between suppliers and buyers to deliver goods efficiently.

These are just a few of the benefits reliable Internet provides to Australian farmers. As a result they will be able to farm smarter, increase sustainability, and monitor in real time – now that’s efficient!

Keeping fit and healthy

Telehealth – the future of health. Telehealth on the NBN™ means no more long distance travel for health care and  allows rural Australians to reach health professionals at all hours of the day and night. Access to online health services mean flights can be removed from the equation and specialist consultations and GP visits can be held via video call. You may have caught our earlier article on Telehealth but if you didn’t and want to know more click here.

The year so far

This year families in rural Australia eagerly awaiting the rollout of NBN™ have excitedly welcomed the new NBN™ satellite services. The first satellite, Skymuster™ I was sent into the skies on the first day of October in 2015. The following year on October 6, the NBN™ Sky Muster™ II Satellite blasted 36,000km into orbit to work with Sky Muster™ I to provide improved broadband speeds to 400,000 Australians living in rural areas.

The Skymuster satellites have so far proven to be real superstars. If this intrigues you as much as space itself and you want to muster up as much information as you can, watch the video or click here for details on our out of this world plans that are sure to take you (satel)lite years ahead on the internet.

Are you ready to experience NBN™ the satellite way?


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  1. Mario Manestar says:

    Hi how would I access sky muster if I went looking for gold where there is no broadband and also can get broadband where I live

  2. Cliff says:

    Quite costly for a pensioner to have connected in the bush with a long wait period to be connected ..Nothing is said about about the satellite connection when the bad storms are about and how the N B N works ..

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Cliff,

      We have covered Sky Muster in some detail in the iiNet Blog. Feel free to have a look through our older articles and you’ll see more information. As this is a Satellite service, it will be affected by bad weather, either at the customer’s premises or at the ground relay station (as it is trying to send & receive a signal from space!).

      – Leo.

  3. Tanya Hansford says:

    I live in rural Victoria where some 12 months ago the nbn came through our whole property being some 300 acres in size to get the nbn to Yackandandah (please note yack already had internet just not nbn). We have nothing! Using our property to get the cables through, not paying us anything and not even leaving us with nbn connection. It’s a disgrace – I have three daughters, one studingnyesr 12 in 2017 and one studying year 11. I want something done about it! We don’t even get mobile service and where we live is only 5 minutes to Yackandandah, 10 minutes to Beechworth and 25 minutes to Albury wodonga – you would think we were in an isolated area – however we do feel very isolated living in an area with no internet and no mobile phone service! Please help so our children can study VCE AND OUR business can operate with up to date technology!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Tanya,

      This is certainly disappointing to hear and we’d encourage you to have a chat to NBN about this. There is NBN Fixed Wireless surrounding those areas, with some services active and other areas still under construction, so it may be that you’re in an area that is being worked on. Have a caht to our Sales team on 131917 – they’ll be able to tell you what NBN service type you’ll be able to receive or will receive.

      – Leo.

  4. David Viljoen says:

    when do we get a shot at the title , we are a small group at munno para west slave to a country town exchange that isn’t even got a start date yet .there is heaps of development around us that are getting fibre but the development just before fibre arnt getting looked at .don’t just cater for future development , just drop one of those lines by us on your way past . we are paying a fortune to iinet beacause they have to lease a line from Telstra to give us a decent speed being called adsl 2 reach .

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      Munno Para West is currently an interesting spot, as it is surround by NBN Fixed Wireless under construction and several places within the township have access to NBN services. We’d recommend giving our Sales team a call on 131917 and they can check your address exactly, for more information.

      – Leo.

  5. Leif Welin says:

    Still not in Mount Isa, QLD

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Leif,

      Not yet, but Mount Isa isn’t far off, with construction due to start there in the first half of next year.

      – Leo.

  6. Ron Roberts says:

    I am still having trouble with my address being validated as SkyMuster. given ISS will be turned off it should be an easier process and would be glad to hear how to make it easier

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ron,

      That is odd, but some customers on ISS may be able to take a different NBN service, usually NBN Fixed Wireless. Therefore, you can have a chat to Sales on 131917 and they can double check your address. Alternatively, our NBN team can assist on 1300 455 806 as well.

      – Leo.

  7. Angry in regional WA says:

    I didn’t see it sweeping Kalgoorlie-Boulder which is freaking below regional in internet services!

    • Leo Yarnold says:


      Kalgoorlie is on the rollout map for NBN services, with construction having started in the area. Keep an eye out as you may see works happening soon.

      – Leo.

  8. Len says:

    Great idea but lousy data limits are holding us back

  9. Graeme Hawley says:

    So far I have found the NBN satellite service slower than the old service, and that was already too slow.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Graham,

      Have you had a chat to our teams about this? We would strongly recommend doing so, as your should be receiving good performance.

      – Leo.

  10. JAMES WATT says:

    I am very disappointed with the Sky Muster satellite NBN service,in relation to both internet speed and connectivity.
    In fact, I would rate the previous NBN satellite ,when it was initially launched,on a par, with the present satellite.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi James,

      If your NBN Satellite is not working as planned, then please feel free to reach out to Support on 132258, as they’ll be able to investigate this for you.

      – Leo.

  11. Wendy says:

    I have the sky muster satellite NBN which is OK but the Wifi is frustratingly slow, even after upgrading to a new modem. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

    • Chris May says:

      Hi Wendy,

      There’s a large number of factors that can affect Internet speeds. It could be that we’re looking at a specific Wi-Fi issue, such as Wi-Fi interference, but it’s also possible that this is a general Internet speed issue. A good way to check would be to connect only a single device to the modem via ethernet cable and running a speed test. If the speeds are still down on where they should be that might rule out the Wi-Fi being the problem. Our support team (13 22 58) would be happy to provide assistance and troubleshoot the connection to find the cause of the issue.

      – Chris

  12. stephen says:

    What a big waste of time sky muster is.
    since i was connected my speed is worse than my previous satellite connection.after ringing support everyday nothing is being done even after performing all the required tests
    i bet they want there money quickly


    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Stephen,

      We’ve managed to locate your account and can see a fault has been lodged with NBN to investigate the performance issues you’re experiencing. We will be in touch with updates as available. Let us know if you require any further assistance.

      – Brianna

  13. Maria Wilson says:

    I can only get Internet wireless internet with a 10g limit..will I be able to access Sky Muster?
    Springfield W.A.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Maria,

      We’ve managed to track down your account and have requested our Sales (13 19 17) team to check if NBN Sky Muster is available. We will give you a buzz with the outcome!

      – Brianna

  14. Sound Tech says:

    as a very long time iinet customer, my comments are not aimed at iinet:
    sky muster.. sucks. About all it is good for is downloading stuff, 600ms ping **To Sydney from Central Victoria**. Download rates are great, but for anyone with time sensitive applications the Latency (as predicted) is beyond a joke.
    As reference, old school adsl(1) can hit West Coast America at an average of 300ms ping.
    the NBN in this form is just a misbegotten political abortion.

  15. Gwenda Kinniburgh says:

    I’ve been trying to get the satellite connected. I have phoned 6 times and been on hold or callback for 9 hours and 2 weeks later I’m still being told to call back. What has happened to customer service? Getting very fed up.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Gwenda,

      Thank you for the feedback! Just our of curiosity, have you spoken to our NBN team on 1300 455 806? They should be able to tell what is going on here.

      – Leo.

  16. Jen williams says:

    CANT EVEN STREAM NETFLIX IN KALGOORLIE BOULDER! your call wait times are over an hour. Your answer to every post above is the same ‘hi NBN will be there soon’. Your customer service leaves much to be desired. Bring back a WA Internet provider that actually cares about their regional customers NOT just city customers.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ve managed to locate your account and can see you’ve emailed our Support team surrounding the connection performances issues you’re experiencing, Jen. A Customer Service Representative will assigned to the case and in contact shortly to commence working toward a resolution.

      – Brianna

  17. BettJoy says:

    I don’t want to go on NBN. I’m quite happy with the fixed line service I have through iinet, with speeds of around 14Mbps. My niece in Canberra said I don’t have a choice, that when NBN comes to my area (Hervey Bay, QLD) I will have to sign up for it, that it is slower, more expensive and fraught with problems. Is this true? That I will have no choice?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Bettjoy,

      Let’s address your concerns here:

      * Firstly, we’re happy to see that you’re happy with your service! Thank you.
      * Where nbn is rolling out, customers will eventually need to move over (unless, in rare cases, another network is servicing the same area). In most areas, the copper network will be retired.
      * Speeds are greatly increased over current connections with services of up to 100Mbps available and cost is comparable with current services.
      * Finally, like all new things, there will be teething problems, but these are mostly ironed now and any faults are able to be resolved quickly.

      – Leo.

  18. Peter Wiese says:

    I have been an iiNet customer since June 1998. Recently at my Yallingup address I changed from ADSL on a split twisted pair about 15 kms from the exchange to SkyMuster. My initial settings gave me a download speed of about 1 Mbps. ADSL was quicker. After talking to a gentleman in the Capetown call centre for some time and trying a number of different wireless channels on my iiNet-supplied modem, I achieved just under 5Mbps. Although I am paying for “up to” 25 Mbps, I was told that anything around 6 Mbps should be viewed as success.

    Over the Christmas period I speed tested the connection regularly, and the best download speed I achieved was about 3 Mbps, with the more usual speed around 2 Mbps.

    These disgraceful speeds are not sufficient to support sound streaming, let alone allow me to use my VPN connection to Perth properly.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Peter,

      We’ve managed to locate your account and have requested the Customer Service Representative previously assisting you to get back in touch to continue working toward a resolution. Hope we can get this sorted for you ASAP!

      – Brianna

  19. colin charlton says:

    NBN has roled out to my neighbours approx 300mtr from my house, yet I will not be getting it. Apparently I can sign up for skymuster. Each time I check your site to see when it informs me it is not available, yet NBN site says I can and ipstar says they will connect me, why wont iinet? the rep who contacted me from iinet says it’s not available (doesnt the satellite go over my home too) what are we waiting for? it appears the helpdesk reps just put my address in the system and reply “computer says no” yet do not provide any real reason, will I be forced to change from iinet after 9 years and go with ipstar?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Colin,

      Thanks for raising this with us. There are a couple of reasons for the lack of availability in your area:

      * We may not have suitable connection infrastructure in place yet (a point of interconnect)
      * The information given to us may be completely incorrect
      * Your address may have a mismatch in the NBN systems.

      We can investigate this for you and we’d encourage you to make contact once more. If you feel you need to, use the Complaints Escalation Process ( so that you can be given clarity on this – we can always ask NBN directly as to why you can’t receive a service!


  20. Pa Chapman says:

    Signed up to nbn satellite speeds good however if i use netflix my data is chewed up quickly. Iinet response is to use off peak which is 1pm to 7pm. I have plan 40gb peak and 80 gb off peak. In this day an age to stream tv on standard ih i wached a movie each day would have my 40 gb chewed up in 5 days then my speed drops back to 128kbps unaccepable

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Pa,

      Thank you for the post. We do want to offer more data for customers on NBN Satellite, but are restricted by the capacity that NBN has to offer. This may change as NBN refines the Satellite product and increases capacity, especially with a second Sky Muster satellite due to begin operation this year.

      – Leo.

  21. Jan Mazur says:

    What is going to happen that the NBN has run out of wire and cash? I have been waiting for years for the NBN and now I have to wait another year even though the wire is available in our street. and last night I learn that I may have to wait upto 2021 Plus the way I am over 70 yo I may be lucky to be the first to have the NBN connected to my grave and still receive a monthly account