Social accounts that will have you in stitches!

There are now over six billion active social network users on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter worldwide, so it’s no surprise that there are social accounts aplenty out there for us to follow! The average Aussie spends almost 24 hours a month on social media. That’s a whole day a month that we’re scrolling through the feeds. In fact, it’s predicted that we’ll spend almost five and a half years on social media in our lifetime. Hours and hours can slip by while you scroll, so you might as well have a good laugh while you’re at it!

No matter which social platform you prefer, there are a number of hilarious accounts out there vying to grab our attention so we’ve put together a range of social media accounts that may tickle your fancy and have you giggling. So if you love a good LOL, jump on to these accounts and enjoy the banter, punnery and sassy conversation (while staying friendly, of course).

Let’s get wild

Animals are not only adorable but hilariously funny so these accounts are for the animal lovers out there!

Thoughts of Dog

Ever wondered what your dog is really thinking? Well, this account has it down pat! So much so you’ll definitely be letting out a chuckle or ten. There’s an account on Twitter and on Instagram so head on over!



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Dog Rates

While we’re on the topic of dogs – let’s rate ‘em based on how adorable they are!  Head over and see some true cuteness on Twitter or Insta.



Cats of Instagram

For the cat lovers out there – this one’s for you!


The Celeb Crowd

There are some accounts out there belonging to those with celeb status that are a barrel of laughs.


Move over, Hamish and Andy – the famous Aussie duo of Hamish Blake and his wife, Zoe are our new faves! Zoe’s posts are down to earth, real, witty and clever every time without fail. Head over to her Insta.8


The Honey Badger

If you don’t know who Nick Cummins is, you may know him as the recent Bachelor (or should we say badgelor?!). This Aussie Rugby player is a real, honest Aussie larrikin. Wrap your laughing gear ‘round this one.



Celeste Barber

You’ll be laughing out loud to this lady! She’s known for her imitations of celebrity social media photos and her 110% realistic enactments of these photo shoots are well worth the time spent scrolling through her Insta feed. Trust us.

Brands with Sass

What’s funnier than a person who has wit and sass? Well a brand and inanimate object of course!


This account is American but well worth checking out! MoonPies are an American cake but you’d be forgiven for not knowing that based on their social pages alone. It’s quirky insights and sass is delivered in tweets and posts that rarely feature grammar, are completely random, and appear like the thoughts of a middle aged man chatting with his mate (and pining for a lady named Linda). All in all, this page delivers the exact opposite of what you expect from an official corporate page. If you have Twitter, Insta and Facebook, do yourself a favour and follow them.

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If you have an account you love to laugh at, share it with us in the comments so we can check them out!


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