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iiNetwork gets a 100Gbps boost

by Balmik Soin Ten years ago, network access was simple at iiNet. Broadband had only just been launched and while a few lucky customers had DSL speeds of a (then) blisteringly fast 1.5Mbps, most were 56kbps dialup users. So, our … Continue reading

Gillard Launches the Armidale NBN

by Jane Humphries The National Broadband Network reached an important milestone this week as the first customers on mainland Australia were ‘switched on’ at an official ceremony in Armidale, NSW. It was attended by all the important people – Prime … Continue reading

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Exchange Visit Reveals Internet Complexity

by Adam O’Grady Having your Internet connected may seem as simple as flicking a switch. As long as you’ve connected your phone lines, modems, routers and computers and they’re all playing nicely together, it should be easy right? Wrong. The … Continue reading

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Time To Start Thinking ‘Digital Economy’

by Steve Dalby The NBN is an exciting development. In the words of Stephen Conroy, it will allow us to do “things we haven’t even thought about”. And we’re all set to have it built by the year 2015. Where’s … Continue reading

Steps To A Small Business – Web Hosting

by Kevin Clark Starting a business can be scary. Even more intimidating is making the move online. We get it. It was scary for us when we started our business out of a suburban garage 17 years ago. That’s why … Continue reading

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