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10 apps you need these hols

While Christmas is meant to be merry and bright, the holiday period can be quite hectic when it comes to bringing everyone together and organising presents, food and drink – all while sticking to budget! With a wide range of … Continue reading

Unlimited Data Broadband Bundles have Landed

ADSL2+ and Naked DSL is no longer sold as of 23 September 2020. Some may say “the sky’s the limit”, but at Westnet, we believe there are no limits. That’s why we’ve released our new Unlimited Data Broadband Bundles, so … Continue reading

Get to Know your MyAccount

In this web and tech savvy world, people don’t want to have to call a goods or service provider for small things they could do themselves. For many tech lovers, everything is better, easier and more convenient when you can … Continue reading

Stress Less on Stress Down Day

It’s time to kick your feet up and take a day to completely de-stress. In today’s busy world, people aren’t often able to catch their breath and find a moment to themselves to unwind, so it’s no surprise that many Australians are … Continue reading

Life hacks for smartphones

When you’ve played as many hours of video games as me, it starts to change the way you view and interact with the world. Everything becomes a race, because you’ve spent so many nights trying to out-drift your friends on … Continue reading

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