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Become an Online Star with nbn™

Sign up to NBN today Internet celebrities are some of the most influential celebrities in the world today. Before the Internet, it was pretty hard for entertainers to get noticed and make it big. You had to find a way … Continue reading

10 viral videos you might remember

Just over a decade has passed since the birth of YouTube: a place where anyone with a video camera and a means to upload can share their creations with a global audience. This freedom of creativity has paved the way … Continue reading

iiNet Chief Regulatory Officer Steve Dalby

iiNet withdraws from proposed notice-notice trial scheme

Outdated content delivery models were back in the headlines this week as news outlets reported on iiNet’s decision to decline to participate in a trial being considered in round table talks on copyright issues. These talks have been going on … Continue reading

What’s new on the Freezone

You’ll want to spend a bit of time reacquainting yourself with the Freezone this month thanks to an injection of awesome content. Extreme sports, music, Red Bull Chronicles and a special live steaming of the 50th anniversary of mankind’s first … Continue reading

Fetchtv gets even better

By Nikkita Dixon with Robert Buckler This week iiNet dropped the price of its fetchtv packages. Being that it’s such a hot topic at the moment, we thought we might shed some light on the questions circulating online. To get … Continue reading