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Steam’s Great Gift Pile

by Matt Long from 3FL The biggest digital games warehouse, Steam, kicked off its Holiday Sale this week and will run until 1 January 2012 with new deals each day. Besides the usual thing of getting sweet games for less … Continue reading

Top games on 3FL

by Matt Long With the Christmas holiday period on the horizon, the summer of gaming is about to kick off and the 3FL servers are ready for action. Here’s the awesome part – because 3FL is part of the Freezone, … Continue reading

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The team behind the content

by Rachael McIntyre While you’re watching the latest content on fetchtv and Freezone, or playing on the 3FL Game servers, the iiNet content team is working hard behind the scenes to make sure your experience is the best it can be. We … Continue reading

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3FL unveils its new gaming site

by Matthew Beresford-Long The 3FL Games website has been polished and is now in pristine showroom condition, ready to be unleashed on the world. Along with cosmetic changes, users will find a slick new layout that makes navigation easier and more user friendly. … Continue reading

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Making the most of your gaming downloads

by Skaidris Gunsmith As Geoff Searle recently posted in controlling your household download usage, sharing a broadband connection can be hazardous. Nobody likes having their Internet speeds shaped and the inquisition that follows as everyone tries to figure out who the data … Continue reading

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