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Using Social Media to Engage Students

Check out our smartphones Teachers fighting against technology for their students’ attention isn’t a new issue. I remember in my primary school days the devastation that rocked the student body when it was announced that Tamagotchis were banned in school. … Continue reading

Keeping your private correspondence private!

Maybe you’re planning a surprise party. Perhaps you’re involved in a plot to take back the internet for puppies because those damn lolcatz are just getting too much airtime. Or maybe you’re having a steamy affair that will lead to … Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts of social media for job hunters

Whether we like it or not, these days our activity on social media isn’t just for our own enjoyment. It’s also enabling our future employers to get the dirt on us if we aren’t careful. In 2011, 36 per cent … Continue reading

The quantified self – Using technology to improve self-knowledge

Welcome to the age of the ‘quantified self’, also referred to as personal informatics, life hacking, self-hacking or self-tracking, where personal data is collected, measured and compared to shape life decisions and future actions. The movement really took hold in … Continue reading

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TopGeek 2.0 judges unveiled

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ll have heard our TopGeek 2.0 competition is back and better than ever. This year we’re calling on geeks from all walks of life to show off their passions in … Continue reading

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