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Are you backing up your data?

The data stored on your personal computer, phone or tablet can be lost without any warning at all. For most of us, personal data includes important documents, sentimental files such as family photos and videos, and contact information. No matter … Continue reading

Be prepared and back it up!

It’s important to back up your personal data regularly so it’s safe just in case the worst happens. As you use your computers, phones, and tablets, you’ll start to accumulate a lot of data on the internal storage. Whether its … Continue reading

A backup today keeps the tears away!

We all have important data on our computers, phones, and tablets. There’s photos of our family and friends, contact information, important documents, and much more. No matter how careful you are, it’s very easy to lose that data. Accidents and … Continue reading

Don’t lose your digital memories

As more and more of our “possessions” exist in a digital format, the chance of them disappearing into thin air increases in turn. The need to back-up your precious data is highlighted in the strongest way, after you lose something … Continue reading