Getting started with Photography apps

by Nikkita Dixon

Forget the expensive SLRs, these days you can take inspiring photographs on your iPhone and edit them on the spot – no computer required.

I went on holiday recently with my big expensive camera in tow, and, despite my access to better equipment, I found myself documenting most of the trip with my smartphone. Apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic make it incredibly easy to create vintage works of art. Editing programs like Colour Splash and Adobe Photoshop take smartphone photography to the next level.

On that note, I’ll give a quick rundown on the four aforementioned apps that proved invaluable on my travels. Each to their own however, there are a myriad different photography apps available – most of which I’ve tinkered with at some stage – but these are a great starting point.

Intagram is not only my favourite and most-used photography app, but also one of my favourite networking apps. Instagram is a free app and comes complete with an ever expanding library of lenses that effectively change the look and feel of your photographs. For those looking to get more out of their photographs, there is a tilt-shift option (see above photo) to add an extra dimension to your work of art.

Once you’ve finished editing your photo you upload it to your ‘feed’ which shares your photograph with an exclusive list of followers – chosen by you. Follow your family, friends or other photographers and start sharing.

Hipstamatic is a paid app because it comes with more features than most. Much like Instagram, Hipstamatic gives your photography a vintage edge. It’s differs in that it gives you the option to change everything from the type of flash, film and camera to the standard quality of the film. You’ve even got the option to buy new filters. Created to replicate the old polaroid-style cameras of the 50s and 60s, Hipstamatic crops photos into a square using its camera aesthetic skin.

As with most other popular apps, Hipstamatic allows you to share your artwork with your other social networking sites and the rest of the Hipstamatic community. If you think your photography is worthy of mention, you’ve even got the option to enter into the Hipstamatic competitions.

If you’re not looking to pay into the vintage photography trend, Adobe Photoshop has released a free and a paid app that allows you to use most of the program’s editing options from your phone. You couldn’t exactly become a graphic designer extraordinaire using the app but you can certainly take your iPhone photography to new heights. The free app alone allows you to change the contrast, brightness, saturation and hue (see above tree branches pic). You can also crop, blur, reduce noise and many more options… I personally haven’t found a need for the paid version yet.

To cap off this short list of photography app favourites, I’d recommend getting your hands on Colour Splash. It may come in at $0.99 in the app store but it’s a sure fire way to create a memorable photo with the least amount of effort. Just choose your photo and select the bits you’d like in colour with your finger.

Keep an eye out for more favourite picks from the shelves of smartphone app stores. If you’d like an iiNet opinion on any apps in particular, feel free to mention in the comments below.

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