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Geeky gadgets you’ll want to wrap up!

Have you got your Christmas shopping sorted? When you take into account avoiding the crowds and shipping timeframes for online shopping, there’s no time like November (Now-vember, if you will) to get it out of the way so you have … Continue reading

From pixels to stiches: the crafty corner of geek culture

Outside of the immersive realm of cosplay, “arts and crafts” may not readily come to mind when you think “video games”, least of all embroidery. Yet if you run a Google images search for “cross stitch”, there’s no escape; iconic … Continue reading

Meet iiNet’s running geek

I’ll admit it – I’m that person, the one who drinks water instead of alcohol, although I have been known to unload from time to time with a glass of lemonade or if I am feeling extra fancy, a lemon, … Continue reading

3 brilliant tech predictions from the past

If you could have any gadget what would it be? Would you wish for Batman’s supercharged Batmobile? Or would you opt for the Neuralyzer from Men In Black so you could wipe memories at the touch of a button? Like so … Continue reading

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Voting now open for TopGeek 2.0

The TopGeek 2.0 competition is heating up with just over a week until the entry deadline and we’ve just made things a whole lot more interesting. Voting is now open and there are five, that’s right FIVE, spots for each … Continue reading

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