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Aussies love sport; so much so that it’s practically an essential part of the Aussie lifestyle.

A lot of families probably find themselves driving between sports on the weekend, whether it’s football, netball, soccer, rugby, tennis, or surf lifesaving.

With so many sports being enjoyed every weekend, it’s no wonder that when we aren’t playing it, we’re watching it, listening to it, reading about it and cheering for our favourite team!

Sport online – all the time

The nbn™ Future of Sport Report tells us just how important it is to us with Aussies collectively spending 60 million hours watching sport each week! Mate, that’s a lot of sport!

With the NBN™ rollout well underway and over half a million premises NBN™ ready in June alone, this number is only increasing. In fact, more than half of Aussies believe the internet helps them connect to their favourite sports with 25% investing in technology and using the internet to make sure they never miss a match.

Thanks to the constant upgrades in technology and the rollout of the NBN™, Aussie families now have access to nonstop entertainment through online streaming and digital TV services. However, there are even more ways the NBN™ is helping Australian sport, so let’s take a look.

Let’s get Rural

When it comes to the NBN™, some of its biggest fans are those living in rural Australia. The new infrastructure is delivering internet services which are vital to business, education and agriculture – not to mention it’s helping communities to get more sport without having to go the distance!

Technology is breaking down the barriers, allowing kids of all ages (even those big kids) to be able to get more involved with sport. Athletes can now record and share videos for talent scouts and trials, and schools are able to enhance their learning experiences with virtual coaching sessions.

When the State of Origin was underway, Wallangarra State School participated in an nbn™ Connected Coaching Clinic. Using a live feed, State of Origin legends Brad Fittler and Wally Lewis ran a coaching clinic straight from Sydney’s ANZ stadium, working the group hard with drills and training from their very own school oval.

 Coaching made easy

16.4 million Australians are interested in one or more sports, and that’s only counting those between the ages of 16 and 64. For those athletes who are working with coaches interstate or over long distances, the NBN™ provides a platform for coaches and athletes to connect online to share guided training sessions, review performance and strategise through videos, apps and other online tools.  They can sit down and talk through the analysis via video conference – no matter where they’re are based!

Bring the stadium to you

For those diehard fans who can’t make the game – never fear! You can bring the game to you! Now, you may not be surrounded by the smell of hot dogs and chips and the crowd hurling ‘advice’ at the team, but sometimes it’s okay to stay at home. In fact, 7 million Aussies actually prefer the view from their screen as it brings them closer to the action. Considering how they can deck out their living room with multiple screens, surround sound, VR Headsets, and more – can you blame them?! You can even use apps on smartphones and smart watches to create a real-time experience and find out the scores and plays as they happen in real time!


The iiTeam love their sport! Share with us how you use technology to keep up with the action and make sure you don’t miss a thing!





  1. John Kaljee says:

    When is Currambine Western Australia getting NBN?

    • Chris May says:

      Hi, John! The answer to this question may vary depending on your specific address, however according to the NBN Co website we’re expecting to see NBN services in the area becoming available in the early part of 2018 (Jan-Mar).

      If you wanted to confirm the predicted availability for your address you can use NBN Co’s address checker over on their website-

      Hope that helps!

      – Chris