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Online tips to help plan your wedding

As one of the oldest societal institutions, marriage has many traditions and old-fashioned elements to it. Luckily you don’t need to be stuck in the past when planning your special day – otherwise you’d probably spend most of your time … Continue reading

Technology from Sci-Fi movies comes to life

Learn about Netflix One of the reasons I love working at iiNet is I get to be part of a company that aims to be on the cutting edge of technology. Coming from a science background, I’m always excited to … Continue reading

Which personal assistant is more helpful: Siri or Google Now?

Check out our smartphones Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to choosing which smartphone they think is best. Just like the ongoing debate of Mac vs PC, some users are resolute in their brand loyalty when it comes … Continue reading

How to Google like a pro

Like most people, I only scratch the surface of Google, in terms of what I can do with it (and more importantly, what it can do for me). As we are increasingly moving further away from the likes of physical … Continue reading

Sneaky or creepy?

Although most digital marketers don’t dress like Mad Men’s Don Draper and certainly don’t have as many passports as the assassin Jason Bourne, they do follow you around the World Wide Web, charming you with their witty banter and well-polished … Continue reading

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