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As the chill of winter sets in, we often find ourselves opting for a night in curled up on the couch over braving the rain and storms outside. With the cold keeping us indoors, we look for other forms of entertainment – mostly in the form of Internet-based activities.

Mum is streaming Netflix on TV, Dad is surfing the web and the kids are playing online games on their phones, iPads and wirelessly connected consoles. With so many devices competing for a connection all at once, you’ll need a reliable Internet connection with an impressive speed and quota to keep everyone streaming, downloading and gaming with a smile.

Thankfully the nbn™ is on its way, connecting homes and businesses across Australia. If your premises is ready for connection, it’s time you got up and running on nbn™.

Superfast speed

When it comes to the Internet, there’s one thing Australians are really crying out for: faster speeds! No one likes to wait around watching the download bar slowly creeping along or face the infamous buffer screen in the middle of a crucial plot point in the movie they are streaming. iiNet’s nbn™ plans have got the speed you need, from the fastest speed options available through to the standard speeds which are still fast enough to keep you going and going.

Gigabytes galore

Once you’ve got the speed covered, you’re going to want big quota to enjoy it. From our standard nbn™ plan and up, you’ll get a massive 1000GB of quota! To give you an idea of the size: just 1GB can download around 200 songs – and we’re giving you a thousand of those each month. That’s enough to keep the whole family happy.

Great value across the board

Our great variety of plans ensure value for any budget. Our standard speed plan with 1000GB quota comes in at an affordable $79.99 a month (min cost $1,919.76 over a 24 month contract). If you want to speed along as fast as you can go, we have a range of premium speed plans starting from $99.99 per month (min cost $2,399.76 over a 24 month contract) and if you just want a basic service and don’t need the top speeds or quota there are more budget friendly options from $59.99 per month (min cost $1,437.60 over 24 month contract)

To see where your exact location stands in the nbn™ rollout process, check out the nbn™ Coverage Checker. This will let you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built or are in stages of preparation or construction. Make sure to register your interest on the nbn™ Wait List and check out iiNet’s nbn™ plans to be ready to roll when the nbn™ hits your neighbourhood.

* nbn™ Speeds: These speeds are maximum connection speeds as provided by nbn™. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by iiNet. Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. Learn more about NBN™ speeds.


  1. Bhailal C Shah says:

    Thank you for your email. I can go to iiNet’s nbn™ plans. TPG NBN is just behind me and calling me everyday to switch to them in $69.99 unlimited download and 25mbps speed with all facilities which are providing.

    Please match with them so I can go for the iiNet’s nbn™ plans.

    Kind Regards


  2. mark atkins says:

    not likely to see the NBN in my lifetime

  3. Mrs Margaret Anne Ryan says:

    Quite frankly the longer the nbn takes to come to my area the better. Apart from the fact that I have a very ancient tv that the only reason I can see anything on it is because I am connected to foxtel and I have a very ancient laptop computer that was given to me in dec 2007 and set up in january 2008 and there is absolutely no prospect of me ever having the money to get both a new tv and a new computer the prospect of having to deal with Telstra is not a happy one. I left telstra four years ago due to their illegal tampering with my phone account and twice since being with Westnet the Telstra wiring has been the cause of my not having a landline and therefore putting me extremely out of pocket with very expensive mobile calls and I have to keep my land line for personal reasons and seeing as how the age pension is my only income and I am still paying a mortgage I shudder to think of the difficulties and stuff ups I will face when a person ends up with no option other than to connect to the nbn. So in closing the longer it takes to get to my suburb the better it will be.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We can appreciate the previous experiences may make the transition seem daunting, Margaret. We’d recommend placing your name on the NBN Wait List:

      You’ll then be the first to know when services are available! A Customer Service Representative will proactively get in touch to walk you through the process, and combat any potential issues you foresee surrounding the telephone service. Hope to make the switch as smooth as possible!

      – Brianna

  4. missis robbo says:

    What if I don’t want the slower, useless NBN ? What if I am happy with the way things are? Do I have to use the NBN?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi there,

      Changes over to the NBN would affect local network infrastructure with an eventual removal of copper networks meaning a change over would have to happen eventually.

      If there’s any concerns with the quality of connection on NBN in your area, we do have a dedicated support team available 24/7 on 13 22 58 who can assist in resolving any issues or reporting on any network matters for improvement or upgrade.

      – Tal

  5. M Thompson says:

    I for one do not want NBN, I have quota of 40Gb per month which I never reach. I am not a gamer or download movies etc.
    The current speed I have is fine for me.
    Just leave me alone.

  6. Julie Steel says:

    My fastest NBN is terrific. My phone is a disaster. Two handsets and three buddii chargers have failed. Is this the best I can expect from iiNet. My equipment arrived January 2015. It is difficult to ring you as my phone cuts out all the time. I have no way of retrieving messages, but people hear my message to them. The last missed call shown is in April- more than two months ago! Yes the Internet is great and it never drops out. I make FaceTime calls on my iPhone using buddii’s wifi with no problems. Phone calls with the buddii handset fail. I have to reset buddii before and after each call. Often I see who is calling me for a nanosecond, but the equipment goes dead as I attempt to answer it. When I have tried to email for help in the past, all I get is an email back to ring the call centre. The South Aftican staff knew nothing about the NBN. They could not even tell me which socket to use!! Do I need to contact Consumer Affairs concerning the shoddy equipment that does not work! Ring me [REDACTED] to help me sort out this mess. I am paying for a phone that is a joke.

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Julie,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been having so many difficulties with our Netphone service. This sounds like either a configuration issue on the Budii, or that unfortunately the Budii itself has failed. We would recommend getting in touch with our support team at 13 22 58 to discuss replacing the entire unit with either a new Budii or an alternative depending on what is available. If you are not happy with the service provided by our team on the call, we do urge you to make use of our escalation process as per to be put in touch with a more senior representative.

      – Reece

  7. Philippa Thorn says:

    I have the NBN but don’t have the speey downloads you talk about and My land line not longer records messages even when I have the phone to do so

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the performance of your NBN connection, Philippa. Best to run through some troubleshooting to identify the cause of the issue. We have an online guide available via our iiHelp site:

      Alternatively, our Support (13 22 58) team are available 24/7. A Customer Service Representative can also be able to take a look at the phone service to see whether we can get the voicemail service operational again. If you’re using a Netphone (VoIP) service this may involve tinkering with the settings in your Toolbox:

      Let us know how you go,

      – Brianna

  8. Philippa Thorn says:

    Can’t understand how the NBN helps me!

  9. Allan Moore says:

    It seems that the NBN is going to cost me more.Being a pensioner will I be able to stay on the plan I’m already on?

  10. John FROYLAND says:

    I am somewhat confused about the NBN deal. I am 68 years old and not really up to date with it all. We do emails and internet. Is it any advantage to sign up for NBN and can we stay with Westnet?
    How do we sign up (if we do) and what is the cost?

    Cheers John

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Certainly can stay with us, John. We encourage giving the Westnet team (13 19 60) a buzz for a direct comparison between your current broadband plan and the NBN range we have available. A Customer Service Representative will be able to review your average monthly usage and what NBN plan would be best suited to your needs. We can then quote what the price difference will be!

      – Brianna

  11. Merv says:

    Can I get it now?

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Merv!

      Could check your address for service availability here: If you’re eligible, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly Sales team on 13 19 17 to process an application. Let us know how you go and if further assistance is required :)

      – Jade

  12. Wendy says:

    So many questions.
    I don’t know which plan to go with. I rang iiNet and am even more confused now. I was told I will need a net phone.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Concerning to hear that you are feeling more confused post chatting with our team, Wendy. A Netphone (VoIP) service is included with our range of NBN plans. We have a selection of NBN FAQ videos explaining in detail the transition to NBN and what happens with your Home Phone service over at our YouTube Channel:

      Maybe worth a watch!

      – Brianna

  13. The AdvisOr says:

    Place your bets Place your bets
    Gamble responsibly
    By 2020 how many will still not have NBN ?

    It’s been six years since labor made the stupid promise back in Conrovian times.

    As we get closer to the ten year mark and beyond.

    Progress is everywhere except where it needs to be.

    All this time I have had NBN aprox 800m the way the crow flies to the cabinet in the Woodville West Govt developed apartments.

    NO where else has been rolled out due to it being brownfields.

    That’s the excuse constantly given.

    Yet we have had the Yes men and the $elstra say No to progress people plaster advertising on billboards and their stores etc telling us to sign up.

    What’s the point when not even a quarter of the CBD here has it?

    More people have gone to the rival fixed wireless providers in pure frustration.

    Any chance of Iinet putting a boot in the appropriate place of these corporate clowns?

  14. Alex says:

    • June 20, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    We’d love to keep you on board Bhailal, however we don’t price match with alternate providers. We’d encourage you review our website to see what we have to offer:

    – Brianna

    That’s an interesting comment Brianna considering IINET is owned by TPG

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hey Alex,

      While we are owned by TPG, we are still maintained separately to the primary business which means that plans and service offerings including the 24/7 support team availability is different.

      As mentioned, we’re still keen on keeping you with us and recommend checking out what’s available or having a chat with the team about finding a more suitable plan.

      – Tal

  15. Geoff Booth says:

    Like so many others living in Newcastle, the real question is: why should I change to NBN when, at present, each and every day, there are significant periods of time(eg, from around 8:00 to 10:00 am/ 4:00 to 7:00pm) in which I cannot access the internet?
    Why should I pay even more money for an existing service that is currently, at best, pathetic?

    When I can actually access the internet, each and every day when I want to (rather than only very late at night) I will consider paying more to “join” the NBN.
    I would even consider paying more to get the “perfect” access and very fast speeds I have at my place of employment if iiNet’s service was guaranteed to be as reliable and accessible.
    Please note that none of my present problems existed until about 12 or so months ago.

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Geoff,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been having difficulties with your service during peak periods, definitely not what we like to hear occurring on our network. Have you had an opportunity to raise this with our support team at 13 22 58 to have this investigated further and a fault lodged if necessary?

      – Reece

  16. Ken says:

    Well the satelite I am on now with IINET is great except for slow download speeds and small GB ,,, However i have always had great customer service when i have connected to the help line. Its ((heaps)) better than the Telstra choices I have costwize in my area. I am looking forward to the new great speeds and gigs for the same price I pay now. Roll it on and out is all I can say. Thanks Brianna

  17. Paul says:

    iinet service has been getting worse and worse. the more they talk about increasineg speeds the less coneectivity thir seem to be.
    Sometimes late at night there is some connection but not often.
    I ama very unhappy customer at present and cost of service goes up without warnings

  18. Tony Blackmore says:

    Exceptional ADSL2 service for many years with iinet and a pleasant change to NBN until I found an unannounced disappearance of Freezone.

    My fairly modest download usage required a NBN plan upgrade after month 1. I know that it is spelled out on the website, but one shouldn’t need to go there when there is this simple service change.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hi Tony,

      Appreciate the feedback provided, we’re sorry you weren’t aware of the change relative to freezone not being applicable on the NBN plans.
      If you have any other feedback, queries or concerns please let us know and we’ll happily assist where possible.

      – Jade

  19. Alan Glover says:

    Please do not take this as a complaint, I tried to install the NBN last week but due to my lack of ability and not being able to understand your operator I was forced to terminate my attempt. Could you suggest how I may get around this problem. Would I be able to hand over my computer control to you??

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hey Alan,

      While remote support is definitely an option for our support team, it would not help in the physical setup or configuration of equipment as it requires an active internet connection to use.

      Best bet for any help getting set up would be through contact with the support team directly on 13 22 58. If there’s any issues in hearing or understanding an operator you can ask to be redirected to another staff member or escalated to a more senior staff member for assistance in setting up and troubleshooting.

      – Tal