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How is 5G creating a more sustainable future?

Sleep Mode: Base stations are responsible for up to 80% of the energy consumed in cellular networks overall. Unlike prior network technologies that use the same amount of energy regardless of how much data they are delivering, 5G stations have … Continue reading

How your household can benefit from Home Wireless Broadband

If you’ve been using the nbn since the day it came out, or you’re still committed to the days of dial-up, you probably aren’t aware of broadband’s newest offering. There’s an alternative to the nbn that can be cheaper and … Continue reading


What is 5G? The new network explained

The iiNet team answer your 5G questions: What is 5G? How is 5G different to other networks? Is it safe? And more. Continue reading

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Two alternatives to the NBN, brought to you by Westnet

More options are better than one, so – while the NBN is a huge improvement to its predecessor ADSL – it’s great to know that it’s not your only choice for internet. Westnet have two NBN alternatives worth considering during … Continue reading