Staff Dress Down and ‘Stress Down’ for Lifeline

by Nikkita Dixon

A comfortable day was in store last Friday as staff celebrated a ‘Stress Down Day’ to wrap up our efforts for our ‘Charity of the Month‘.

Traditionally Stress Down Day is held in July (we bent the rules a little) to raise awareness of the effects stress can have on one’s health and well-being and to raise funds for the 24-hour crisis support service, Lifeline.

Staff arrived in the morning in their comfy gear ranging from a modest pair of ugg boots through to flannelette PJs, dressing gowns, snuggies, onesies (like the ones babies wear but adult-sized) and some rather cute puppy dog slippers. Encouraged to spread a little love, staff had the chance to request a warm Milo drink from their managers or partake in some joke sharing. In case you didn’t know, laughter can ease stress for up to 45 minutes!

As staff lounged, and worked,  in their desk chairs our charity bucket did the usual circulation for our last collection for the month. Our total staff donations for April came to more than $2000 – impressive stuff.

As part of our growing support for Lifeline, we’ve made calls to their crisis line free for our customers. With the trial for an online crisis support service currently taking place, we hope our dollars will go some way toward making it a permanent addition to their support services.

Next up we’ll be putting our efforts toward raising funds for the RSPCA – stay tuned.


  1. Drew says:

    Naw… at least I was warm for the whole day, and just for the records, that blue snuggie is my iiNet branded one 😀

  2. James Oakley says:

    Good to see you guy love life its no good when we pay your wages and dont have internet half the day thanks your help getting things back on track… love the photos
    seeya jam