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Bonding with today’s tech-savvier kids

Back when I was in high school taking Information Technology as an elective in years 10 through 12, we covered topics that seem pretty tame by today’s standards – basic HTML, website design, Flash animation software and of course, the … Continue reading

Should students learn how to code?

Each day the world we live in becomes a little bit more digital. Whether it’s education, health, finance or entertainment: there are few areas that remain untouched from a digital revolution. Those old enough to remember a time before smartphones … Continue reading

Coding language Python is the focus at PyCon

Python, code wars and more at PyCon AU 2012

Sun, Surf, and Sand. None of this was to be found at PyCon AU 2012, the annual Australian meet up of Python Enthusiasts and Professionals held recently in Hobart, Tasmania. As an avid coder and TopGeek 2.0 finalist, I was … Continue reading

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