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Getting set up on the NBN with a new apartment

More Aussies than ever before are choosing the apartment-living life! The number of occupied apartments in comparison to houses has risen from one in seven in 1991, to one in five in 2016. If you’re moving into a new apartment, or … Continue reading

NBN™ HFC rollout is back on again

Back in November 2017, NBN Co issued a media release advising that they were putting the NBN™ HFC rollout on pause so they could undertake works to improve customer experience. These works included tasks such as infrastructure development and revised … Continue reading

Fibre to the Distribution Point – the new nbn technology

Sign up to NBN today The iiNet experts have been keeping people in the loop about everything they need to know about the nation’s superfast network, the nbn™, and the multi-technology mix (MTM) that is going to bring it to … Continue reading

Connecting to Fibre to the Node

Sign up to NBN today If you’ve been keeping across the news around Australia’s superfast National Broadband Network (NBN), you’ve probably heard the term “Fibre to the Node” or “FTTN” thrown around a lot. That’s because FTTN is the technology … Continue reading

What’s the difference between NBN Fibre and Fixed Wireless?

Sign up to NBN today So you’ve checked when the National Broadband Network (NBN) will arrive in your area, thanks to iiNet’s handy What’s available at your address tool. Depending on your location, you’ll be offered either a Fibre or … Continue reading

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