Staff lend an arm to Australian Red Cross

by Nikkita Dixon

iiNet staff have been donating more than just pocket change to our Charity of the Month for June – Australian Red Cross – they’ve also been giving the gift of life.

Last month we recruited new members for iiNet’s blood donation team, Club Red, with the help of a few spooky vampires. With more than 50 new members ready to lend a hand (or more specifically, an arm), our Club Red team managed to save an estimated 54 lives in a single donation last month, landing iiNet a top spot in the Red Cross Winter Challenge. This brings iiNet’s lifesaving tally to almost 180 for the year 2011.

To add a bit of friendly competition between our state headquarters (Perth, Melbourne and Sydney), we’ve also begun a monthly contest to reward the state Club Red team with the highest percentage of blood donations. For the month of June, Perth took out the title and won its members the Club Red Champion trophy and an exclusive Club Red party.

Meanwhile, those not involved in the blood donation program dug deep and turned out an impressive $2,479.50 for the Australian Red Cross. For the month of July, iiNet is collecting donations for Carbon Conscious and will have volunteers from across Australia representing iiNet at National Tree Day on July 31 2011. Stay tuned for more on our staff charity efforts.

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