Staff ‘stache up for Movember

The ‘stache through the ages has taken on many forms and meanings. From the scraggly to the well-maintained, from the humble rocker through to the modern gentleman, a moustache is a way of life…a symbol of what it means to be a man. We celebrated this for the 30 days of November by doing away with our razors and shavers and sprouting a mighty mo (or fake mo) in the name of men’s health and in the name of Movember.

The charity event is a time honoured tradition at iinet, stretching back to before anyone can remember. While our mo-bros are busy growing their facial hair, we are shaking the charity bucket to collect funds that will go toward male health issues like depression, prostate and testicular cancer.

After a month of withstanding the itchy, food collecting growths on their upper lips, our Mo-Bros (and sistas) have reached the end of Movember with plenty of donations in hand. This year a drum-roll 54 mo-bros and mo-sistas clambered on board the cause, not to mention the rest of our staff who donated their pocket change throughout the month.  In our most successful Movember month yet, the iiNet team raised a whopping $4824.05 in donations.

To celebrate, we treated our team of mo-growers and supporters to an exclusive Movember party this week where they could get their ‘staches professionally trimmed down. More than $1000 of the cash was raised by CSR Robert Niblock alone who first bleached his moustache blonde and then sported a festive rainbow-coloured ‘stache for the final week of Movember. The award for ‘Mr Movember’ went to Tim Longley who managed to sprout the bushiest mo, while the award for ‘Miss Movember’ went to Josh Moss who, despite his best efforts, was sporting the least hairy of moustaches. Once the last hairs had been felled our guys and girls got to chow down on some Nandos and give their upper lips the first breath of fresh all month.

On behalf of all of us at iiNet, we’d like to congratulate our Movember team once again on their amazing efforts this month. We look forward to ‘staching up to the mark yet again in 2012.

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