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Which personal assistant is more helpful: Siri or Google Now?

Check out our smartphones Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to choosing which smartphone they think is best. Just like the ongoing debate of Mac vs PC, some users are resolute in their brand loyalty when it comes … Continue reading

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto – the ultimate automotive mobility battle

Check out our smartphones Getting the most out of your smartphone while driving is becoming an increasingly important factor in choosing technology. Because of this, major players like Google and Apple will soon roll out their respective adaptors for on-the-go … Continue reading

Signs you may need to upgrade your phone

Are you still holding on to your brick phone from the early 2000s? Or does your phone have the technology but it’s been knocked about a bit, and now doesn’t work, as it should? It could be time for an … Continue reading

Six iPhone 6 features you may not know about

While we all know the new iPhone 6 is bigger in size and thinner in stature, we also know there is much more to this iconic brand of phone than meets the eye. But there are six features you may … Continue reading

WOZ Live part 2 – secrets of Apple’s Success

At the recent WOZ Live event in Perth, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed his personal mantras for success and pointed to how his fundamental values have shaped his career. Passionate about creative, efficient technical design, Woz views innovation as “our … Continue reading

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