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We’re all 3D designers now

As I pass by the display booths at the recent Connect 2014 expo in Melbourne, I can’t miss one glass cabinet: a large foot, made of some translucent, ember-like material, is placed there. You can see the bones through it, … Continue reading

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The future of tech coming to Connect 2014

Predicting the future used to be confined to the realm of crystal ball gazing. But looking into the future and what lies ahead in the world of tech is more about keeping your ear to the ground and your finger … Continue reading

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Meet Piix™

Meet Piix ™, the newest addition to our fast growing family of awesome iiNet products. Bringing together our love of photography and for technology, Piix™ is our first ever digital photo frame (DPF). It’s also the first 3G DPF in … Continue reading

Introducing iiNet's Wireless Extender

Get more from your wireless internet with iiNet’s Wireless Extender

So you’re having trouble with your wireless network. Do you live in a big building? Maybe you share wireless internet with lots of others? Or perhaps you like to use your laptop or tablet computer out in the back garden. … Continue reading

A big year for iiNet

Now we’ve had a chance to review our summer purchases of Internode and TransACT, I thought it might be worth having a quick look back at an extremely eventful few months at iiNet. As the number two DSL broadband provider … Continue reading

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