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Bring in the new year with fetch

By Robert Buckler With the excitement of New Year’s Eve behind us, most people will be settling in to spend the day catching up with their television sets. To save yourself watching the same Simpsons marathon you watch every year, … Continue reading

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Fetchtv gets even better

By Nikkita Dixon with Robert Buckler This week iiNet dropped the price of its fetchtv packages. Being that it’s such a hot topic at the moment, we thought we might shed some light on the questions circulating online. To get … Continue reading

What’s new on fetchtv

by Robert Buckler It’s been a busy month for our customers, what with Christmas steadily approaching. To keep our fetchtv subscribers entertained during their downtime we’ve got plenty on offer throughout the month, including some of the year’s biggest movies … Continue reading

The team behind the content

by Rachael McIntyre While you’re watching the latest content on fetchtv and Freezone, or playing on the 3FL Game servers, the iiNet content team is working hard behind the scenes to make sure your experience is the best it can be. We … Continue reading

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TopGeek mission to AVCon

by Cassandra James This year iiNet was a major sponsor of AVCon, Adelaide’s Anime and Video Games Convention held at the Adelaide Convention Centre in the city. With over 7000 people in attendance, it was an amazing event. The iiNet … Continue reading

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