5 minute Q&A with stars from our call centre

You’ve probably spoken to at least one of our friendly call centre staff during your journey with iiNet.

But maybe you’ve wondered about who’s behind that friendly voice…

Well we sat down and had a quick question-and-answer-style interview with two stars from our call centre in Sydney.

STEVE JARRETT, Customer Service Representative

Location: Sydney

Tenure: 5 Months

What is excellent customer service to you?

I feel excellent customer service is being on the same level as the customer. Understanding them and treating them how you would want to be treated.

Tell me a time you have gone out of your way for a customer?

There was this one time while I was still new to the company, a family had huge issues sorting out their invoices and what they were paying and why. I sent them an email with every transaction from the time they had joined iiNet until that current date with explanations notated against every detail. This email was also done in my own time at home as it took quite a while and I didn’t want it to take up too much time at work.

Do you have a close relationship with senior staff?

I feel that the majority of management is easily approachable and really helpful when it comes to the work that we do and self-improvement too. The seniors and managers are always willing to help you grow and learn what you need to know.

When you discover poor customer service has been supplied, how do you go about making sure that that is followed up, and better customer service is supplied from here on in?

The only way to stop poor customer service from happening is to make staff aware that the way they are handling the call isn’t quality service, and to be proactive about finding ways to improve. Listening to call recordings and getting feedback from seniors is valuable for improving service, as is the additional training that is on offer.

TIMOTHY MAYERS, Customer Service Manager

Location: Sydney

Tenure:  3 Years 8 Months

What is excellent customer service to you?

Excellent customer service is to deliver and exceed customer expectations, to make sure their enquiries are completely addressed and completed to satisfaction.

Sydney’s Customer Service Managers work very closely together to ensure we all contribute to deliver awesome customer service. I work extremely closely with my manager, he and all Contact Centre Managers are very approachable.

Tell me a time you have gone out of your way for a customer?

While working within the Sales Team in Sydney, I had a customer whose telephone line was cancelled by a different provider. This resulted in them losing their internet connection with iiNet. I advised them to leave it with me and I would reconnect the phone for them, rather than going to another provider to do so. This resulted in the customer keeping their phone with us, and was very appreciative of what we had achieved for them.

Where have you displayed ownership for one of your customers? 

Most recently, I have been assisting a customer who has migrated from a company we recently purchased to iiNet, and has had multiple issues with her mobile phone. While this difficult situation was being rectified, I delivered her an alternate mobile handset and SIM card, with an active diversion on her service. This way the customer’s phone works as per usual while I fixed the problem. I am continuing to keep her updated via telephone and email.

When you discover poor customer service has been supplied, how do you go about making sure that that is followed up, and better customer service is supplied from here on in?

I take as much feedback from the customer as possible, and advise them that we have internal processes to ensure appropriate training or formal action is taken, depending on the circumstance. It’s important to relay feedback to their manager for coaching purposes. I also use the customer’s information and review the call to send my own feedback to be assessed. This will ensure that all issues have been addressed, and prevent it from happening again.

About NPS

  • NPS measures how likely a customer would be to recommend a company to people they know
  • A survey is sent to every customer after every interaction
  • NPS is a net figure, based on the ratio of brand advocates minus those unlikely to recommend
  • Staff receive customer feedback in real-time, continually monitoring their own performance
  • Surveys are also sent to management, so the voice of our customers is heard at every level

If a customer raises a complaint or issue, a Customer Service Manager will follow up.

One comment

  1. Hamish says:

    The telephone support is one of the reasons I have been with Ozemail / iiNet for over 8 years.

    I only need to call once a year, but when I do the team are knowledgable and friendly. If they don’t know the answer they arrange for someone who does to call me.

    And the fact you can call and arrange a call back without losing your place in the queue is great.

    Happy to recommend iiNet.