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Health check for your tech

Check out our smartphones Keeping tabs on your technology is something you should remain vigilant about. Especially for the more advanced and costly devices, it’s important to protect your investment by keeping it safe from harm. This includes everything from guarding … Continue reading

Tips and tricks for prolonging your smartphone battery life

Check out our smartphones All the handiest apps and advanced functions of your high-powered smartphone are useless if the phone itself won’t turn on. The dreaded scourge of a drained battery is something every smartphone owner knows too well. Although … Continue reading

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How to maximise your battery life

The majority of us have all been there. You might have been locked out of the house. Lost your friends at a concert. Your alarm is set to make sure you get to work on time. Your cat has defied … Continue reading

Extra long battery

More battery for your smartphone buck

I admit it. Some days I miss my old brick of a Nokia phone from the early noughties. True, it only had enough storage for about two and a half text messages before the flashing little envelope icon arrived in … Continue reading