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How mobile technology is changing the world

Check out our mobile plans As the self-professed tech-geeks that we are, we love mobile technology at iiNet. Last year we discussed the evolution of mobile phones from the biggest bricks to the sleekest smartphones. We even gave you a … Continue reading

Ready, set, app and go!

Check out our smartphones Scroll through your Facebook feed and you’ll be hard pressed not to see a growing number of friends participating in some type of running or endurance event. And why not? Signing up for your first 5km … Continue reading

Track your fitness goals during winter with these gadgets

Check out the iiOnlineStore Once upon a time, people associated technology use with a sedentary lifestyle. Tech enthusiasts got a bad rap as being couch potatoes and it was believed a fascination with gadgets was synonymous with unhealthy habits. Thankfully, … Continue reading

The best tech to help stick to New Year fitness resolutions

It’s the start of another year and many of us have ambitious plans for self improvement. Luckily there a range of cool gadgets and devices to help us achieve our goals. Wearable fitness technology Wearing devices to assist with physical … Continue reading

Kickstart your new year resolutions with these apps

In the world of happy hours and supersize, it is near impossible to keep on track with those resolutions you made 10 minutes before downing your last champagne of 2013. The ball drops, you feel inspired and ready to take … Continue reading

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