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Gaming on the NBN: Why you should upgrade when it arrives

Visit today is the gaming portal for all iiNet Group customers. Visit for all the latest news and reviews on everything gaming, plus details on how to play your favourite games quota-free! The world of gaming is … Continue reading

Exile5 climbs the e-sports ladder

by Kurtis Frost Since our previous blog article, things have been going full steam ahead on the Battlefield3 front for Exile5. The game has lived up to the hype and our team has really been enjoying it so far. If … Continue reading

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Top Geek scores an invite to video game bar launch

by Skaidris Gunsmith About a week ago I was lucky enough to attend the pre-launch of Melbourne‚Äôs first video game bar – Mana Bar. I got to walk through and check out the place, play some games and have a … Continue reading