Stunning startups to keep an eye on

Stunning Startups

It’s a new year and that means there’s no better time to find new innovations and try new things! We asked around the team for some of the most successful, unique and memorable startup businesses that come to mind and here’s what we found. Take a look – there are some humdingers and we are feeling pretty inspired!

Pet Home Stay

Everyone needs a holiday, even your pet. So what better way to find them the paw-fect holiday destination than with an Airbnb-style website for your pet!

Pet Home Stay was founded in 2012. It’s a pet-sitter community that helps you find the best people to watch your pet while you are off jet-setting around the globe.

The idea is that you don’t have to worry about your fur babies while you’re gone because they’ll be smothered with love and attention with a responsible carer.

So how does it work? All you have to do is hop online, search through the loving pet-sitters in the area, book a visit to check out the place and then book a holiday for your pet at their house or arrange for them to sleep over at yours.

That’s pretty paw-some, right?


Staring at a blank canvas for ages waiting for that spark of creativity? Canva puts everything you need for an amazing design in one place. The best bit? You can learn it all in 23 seconds!

The idea for Canva came about when Melanie Perkins found students had difficulty with the software used while teaching Graphic Design at the University of Western Australia.  She teamed up with co-founder Cliff Obrecht in 2012 to develop a user-friendly yearbook creation software, which eventually lead to Canva! Images, filters, icons and shapes, and fonts – all just a click away.

Reaching 150,000 users in 2014, Canva is now used by millions around the globe. At the time of writing this article they had 102,142,127 designs created by 14.3 million users.

That’s a lot of creativity!


Track your finance and expenses all in one place – right in your pocket.

Pocketbook takes all of your banking, budgeting and credit cards and automatically categorises the transactions, giving you a real-time health-check of your finances. By categorising your spending you can see where all your hard earned money is going each week. It even notifies you when your bills are due so you don’t incur late fees.

This is one of the only Aussie personal finance apps that have successfully integrated with all major banks and now has over 250,000 happy users.

Orange Sky Laundry

Orange Sky Laundry is the world’s first free mobile laundry service for the homeless. It started as a crazy idea in 2014 that turned out to be not-so-crazy because it’s grown from the streets of Brisbane to a nationwide company.

The concept – two washing machines and two dryers in a van, inspired by the song Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch. Most importantly, Orange Sky Laundry is a catalyst for positive change and genuine conversation about poverty. Because what else is there to do but have a chat while you wash and dry someone’s clothes?

Over 6.9 tonnes of laundry and over 1,300 hours of conversations happen every week thanks to Orange Sky Laundry. Now that’s pretty stunning!


We are proud of our iiHistory! We may be a big company now, but we still have a small company ethos. Back in 1993 iiNet was founded by Michael Malone in his parents’ garage in the Perth suburbs. Now we’re a leading challenger in the telecommunications market! As the broadband landscape changes, iiNet’s vision remains the same – to lead the market with services that harness the potential of the internet and consistently deliver award-winning customer service.

There are some super smashing startups to keep an eye out for in 2017. Do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments section!


  1. Mark says:

    ProofSafe. Still in the testing phase with just a handful of clients is making forms on mobile devices simpler to use and more accessible for any project. It’s a collaboration of 3 working from home, hoping to make a sophisticated tech app with all the great features but in a package that non techs can easily use.

  2. cherie bird says:

    Very proud to be associated with Westnet & iiNet – you guys have been our only ISP from OUR humble beginnings and we are really happy to be with such a great company that started out small, from Perth, like we did.
    Congrat’s. I cannot say enough good things about your customer service – it’s second to none and the reason we will always stay with you.
    Cherie Bird

  3. AirParents is a free app that connects mothers in the same school or area with similar before and after school child minding requirements. It take the awkwardness out of asking other mothers for help by clearly identifying those individuals who have a similar need , allowing you to create a support network together with incurring any cost –

    • Erin Kavanagh says:

      Hi Therese,

      Thank you for contributing a new startup to keep an eye on! This sounds like a great app for parents.

      – Erin

  4. Anita Cherrington says:

    wish there was a like button! I agree wholeheartedly with Cherie-fantastic company and the best customer service. You weren’t our first internet provider but the second (after a recommendation from a friend in Bridgetown). Still with you about 19 years later and sticking with you. Thankyou Westnet