Submit your best application


So you’ve found your perfect job or maybe your dream job found you. But now it’s crunch time – you have to submit an application.

How do you make sure that your application is the best that it can be? How can it stand out from the crowd and help you get to the next stage? Our iiNet recruiters share the insider tips!

Cover letters

  • Use clear, simple language. Get to the point quickly. We love waffles – but not waffly cover letters.
  • One page is all that is required. Really :)
  • Generic letters don’t have as much impact as those written specifically for the job at hand. Make sure you’re tailoring your cover letter for each application you submit. It shows you’ve made an effort.
  • If you’re applying for multiple roles at the same time (and doing some cut and paste) make sure that you’re sending the right cover letter to the right company/position. Believe us, it happens.

Resume etiquette

  • Resumes longer than 4 pages make us go to sleep! Ideally we like 2 pages.
  • Make your resume easy to read by listing your skills and experience in reverse chronological order – that is starting with the most recent role.
  • Only list relevant information to keep it concise.
  • Life is meant to be colourful! Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to go on a “gap year”. Or perhaps you took some time out to start a family or go back to study. Feel free to pop a brief mention in your CV to explain why there might be a few breaks in your career history.
  • Remember to include fact, not buzz. We can tell the difference :)

Consider your contact details

  • Use one email address. This allows you to keep track of your applications with ease.
  • Make sure you sound professional. lolkatz92 in your email address? Not a good idea.

Some general tips

  • Your application is a great opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills. Even if you’re not applying for a communications or copywriting specific role.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. And then again. Ask your mum. You know she’d love to help.
  • Version control is important. Include a date in the filename or on your application so you can be sure that you’re submitting the right version.
  • Use at least 11 font size. Some of us wear glasses.
  • Choose a nice simple font. You won’t wow us with your creativity just because you chose Lucida Handwriting.
  • Unless you are applying for a designer role, don’t use coloured or patterned backgrounds. Even if you’re applying for a designer-y role, we’ll ask to see your portfolio.
  • If you’re submitting an online application form, don’t wait until the last minute. Bad things can happen. Your computer could crash, the power might fail, cats could take over the internet… oh wait, they already have.

Do you have any questions about applying for jobs at iiNet? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Jason says:

    Thanks Alison, good tips.I may have to adjust the length of my Resume.

  2. Jeffrey Wong says:

    Thanks for the tips! It prompted me to revise my CV which was 5 pages long and a decade old. I am resubmitting my CV. =)

    • Alison Keith says:

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for the positive feedback and best of luck with your application.


  3. John Robinson says:

    Although I won’t be altering my email contact details, I’d never considered ‘font size’ before. Good comment!

  4. Michele Mobbs says:

    ouch!! my resume is 6 going on 7 pages. While I can reduce the older jobs to dot points, i cant see how i can reduce to 2 pages.
    I have been told to only include the last 10 years as potential employers dont think you can remember stuff past then or that it is irrelevant. What do you suggest? I have been working over 30 years so I have a lot of skills and experience to offer… and i can remember most of it! thanks, M.

  5. Susan Hardy says:

    How do i go about applying for a job with iinet? what avenue’s do i need to take

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Susan,

      We’re consistently looking for new staff across many of ours sites. If you’re interested in a career with iiNet you can check our careers section out here.